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88 Sword Master Ling Suddenly No Longer Fragrant
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Originally, Shen Tian had thought about it, first promised Venerable Ziyang on the surface, and then slipped away when he found an opportunity.

     Unexpectedly, Li Lian'er hadn't got rid of this trouble yet, and even bigger trouble appeared again.

     What kind of ghost ancestral instruction left in the Holy Land of Gods, I have to give my Highness the position of saint son, and buy one get one to marry saint?

     After this wave of operations, the powerful True Disciples in the Holy Land, don’t they all hate me?

     Those who like Zhang Yunxi’s Heaven's Chosen Child, don’t think up every possible method thousand ways, a hundred plans, let me die?

     My Highness is so cautious now that he can meet the Venerable Ziyang bully the weak.

     Want to accept Zhang Yunxi, still not be siege by the God of Transformation in minutes?

     Shen Tian suddenly felt that it was compared with going to Shenxiao Holy Land.

     In fact, Taibaidongtian is quite safe~


      Thought until here, Shen Tianzheng said: "Fairy Yunxi there's no need for excessive courtesy."

     "Although Pang Dao has found a taboo chapter for you, he never intends to bring his grace to return."

     "Shenxiao Holy Land is the top immortal gate of the Eastern Desolation. Shen Tianxiu is so shallow that he is really not qualified to serve as a holy son."

     "As for the ancestral motto that the fairy must marry the next, if the fairy is unwilling, he must never force himself."

     "Shen Tian is devoted to cultivating the Tao, and he has already sworn that he will never join the Taoist couple if he does not join the Nascent Soul, the fairy need not be embarrassed!"

     Shen Tian's words righteousnessly, every sentence is considered from Zhang Yunxi's perspective.

     After listening to some words, Zhang Yunxi clenched both fists, her face turned black with emotion.

     Others in Weiyang Palace doubted life for a while.

     Rejected, Thirteenth Prince actually refused!Such a good one to be a saint son and marry a saint was presented before him, he actually refused!

     This Thirteenth Prince has been unlucky for too many years. Has his head been infected by bad luck?

     This is a good thing that the ancestral grave can smoke when you agree!

     Your Highness, you are so self-willed, do your parents know?



     Just when everyone was eating melons while doubting life.

     Among the ruins of the collapsed palace, Venerable Ziyang walked out limpingly.

     His neat robe became pitch black now, and his long hair became fluffy.

     On the pitch-black face, there were flashes of thunder from time to time, and the two rows of teeth appeared exceptionally white when he opened his mouth.

     At this time, Venerable Ziyang stared at Zhang Yunxi solemnly, and said, "It turns out to be Saintess Yunxi, did you hear what Xiaoyou Shen said?"

     "Since Little Friend Shen Tian has already stated that you don't have to abide by the ancestral motto, the saint, please don't be persistent."

     "Let this honor take the little friend Shen Tian back to Taibai Dongtian first, and see my senior brother Changhe Jianzun!"

     Although Zhang Yunxi's punch was very heavy and painful just now, Venerable Ziyang smoked.

     But is his Venerable Ziyang the kind of person who is afraid of power, greedy for life, afraid of death?

     Since the brother ordered me to come, take the little friend Shen Tian back.

     Then this honor must take him back!

     After all, brother is more terrible!


     Zhang Yunxi's face was dark, and slowly turned around to look at Ziyang.

     At this moment, the white tiger's vision condensed in the sky became clearer.What did this district elder of Taibai Cave Tian take my ancestral precepts of the gods and heavens?

     Since the ancestors of the Holy Land have set the ancestral precepts, the destined persons who have found the taboo chapters shall be saint sons, marry saints,

     That This is me promise that the Holy Land must fulfill, even if this saint is reserved, she will never betray the sect!

     "Venerable Ziyang, do you think you want to compete with me for the holy son of God's Heaven Holy Land?"

     Under the suspicion of life in the Weiyang Palace, Zhang Yunxi was thunderous.

     In her right hand's palm, a thunderball of gold and silver converges.

     The thunderball is constantly spinning, and the rich thunder is compressed and sublimated in the thunderball, releasing terrifying aura.

     Yes, this is the classic ultimate move in the Five Thunder Zhengtian Art of the Holy Land of Gods-Gengjin Palm Thunder.

     After being mixed with some Hun Yuan Shen Lei, the power of this trick has been sublimated!

     Zhang Yunxi even used this trick to kill the strong Yuan Ying!

     At this time, facing Ziyang, she was really angry.

     Questioning the ancestral precepts of the Holy Land is unforgivable!


     Facing the terrifying aura that Zhang Yunxi exudes, although he did not feel the murderous aura.

     But Venerable Ziyang still swallowed unconsciously, with fear on his face.

     He knows very well that the top ten arrogances on the Jindan list are terrible.

     But the top ten Tianjiao of the Eastern Wilderness Gold Pill List all have practiced terrifying secret killing moves.

     Each of them can defeat the Venerable and even kill the weaker Venerable.

     But Venerable Ziyang never expected that Zhang Yunxi was so strong!

     Is she really just the 9th-ranked existence on the Golden Core List?How do you feel that Li Changge, who is ranked 11th in Dongtian, is not at the same level as her.

     Could it be that in recent months, where did this girl secretly go to retreat?

     Otherwise, no matter what, he wouldn't be unable to take a punch!

     "Forget it, this honor is indeed not your opponent."

     Venerable Ziyang sighed softly: "Respectfully invite brother to show the saint!"

     After all, Venerable Ziyang slowly took out a golden token from his arms.

     This token is very similar to the Sword Master Command in Shen Tian's hands, except for the color.

     But there is actually an essential difference between the two.


     The sword master command in Shen Tian's hand was Li Canglan who imprinted his kendo attainments on special spiritual gold and controlled it with magic patterns.

     Shen Tian had to consume a lot of spirit stones to make the illusory sword spirit in the token attack.

      Attack Strength is only the Nascent Soul Initial Stage level, relying on swordsmanship to barely threaten the middle stage.

     Although this token is very precious, it is only used by Li Canglan to protect his children.

     The Sword Sovereign Order in the hands of Venerable Ziyang, that is Long River Sword Sovereign Li Canglan attaching a Primordial Spirit Avatar to it.

     It can be said that carrying this sword decree is like Li Canglan's presence, which is Li Canglan's status symbol.

     This token is unique and unmatched, if it is not needed to sense the whereabouts of the sword master.

     Li Canglan would never lend it to Venerable Ziyang.


     At this time, Venerable Ziyang felt that he was not Zhang Yunxi's opponent, so he resolutely issued this sword sovereign order.

     But seeing that golden token floating in the sky, in an instant burst of sword energy by the thousands and tens of thousands.Those golden sword auras continued to gather, unexpectedly slowly condensing a stalwart figure.

     It was a man wearing plain linen and carrying a wide epee.

     He stood proudly in the void, exuding the aura of Yuanshan Yuezhi all over his body.

      this is one The true supreme giant of kendo, kendo attainments are enough to shock the Eastern Desolation.

     And what he exudes is the terrible coercion belonging to the powerhouse of the transformation stage.

     When this coercion came, even Zhang Yunxi could not resist!

     After all, even if it is ranked first's Peerless Supreme Talent on the Golden Core Ranking.

     It is absolutely impossible to take Jindanxiu as the god of rebellion.

     The gap between the two is too big!


     At this time, I felt the powerful pressure emanating from that golden token.

     Zhang Yunxi complexion slightly changed, and his whole body burst out like an enemy!

     And Shen Tian looked down at the silver sword master command in his hand.

     Obviously the original krypton gold artifact.

     Why does it suddenly stop fragrant!
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