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81 Lan'er Is In The Spirit Of Heaven, So It's Time To Smile At Jiuquan!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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     "Ten... Your Highness Thirteenth Prince, here!"

     Outside Weiyang's palace, the eunuch shiver coldly sounded.

     Suddenly, all the chattering and laughter in the entire Weiyang Palace disappeared.

     Everyone looked at the empty gate of Weiyang Palace.

     At this moment, not a sound to be heard, only the sound of light footsteps sounded very clearly.

     At this moment, the six princes, who could have been able to squeeze a smile at the guests, completely solidified their smile.

     Shen Ao felt that he was about to doubt life. Is he guilty of being too old for this period of time?

     Since he was six years old and sensible, the thirteen brothers rarely attended royal gatherings.

     For these ten years, he has been living alone in his Lanxin Palace.

      Even the birthday of the father and the emperor is just a gift.

     And Shen Tian himself, never appeared at the banquet.

     The others in the palace also acquiesced to all this.


     In the past ten years, whenever there is a state banquet for sacrifices, invitations will be sent to the thirteen brothers as usual.

     But he has never appeared once, why did he suddenly pop out today?

     Brother Thirteen, you fell in love with that little eunuch, isn't it for you for your brother?

     Can't you stop and let me go on the road with peace of mind?

     You run to the practice banquet for brother like this, so that brother feels panicked!

     There is a kind of ominous premonition of "the wind is weak and the water is cold".

     Shen Ao felt cold all over his body, and was considering whether it was suitable to travel far to apprentice recently.

     Under the horrified gazes of Shen Ao and all the guests, Shen Tian slowly entered.Although his fierce fame is outside, when he walked into the palace wearing a white python splendid robe.

     All official daughters still couldn't help their eyes shudder and their hearts trembled.

     There is such a beautiful man in this world?

     Hey, I can't blame it for being ill-fated since I was a child!

     Maybe this is the so-called beautiful women suffer unhappy fates!


     Shen Tian's eyes fell on Weiyang Palace.

     In fact, he did not know the vast majority of people in front of him.

     Because of the predecessor's ten years, seldom went out of the Lanxin Palace to communicate with outsiders.

     These high official and noble persons, and noble persons who enter the palace, also avoid the Lanxin palace.

     There is really no close communication between the two parties.

     When he saw the man in the imperial robe in the middle of the hall, Shen Tian was stunned.

     This plain-looking emperor is my father?

     Although as a traverser, he has no feelings for this cheap old man.

     But the parents of the body, skin and skin, since he passed through and became the Thirteenth Prince.

     Then it is reasonable to give Thirteenth Prince a salute to his long-lost father.

      thought until here Shen Tian took a step forward and slowly bowed to Shen Xiao, "I have seen my father."


     Looking at Shen Tian standing in front of yourself and emerging as a handsome man, Shen Xiao look complex.

     Frankly speaking, Shen Xiao loves and hates his thirteenth son.

     The Lan Fei Empress of the year can be said to be a favorite of three thousand.

     And Matriarch presenting under the Heavens is loved by everyone in the palace.

     Shen Xiao is even ready, and when Thirteenth Prince is born, she will be her queen.However, on the day Thirteenth Prince Shen Tian was born, everything changed.

      On the day Thirteenth Prince was born, the weather was clear and cloudless.

     But suddenly, thick black clouds appeared, covering the entire palace.

     It was not a thundercloud, but made up of special energy.

     The whole body of the black cloud exudes a strong evil atmosphere, making the entire palace tremble with fear.

     At this stall, the fetus in the womb of Concubine Lan suddenly struggled to be born.

     Shen Xiao resisted the ominous premonition and quickly found the best midwife to deliver the baby.

     As a result, although the child was born smoothly, there was no blood.

      what is more important Although he was born successfully, the vitality of the child is rapidly dissipating.

     It seems mysteriously and inexorably with a terrible big mouth, devouring the life of the little prince.

     Seeing the Thirteenth Prince Shen Tian, it seemed that he was about to become a dead baby.

     Shen Xiao quickly cast various spells, hoping to save the child.

     However, all spells have no effect at all.


     At this moment, Empress Lan Fei resolutely performed a secret method.

     She sacrificed all her own blood and injected it into her son through the umbilical cord.

     In the end, this secret method had an effect, and Thirteenth Prince survived with difficulty.

     Concubine Lan, who was favored by Yan Huang and loved by everyone, fell because of this.

     That day the whole nation was in grief, even many concubines were crying.

     The dark clouds in the palace slowly dissipated, but the haze in Yan Huang Shen Xiao's heart could not dissipate.

     He sealed the corpse of Princess Lan in ice with a mysterious ice coffin worth several cities.In the past ten years, I have been paying homage to my beloved woman every year.

     As the saying goes: Although Lan Xin is a concubine, Emperor Yan is not a queen.

     Parents are true love, Shen Tian is an accident.

     It is precisely because of this that every time he sees the son of Shen Tian, Shen Xiao will be recalled with sad memories.

     I don't know how many pieces of the third-order Ji Yi Dan, which is effective for the strong Jin Dan stage.

      In the course of time, Shen Xiao let Duke Gui personally protect Thirteenth Prince.

     But he himself is drifting away and he no longer visits Lanxin Palace often.

     This is an escape, but also a protection in disguise.


     Looking at his son who saluted him, Shen Xiao had a lot of thoughts in his heart.

     Lan'er, the child you exchanged for your life back then has grown up.

     If you have knowledge in the spring, soul in heaven should also be smiling at Jiuquan.

     He sighed saying: "God, why did you come?"

     Shen Tian smiled and said: "I heard that the sixth brother will go to Taibai Cave to cultivate immortals, and the child will see him off."

     Shen Ao, who was on the side, was a little stunned. The thirteenth brother came to see him off in person?

     I'm afraid you are not sending me off, you are sending me on the road!

     Shen Ao was worried, but Shen Xiao was quite relieved: "It's rare that you have a deep brotherhood!"

     "In that case, sit with Ao'er and get together!"

     "After today, Ao'er asks for immortality, I am afraid it will be difficult to see each other often."

     The corners of Shen Ao's mouth twitched slightly. Who wants to be good with him?

     He coughed lightly: "Tell my father, my son will entertain other guests!""Look at Yierchen, let him sit with Brother Erhuang!"

     The second prince Shen Long next to him is watching the fun!

     Suddenly, I felt a chill behind my back.

     He hurriedly said: "Ahem, Brother Six and Brother Thirteen have a deep and righteous relationship. Let's get together more! Let's entertain guests for you."

     Seeing that his two brothers were so polite, Shen Tian couldn't help feeling very warm in his heart.

     "Second brother and sixth brother, I am the youngest, let me entertain the guests!"

     After speaking, Shen Tian turned his head.

     But seeing the guests who were still walking around, they didn't know when they all sat down.

     They go crazy eating food with their heads covered. Not say a word.

     Carry forward the excellent tradition of not eating and sleeping to the extreme.


     It is worthy of the royal family who can come to the Weiyang Palace to have a banquet, each of them has quality!
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