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83 Lian'er, My Highness Will Be Responsible For You! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Good apprentice, you really make being a teacher so happy.

     Sovereign Ziyang's words made Shen Ao obsessed.

     But the others in Weiyang Palace were more shocked in their hearts.


     Venerable Ziyang, Taibai Cave Sky, actually came to Great Yan Nation himself.


     Venerable Ziyang was shocked by the talent of the six His Highness the Imperial Prince, and he personally came to receive him.


     Venerable Ziyang recognized the talent of the six princes and felt that he would become an invincible soul infant in the future!


     It is important to know that in the Eastern Desolation, since ancient times, the apprentices took the initiative to come to visit their teachers.

     Before the introduction, the master personally condescended to the door to pick him up.

      has to say, Venerable Ziyang suddenly appeared at Shen Ao's practice banquet, which is so strange.

     This has to make people think about how high the talent of Six His Highness the Imperial Prince is.

     Can the impatient from Taibai Cave Sky be impatient?

     For a time, almost everyone was trying to figure out how to shoot fairy farts.

     Only Shen Tian brows slightly wrinkled feel that things are not simple.

     Yes, speak frankly, he is a bit wanting to slip away.


     "Master, why did you come in person?"

     Looking at Venerable Ziyang with a bright smile, Shen Ao unable to make any sense of the matter.

     You know that the last time you saw Venerable Ziyang, he was very cold and reserved.

     Why did he meet this time, Master smiled as if he had picked up tens of thousands of spirit stones.

     Is this still his master? to ascertain fault

     Venerable Ziyang looked at his apprentice, the more he looked at him, the more satisfied he became.

     He mysteriously said: "Haha, the good boy is still pretending to be stupid.""Did you forget what you did to Li Lian'er in the Garden of All Souls?"

     Shen Ao was stunned. What did I do to Li Lian'er in the Wanling Garden?

     Wait, my Highness remembers me as if I had cultivated deviation and amnesia for two days.

     Hiss, did I do anything incredible in those two days?

     Could it be that I... I and Senior Sister Lian'er her!

      Thought until here, Shen Ao swallowed.

     "Master what are you saying? Why don't the disciples understand?"

     Venerable Ziyang gave Shen Ao a blank look: "Do you still want to speak for the teacher?"

     As he said, he laughed loudly: "Now that girl yells that you won't marry!"

     "My teacher tells you, if you can really take down Lian'er, the broken pill will become an infant nothing difficult!"


     The corners of Shen Tian's mouth twitched slightly, his IQ and EQ were both high, and he probably understood.

     He covered his face and slowly moved away from the seat, intending to scream quietly!

     At this time, a kind face appeared in front of him: "Don't go now."

     Shen Xiao smiled and said: "From now on, Ao'er is highly valued by Taibai Dongtian!"

     "If it's possible later, the emperor will see if he can ask Xianchang for a moment."

     "Let you and Aoer worship into the Taibai Cave, if you are lucky."

     "Maybe it can help you changes the fate against the Heaven, breaking this fate."

     Shen Tian wants to cry but doesn't have tears, he is very touched by his father's concern, but he dare not stay still!

     Originally thought that after the disguise, in the Garden of All Souls, you could play casually.

     Unexpectedly, the people of Taibai Dongtian would find the palace!Why, have you installed GPS on your Highness?

     and many more!


     Suddenly, Shen Tian a bright idea suddenly occurs, recalling the token in the arms of Venerable Ziyang.

     The shape of the token was very similar to the sword master in his hand, except that it was golden.

     At this moment, Shen Ao's IQ is online!

     Therefore, the two tokens are the same, and there is a positioning function between the two tokens?

     Hiss, thought until here Shen Tian couldn't help but like his wit!

     After solving the case, my Highness is really witty!


     Seeing Shen Ao, Shen Tian corner of the mouth twitches, the more he talked with the Venerable Ziyang.

     Brother Six, you are too reckless, you don't understand anything, just show your red heart in that eye.

     Fortunately in the misfortune, Venerable Ziyang did not know Shen Aotian.

     Therefore, Shen Tian considers past cause and future effect, and it is better not to show up.

     After all, in this world of immortality, which is full of crises, it doesn't hurt to be steady.

      Thought until here, Shen Tian not a word or movement took out the sword master order and prepared to throw it away.

     If Venerable Ziyang displays any secret technique next, the two tokens will resonate.

     Anyway, he only needs to put on an expression of "His Royal Highness doesn't know at all".

     Then quietly watch the story develop, and just take one step at a time.

     Shen Tian was holding the Sword Master's token in his hand and was nervously preparing to drop the card.

     At this moment, he suddenly felt his Bishui Sword in Cangming Ring also began to tremble.

      At the same time, there was also a crisp and cheerful loli outside Weiyang's palace."Hey, I have sensed it, I have sensed it, it's the Bishui Sword!"

     "Brother Shen, Lian'er is looking for you!"


     With the sound, the gate of Weiyang Palace that had been closed suddenly shook.


     Then, the door was knocked down suddenly.

     In the smoke and dust, one on the head girl with a flower pot ran in.

     On top of the girl's head, a tuft of dull hair stood stubbornly, trying to compare with the small seedlings in the basin.

     Shen Tian corner of the mouth twitches, lying on the table silently, blocking the wine jar in front of yourself.

     It's over, it's over this time~

     Venerable Ziyang saw the girl, and suddenly he not to know whether to laugh or cry: "You're quite something!"

     "Lian'er, why did you slip out again? Brother don't know!"

     Look at the familiar basin on the girl's head again.

     Ziyang Tianzun's mouth twitched, silently praying for Shen Ao.

     It’s young if he didn’t remember correctly before.

     This flower pot should be the pot of Nine Leaf Jianzhi!

      It should be noted, that is the best spirit orchid that brother loves most!

     You girl is secretly running away from home again, and still grabs this Ling Lan?

      Thought until here, Venerable Ziyang could imagine the scene of his brother going crazy.

     My disciple, I hope you can be strong!

     Only after the wind and rain can we see the rainbow!


     the other side.

     Li Lian'er saw Ziyang, small face slightly red: "Ah, Shishu why are you here?"

     Venerable Ziyang not to know whether to laugh or cry: "Isn't it on the order of the senior brother to come to your brother Shen?"The dull hair on Li Lian'er's head immediately stood up, "Uncle Master, have you found Brother Shen?"

     Venerable Ziyang showed an arrogant expression on his face: "of course, don't worry about the uncle's affairs."

     "I calculated with my fingers, I know that Lian'er Shen Aotian you mentioned is a pseudonym."

     "Then, Master Uncle, I was watching the stars at night to spy on the secret.

     With that, Venerable Ziyang proudly pushed Shen Ao forward.

     "Never doubt Master Ziyang's ability!"

     "Lian'er, look, who is this!"

     Li Lian'er: "???"


     So, who is this?

     Looking at Shen Ao with a shy face, Li Lian'er's eyes were full of doubts.

     Why does Uncle Master want to ask this question, how does Lian'er know who this plain-looking man is?

     The dull hair on Li Lian'er's head was bent back slowly.

     She stared at Shen Ao curiously, as if she didn't know him.

     Take a closer look, um, I don’t know!

     Just when Li Lian'er was unable to make any sense of the matter, Shen Ao stepped forward slowly.

     He summons courage and said seriously: "Sister Lian'er, although I don't remember anything."

     "But don't worry, if I really do anything I'm sorry to you."

     "His Royal Highness will definitely be responsible for you!"

     Li Lian'er 囧: "???"

     Ugly rejection~
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