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79 Shen Tian's King Costume
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

After hearing the answer from the Lord of God, the old Taoist admitted that he was persuaded.

     Also, in the Xiaolingshifang like Wanlingyuan, two great treasures were opened in succession.

     And the one who drove these two treasures turned out to be a young boy.

     In addition to the great fortune, Child of Fate is uniquely favored by nature

     The veteran Taoist really couldn't find a second explanation.

     He asked: "Junior brother, didn't you say that there are two possibilities? The second kind of what is?"

     The Lord of Gods calmly paced in the main hall, surrounded by thunder celestial light.

     At this moment, his eyes became deeper and wiser than before.

     He takes a deep breath, his original indifferent tone is trembling, and his mood is obviously fluctuating.

     "The second possibility is that this teenager is not the mine support of swindle and bluff."

     The old Taoist was slightly surprised: "You mean, he is really the spiritual master?"

     Shook the head: "No, I didn't mean that."

     "I mean his luck may be higher than we thought!"

     "If he clearly doesn't know how to use spiritual skills, he just picks a piece of ore for others."

     "That ore can explode ten times the profit, and dozens of times without fail."

     "This shows that his luck may be stronger than the Purple Mansion Saint Child!"

     "I'm afraid this can no longer be described as Child of Fate."

     "Calling him Heaven's Child is not too much!"


     The old Taoist shook his head and said with a dry smile: "Junior brother, are you okay!"

     "How can it be in this world is there such exaggerated luck?""This, this is totally unreasonable!"

     The Holy Lord of Shenxiao shook the head indifferently: "So I let you be okay, brother, read more books."

     "Never use the thinking of ordinary people to try to figure out monstrous people."

     "Forgot how those spiritual pulse masters cultivated deviation?"

     "I have a file here, brother, you might as well take a look."

     After that, the divine mind of the god of the gods moved slightly and sent a message to the old Taoist priest.

     "Here is a record of the life experiences of all air transporters in the Eastern Famine for nearly ten thousand years."

     "Look, there was a fall from a cliff, but it was inherited by the ancient emperor."

     "Someone was arrested by the demon saint and fell asleep during their bloodline evolution."

     "Some people have picked up an ordinary ring with the remnant soul of Quasi-Emperor in it."

     "These people have a common characteristic, that is, they have a pleasant journey."

     "As long as they are there, any great opportunity will always be theirs."

     "Do you dare to take advantage of their cultivation base to snatch their chance?"

     "Sorry, there is a high probability of being killed."

     "Do you think this is common sense?"

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao paced around in the Holy Master Hall: "So brother, read more books."

     "When you have read the lives of a thousand air transporters, you will find that there is no strange thing in the world."

     "Some people are naturally loved by Dadao, although the Son of Zifu is shocking the world."

     "But I believe that he is by no means the only Child of Fate."

     "This boy may not be under him!


     hiss!After listening to the analysis of the Holy Master Shenxiao, the old Taoist took a breath.

     Yes, no wonder I am a senior brother, but you are the Lord!

     This brain is indeed more flexible than brother.

     But you haven't even seen other people's noodles yet, are you so sure that they are Child of Fate?

     The old Taoist said helplessly: "Brother, what if your speculation is wrong!"

     The light of thunder was constantly surging, and the Holy Master coldly snorted: "Absurd."

     "I have cut off the realm of One with the Sky and gained great wisdom. How can I guess wrong?"

     The veteran Taoist curled his lips, always feeling that the state of his second junior brother was a bit unstable.

     At the beginning, he practiced the incomplete Taoist Sutra to fill the sky in order to complete "Transforming the Calamity by Body".

     Now that I can't get out, I still have to be the daily stimulus of seniors.

     In order to retain the last trace, as human emotions.

     The old Taoist said helplessly: "It's okay to guess wrong. According to the ancestral instruction, this kid can also be a holy son."

     "There is another item in the ancestral motto, that kid has the right to ask for a saint."

     "That's your daughter, don't you have any reluctance?"


     The Holy Lord of Shenxiao stood indifferently, his eyes still deep, and a wise light shone in it.

     His voice is still indifferent: "If Xi'er is with him, she won't suffer in the future."

     The old Taoist said with a smile: "Where is Fang Chang! I feel that he might fight this kid desperately."

     The Holy Master Shenxiao said calmly: "For his safety, this seat will remind him."

     The old Taoist seemed to have thought of something and said: "It's not right! This kid is so important, why don't you let me teach?"Holy Master of Shenxiao: "Because he is so important that he can even rise up like Purple Mansion Holy Land, so he can't acknowledge you as master."

     Old Taoist#: "The surname is Zhang, are you sure you have no feelings?"

     Holy Master Shenxiao said indifferently: "Let's do this! Brother, you give me Longhupei."

     "Then I will bother you to accompany Xi'er to take a trip to Great Yan Nation in person and bring this son over.

     "When this son arrives at the Holy Land, let him choose who to worship as his teacher, how about?"

     The old Taoist turned his eyes and felt that it was reasonable.

     Lao Dao first goes to Great Yan Country to have a good relationship with this kid, threats and bribes.

     First set up the real master and apprentice with this kid, the rice is cooked.

     Take another form and refuse the silly Junior Brother won't it be fine.

     It just so happens that I recently practiced the Fire Fire Sutra, and I didn't have enough money to earn spiritual stones.

     After accepting this good disciple, the old way will be able to rub his luck from time to time.

     At that time, I'm still afraid of going out and looting... During the experience, can't find a good baby?

     Thinking of the old Taoist priest being so excited, he ran away from him.

     "A good disciple, son of my Heavenly Way, wait for the favor of the teacher!"

     "Long Hupei first put him here, and pass it on to you."

     After speaking, the figure of the old Taoist priest has disappeared outside the door.

     Three golden rays of light lased, and fell into the main body of the gods.

     The Holy Lord of Shenxiao looked at the back of the old Taoist priest, and the thundering fairy spirit became calm.

     "Brother, So many years you are still the same, not mature at all."

     "Yun Xi is my daughter, how can Shen Tian acknowledge you as master!"The Holy Master slowly walked to the gate of the Holy Master Hall and looked into the distance with deep eyes.

     "The taboo chapter has finally returned to its place, and the day of the resurrection of my gods sacred land is not far away!"


     The words are divided into two parts, the Lanxin Palace of the Great Yan Country.

     Shen Tian didn't know the Holy Lord of Shenxiao Holy Land, and had already identified him as Child of Fate.

     At this time, Shen Tian is working hard to study the improvement and advancement of Xuanwu Armor!

     After several hours of unremitting efforts, Shen Tian felt very effective.

     After borrowing and adopting the structure of the basalt armor, he upgraded the black rhino armor.

     Finally, the Black Rhinoceros Armor and Bodyguard God Thunder could only last for less than three minutes.

      Currently already, I can support it for three and a half minutes without disintegrating.

     Well, sure enough, Xuanwu was going to hold on for a long time.

     Anyway, if you encounter a hands-on situation in the future, it depends on whether the opponent is good.

     If the strength is average, my Highness directly greets the black rhino armor, and performs half-meat show.

     If the strength is stronger, this highness will use the basalt anti-armor body to shoot and fly the kite.

     Then summon Father Gui, Xiao Gao, and Jiu'er to fight each other together.

     If the opponent's cultivation base is extremely strong, that would be embarrassing.

     The direct sword master command opens big, the krypton gold nuclear strike!

     One word, steady!


     After determining the operational policy, the sun subsided in the next few days.

     He didn't want to toss about anything, so he stayed quietly in the Lanxin Palace every day to practice.

     When I was tired from practicing, I wandered around the palace with my rosary and enjoyed a quiet life.

     In this regular and thorough life, two days are fleeting.The farewell ceremony of the sixth prince Shen Ao began.
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