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91 The Happy Family Of Shenxiao
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

thought until here, the old Taoist thought he could not be reckless.

     After all, recruiting apprentices is not a trivial matter, and recruiting apprentices for practicing the Sutra is not trivial.

     In the impoverished life of the old Taoist priest, how much pressure will be brought by having one more mouth to eat!

     Well, let’s observe a period of time first to see if this kid is lucky to see whether it is true or false.

     If it is true, I will accept him as a disciple and help him rebuild.

     If it is false, let him be an apprentice to the second junior apprentice.

     It just so happened that the second junior brother's "Mending Heaven Taoism" has become more and more wicked.

     Old-fashioned, I feel that I rack my brains, and it seems that I can no longer make the second junior brother's mood fluctuate.

     If you accept a hapless apprentice who practices "Synthetic Fire Refining Technique", you will make trouble for your junior brother every day.

     Presumably, in the future, the younger brother will not be so simple and unadorned, and dry and dull!

      Thought until here, the old Taoist said with a smile: "This one is little friend Shen Tian!"


     Being stared at by the old Taoist priest, Shen Tian always felt uncomfortable.

      speak frankly, he is afraid that this old thing will eat himself.

     Moreover, when the old Taoist priest turned into a blue flame, Shen Tian could clearly feel the abnormal movement of the Fire Sutra in his body.

     The feeling of longing is exactly the same as when Shen Tian met First Primordial Heavy Water.

     Shen Tian didn't know if this old Taoist priest also had this kind of feeling.

     After all, when the veteran Taoist started his hands, he once shouted: "Fire Supernatural Power".

      Not surprisingly, Shen Tian felt that this guy might also be practicing the Fire Refining Technique.Looking at this old Taoist's appearance of ‘bully the weak’, things like bully the weak are completely done.

      Thought until here, Shen Tian also quietly moved to Zhang Yunxi without a word or movement, safe.

     "Yes, the junior is Shen Tian, I wonder if this old god has any advice?"

     Wear thousands of things, don't wear flattery.

     Hearing Shen Tian calling himself an old god, an old Taoist priest who didn't know him smiled.

     "Haha, little friend Shen Tian is really good at talking, I've heard her talk about you and Xiao Xi'er in the old way."

     "You have retrieved the supreme taboo chapter of the Emperor God's Scriptures for this sect. According to the ancestral motto of this sect, you should indeed be made a holy son."

     "As for whether being a saint son or marrying a saint will cause some people's dislike, little friend Shen Tian completely no need to be worried."

     "My Shenxiao Holy Land is different from Taibai Dongtian. The Holy Lord is not the kind of pervert who beats son-in-law."

     "My brothers and friends are respectful, it's a happy family."

     "As long as you join in, you will not be disappointed!"


     Looking at the old Taoist priest who was chasing Venerable Ziyang in a frantic looting a moment ago, now he is so kindly advertising for the Holy Land of Shenxiao.

     Shen Tian always feels unreliable, as if he has a sense of seeing when an MLM organization is developing offline.

     He swallowed, "Old god, did you just say that the junior is your apprentice?"

     The old Taoist shook his spirits and said with a dry smile: "Ahem, this is just the old way I said without thinking."

     "Say you are a veteran disciple, so it's convenient for you to come out and blackmail you...cough cough, don't take it to heart.""If you are a little friend, you are willing to join the holy land and serve as the saint son of this sect and marry the saint woman, the elders of this sect will choose the master at will."

     "Even if it's you want to worship the Holy Master as a teacher, it is completely no problem."

     Pick the master casually? Such a good treatment?

     Shen Tian looked at the old Taoist suspiciously and told himself that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

     Shenxiao Holy Land, is a big family of brothers and friends respectful and happy?

     Ha ha, a certain comic society in the previous life also advertised like this.

     In the end, fighting for a brother can fight on stage.

     Forget it, let's grow up in Great Yan Nation with peace of mind!

     Standing on the tuyere, pigs can take off.

     When the wind stops, all flying pigs will have to fall into pork pie.

     Shen Tian didn't want the throne of the Son of God to be tenderly killed by others before it became hot.


      Thought until here, Shen Tian smiled and said: "Old gods really no need. You are polite. The younger generation said that those who are predestined don't take any money."

     "So the younger generation is completely free to find the spirit and mine for Fairy Yunxi, and the nobles don't need to worry about it."

     "Fairy Yun Xi also said that she actually has nothing about it for the younger generation."

     "This kind of relationship between Taoist couples without emotional foundation will not be happy."

     "So being a saint, marrying a saint, in my opinion, forget it!"

     The veteran Taoist silent for a while said: "But this is against the ancestral precepts of this school."

     "According to the ancestral motto of this sect, the destined person who finds "The Body Transformation" can not marry the Saint.

     "But you must be a saint child, otherwise you can only take back the inheritance, after all, that is the unspread secret of this door."Zhang Yunxi#: "?????!!!"

     So what is this unreliable Uncle Bilian talking with Brother Shen!

     What does it mean to not marry a saint according to the ancestral motto, but to be a saint?

     Do you think this is a vegetable market in the common world?

     How to drop, when this saint woman gift bargain?

     Buy a pound of pork and give two green onions?

     Although the saint does not like this contract marriage.

     But it's about the dignity of Shenxiao Holy Land and my face, can you be serious!


     On Zhang Yunxi's body, the golden and silver gleaming thunder light began to crackle rattle again.

     On the contrary, it was Li Lian'er who was hiding behind Zhang Yunxi, who seemed very happy now.

     Li Lian'er (*^▽^*): "Brother Shen, you promise to be the Son!"

     "After you become the Son of God, no one will dare to bully you anymore."

     "As for Sister Yu Xi, you can not marry it!"

     "She said she didn't want it anyway."

     Zhang Yunxi#: "?!"

     Hearing what Li Lian'er said, the old Taoist seemed to have thought of something.

     He persuaded: "Little friend Shen Tian, today you also see how strong Li Canglan is."

     "That guy is Donghuang's famous doting daughter, and now Lian'er sticks to you every day."

     "If you don't serve as the holy son of my gods, do you think there are other forces that can cover you under his hand?"

     For the old Taoist priest, let Shen Tian be startled!


     Lian'er, the girl's father, is simply too powerful.Moreover, he can sense the position of the sword master at any time, and locate where his Highness is.

     This time I suffered a big loss in the hands of the old Taoist priest, and it is hard to guarantee that I will not fly into a rage out of humiliation and bear the hatred on my Highness.

     Judging from the radiation range of Taibai Dongtian's influence, if Li Canglan is really moving, it is really not difficult to catch his Highness.

     In this situation, finding a backer with a strong background may not be a compromise.

      Thought until here, Shen Tian said helplessly: "Old god, can't I be a saint child?"

     The veteran Taoist sighed saying: "Little friend, this condition really can't be given."

     Shen Tian confessed his fate: "Then let's say yes, just be the Son of God!"

     The old Taoist nodded: "Don't worry, don't marry a saint."

     Zhang Yunxi#: "??????"

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