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89 This Token Can Actually Be Eaten? (Third More!)
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

in the air, the stalwart man with an epee in his hand glanced indifferently at the people in Weiyang Palace.

     His gaze slowly fell on Zhang Yunxi, with a surprised expression in his eyes.

     "It's actually a big five elements of yin-yang, the origin of the god of yin-yang Lei, but it is rare."

     "But Ziyang, you actually lost to a golden core period?"

     "Obviously, your sword is not strong enough, not fast enough."

     The man's gaze fell on Venerable Ziyang, and he did not show off one's ability or threatened him coldly.

     But just such a flat sentence made Venerable Ziyang tremble suddenly.

     The man said indifferently: "Well, I will come back to the door this time and come to the back mountain to find me."

     As soon as the words fell, Venerable Ziyang's face was cut black by Seventh Metal Divine Thunder, and it became even darker at this moment.

     After giving instructions to Venerable Ziyang, the stalwart man's eyes swept over the crowd again, and then he was stunned.

     Because he saw a familiar figure in the crowd, his unlucky girl!

     "Lian'er, why did you sneak out again, this pot..."

     After seeing the basin above Li Lian'er's head, everyone clearly noticed that the stalwart figure swayed.

     Immediately afterwards, the coercion in Weiyang Palace became stronger than before: "Lian'er you!!!"

     Li Lian'er small face slightly red hurriedly picked the potted plants and hid them behind her back.

     "I didn't see it, Dad didn't see it, Dad couldn't see it."

     The stalwart man takes a deep breath and said with an indifferent expression: "Who is Shen Tian, stand up."

     Shen Tian tiger body shakes, he took a step back confidently, only then did the fool stand up!Zhang Yunxi looked up at the in the sky's man and said, "Uncle Changhe, Shen Tian is already my holy son of the gods."

     "As a senior in the transformation stage, you are so embarrassed by the saint son of this school. It is not appropriate to spread it out!"

     Li Canglan's Primordial Spirit Avatar snorted: "Why do you care about others' opinions?"

     "Shenxiao Holy Land and this faction have always been friendly, since he is the current saint son of your Shenxiao Holy Land."

     "This seat will bring him back to Taibai Cave, and teach him a period of time for Senior Brother Shengzhu carefully, and then send him back."


     Li Canglan's words are extremely overbearing, although they come from Dongtian, they don't leave much room for Zhang Yunxi, the goddess of heaven.

     Suddenly, Zhang Yunxi complexion slightly sank: "In other words, Master Changhe, are you not going to give this face?"

     Li Canglan sneered indifferently: "That's okay for my father, you're still a little bit hotter."

     As soon as his voice fell, he heard a voice resounding in the void.

     "Oh? The second brother said yes, can I say yes?"

     As the voice sounded, the void suddenly cracked a hole, and an old Taoist with divine poise and sagelike features slowly walked out.

     There was a bright smile on his face, but his expression was a little puzzled when he glanced over Shen Tian.

     When seeing this person, the Primordial Spirit Avatar of Long River Sword Sovereign in the Void shook visibly again.

     He takes a deep breath: "It turned out to be Brother Bi Lian, cough cough, how have you been?"

     The old Taoist glanced at Li Canglan playfully, and said with a smile: "Not so good, poor!"

     Li Canglan seemed to perceive something, his face suddenly changed, and he immediately swept Jianzun Ling and shot towards the distance.The old Taoist priest had a full-fledged smile on his face: "I haven't seen it in hundreds of years, you are still so cautious, Junior Brother Cockroach."

     "But Junior Brother Cockroach doesn't know! This kid Shen Tian is the Final Disciple that Senior Brother is fond of."

     "If you say you take it away, you have to take it away. It would be too shameful for my brother!

     "Senior brother, my beloved disciple, without leaving any compensation."

     "Senior Cockroach, do you think you can go?"


     After a word, the body of the old Taoist instantly turned into a blue flame.

     The flame was like a shooting star, instantly cutting through the void and chasing after the sword master and Ziyang.

     Li Canglan's face condensed slightly, and the long sword behind his back was suddenly unsheathed.

     In an instant, the void burst out by the thousands and tens of thousands. The Tao was invincible, pouring out towards the old Taoist priests like a bright river.

     This is the sword art of Supreme Existence in Taibai Dongtian Sect Guarding Absolute Art: Long River's Boundless Sword Qi!

     When this move unfolded, the entire sky over the Great Yan Nation's palace was immediately covered by sword light.

     Just like the blue sky and white sun, a meteor shower suddenly fell.

     Seeing such kendo power, Zhang Yunxi's eyes were full of shock and yearning.

     This is the real combat power of the powerhouse in the transformation stage, and it is far from the current she can match.

     This girl, still not enough strong!

     Facing the vast and limitless invincible sword light, the old Taoist priest had no fear in his eyes.

     "The supernatural power of the fire-big mouth eats all directions!"

     With a long whistle, the blue flame turned into a big blue mouth and swallowed toward the sword energy.The almost vast and limitless long sword, like a silver sacred pillar, pierced into the huge flames and blue lips.

     However, no matter how many sword qi shot into that big mouth, it was completely swallowed by that huge strange fire big mouth.

     The forward speed of Yihuo Big Mouth is not because of this slowing down even a little bit, but getting faster and faster instead.


     "Chu Longhe, if this honor is here, he will fight with you!"

     The indifferent voice came from the Sword Sovereign Order, but with a hint of flustered and exasperated that was not obvious.

     His long river swordsman Li Canglan has been in the East for many years, always attacking but not defending, only advancing but not retreating.

     But in today's battle, he really couldn't fight the shameless guy.

     Because the sword sovereign's order is only a clone of him.

     One of his clones is enough and to spare to deal with ordinary powerhouses in the transformation stage.

     The problem is that even though Bi Lian is an old thing shameless, his strength is absolutely strong.

     If he is really head-to-head, Li Canglan still has the confidence to fight with him.


     There is a high probability that Bilian will be ravaged by this stuff and shame in public!

     Although the real body bullies the clone, Bilian Tianzun is even more embarrassing, but they don't care!

      What is more important, Primordial Spirit Avatar is also a very important part of the cultivation process of monks in the transformation stage.

     In the unlikely event that the Primordial Spirit Avatar is severely injured, it is very easy for those who are strong in the transformation stage to suffer severe damage.

     It is precisely because of this that Li Canglan usually wears this sword sovereign personally.

     This time the situation was special, so he lent it to Dao Master Ziyang to use it.If Bilian Tianzun takes the Sword Sovereign Order, what should the Primordial Spirit Avatar who kidnapped him be blackmailed?

     Others can't do this kind of thing, Bilian Tianzun is absolutely no pressure to do it!


     Thinking of this, Li Canglan's clone suddenly turned into a sword light.

     The speed at which he flew forward was a lot faster.

     It's a pity that although he pulls away quickly, but the big blue flame mouth chases faster.

     "Hahaha, don't run away, let's come to the brother's mouth obediently!"

     Amidst the cheerful laughter, Bi Se's big mouth suddenly magnified a hundred times.

     It is like a giant black hole, swallowing all the sword energy, sword light, sword sovereign order, and Ziyang priest into it.

     After that, the huge blue fireball began to twist and wriggle continuously.


     After a few breaths, a naked figure wearing only shorts shot out from the blue fireball.

      Flame Burst came and shot it hundreds of feet away.

     After that, the figure does not turn round, wrapped in a mighty Purple Light Halos, and flew away towards the distance.

     The blue flame flew back to Weiyang Palace, and turned back to an old Taoist priest, slowly landing.

      In his hand, there is an extra ring of holding objects, and his right hand is also holding a gold token.

     "The kid Li Cockroach is really rich, and he actually uses immortal gold to sacrifice External Body Incarnation."

     After speaking, he stared at the token harbored evil intents: "It's mine now."

     After saying that he chuckled, big mouth opened wide, he bit towards the token.

     Quack~Under everyone's suspicion of life, the token was bitten by the old Taoist alive and missing a corner.


     Seeing this scene, Shen Tian was shocked.

     I go, this sword sovereign token...

     You can actually eat it!

     It seems to have opened the door to New World's.
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