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84 Sexy Fairy, Lose The Vest Online (second More)
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

words exceede 5100words exceede 5100Shen Ao made a lot of words crackle rattle and finished speaking, he took the pot perfectly.

     Venerable Ziyang's face finally began to turn blue and red, returning to normal.

     He glanced at Shen Ao with satisfaction, and sighed: "Hey, who made you my apprentice?"

     "Being a teacher is not an unreasonable person, no matter what, no matter what, you just step aside."

     "I will punish you today, and rushed from the Great Yan Country to Taibai Cave to apprentice."

     "I hope that the dust in the East Wasteland can sharpen your will and make you no longer reckless."


     After speaking, Venerable Ziyang sullen his old face and looked around the guests of Weiyang Palace murderously.

     Suddenly, the people who were covering their mouths and couldn't help but snickered, all held back.

     When he walked to Lian'er, Ziyang said: "Uncle Master thinks this matter is strange."

     He took the Sword Sovereign Order from his arms: "According to the positioning, that's right!"

     Li Lian'er also nodded: "Lian'er also sensed the clear water sword."

     Venerable Ziyang said calmly: "It seems that Immortal Aotian is in the palace."

     After talking about Ziyang Venerable takes a deep breath, rich mana is injected into the Sword Venerable Order.

     And Li Lian'er closed his eyes and cast the spell, the dull hair on the top of her head swayed continuously as she cast the spell.

     In an instant, the sword in Venerable Ziyang's hand burst into a brilliant golden radiance.


     On the other side, on the wine table in the east of Weiyang Palace, the sound of swords suddenly sounded.

     A long sword with a blue color like water suddenly unsheathed, exuding a bright blue sword aura.

      At the same time, a silver token also rose slowly, and cast all silver brilliance.Venerable Ziyang and Li Lian'er stared at that direction, agree by chance.

     But I saw a delicate back of his head, which looked extremely handsome under the silver and blue light.


     Looking at the back of this familiar head, Li Lian'er eyes shined and stood up dumbly.

     "It's him, it's him, it's him, Brother Shen is coming to you!"

     Shen Tian lying on the table with his hands covering his face was stunned.

      Crap! My Highness covers all his face, you can still recognize it!

     She stood up in shock and looked at Li Lian'er who was rushing towards her. Shen Tian doubted her life.

     Of course, Shen Tian is definitely not alone in doubting life at this moment.

     At this moment, looking at the Shen Tian who wantonly exudes charm under the bi-color brilliance.

     The noble lady and the noble lady in Weiyang Palace were completely stunned by each one.

     What, the long token of Ziyang fairy and the fairy sword of Lian'er point to the 13th prince?

     Could it be that Thirteenth Prince Shen Tian is the one Fairy Lian'er wants to find?

     Could it be that legendary Shen Ao Tianshi, he is not Shen Ao.

     But until now Shen Tian who was rumored to be a evil star?


     Didn't it all say that Thirteenth Prince Shen Tian is a rare calamity in the Great Yan Nation in a thousand years?

     Yes, once in a thousand years, because Great Yan Nation was only 980 years old.

     Of course this is not important, what is important is that this is the treatment of the catastrophe?

     You know that is Venerable Ziyang, the immortal long of Taibai Dongtian!

     And looking at Venerable Ziyang's attitude towards Li Lian'er, the fool knew how high this girl was!Such a second-generation eldest lady who plays a critical role in the Taibai Cave.

     He actually went to Great Yan Country to find her husband in a thousand miles with a flower pot in person?

     A certain genius who is rare in a century does not have this treatment!

     Shen Ao, who just breathed a sigh of relief next to him, felt sour!


     At this moment, everyone's eyes focused on Shen Tian.

     Their faces are full of shock, envy, jealousy and hard to believe.

     Feeling the gaze from the people around you, watching Li Lian'er getting closer and closer.

     Shen Tian reluctantly sighed saying, he stretched out his hand to accurately press Li Lian'er's forehead.

     Li Lian'er, who had jumped over, was firmly supported.

     Hiss, this dull hair is really hard enough, Bangbang sticks his hands straight.

     Feeling Li Lian'er looking at herself with that firm and confirming gaze.

     Shen Tian finally determined one thing, that is, Li Lian'er really recognized herself.

     The disguise technique he is so proud of seems to be of little use.

     Shen Tian was very helpless, this time he really lost his vest on the spot.

     What to do, waiting online is anxious.
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