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97 Art Is Explosion
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Listening to Zhang Yunxi's righteousnessly accusation, Bilian Tianzun's face turned red even after she had just done something bad.

     He fly into a rage out of humiliation, glaring at the flying boat: "Which one does not have eyes that dare to blow me up!"

     Everyone also followed the gaze of the old Taoist priest, but saw that under the flying boat was an incomparable gigantic lake.

     Over the lake, there is still a lot of water vapor and mist transpiring at this time, among which thunder glow is flashing.

     It was this lake that had a violent explosion, and the impact force lifted the flying boat.

     At this time, hearing an old Taoist question, a young man with yellow hair came out.

     He was wearing the robes of True Disciple, the holy land of Shenxiao, his eyes were slightly narrowed, and he looked very quiet.

     At this time, seeing the old Taoist priest appear, the young man's face was slightly embarrassed: "I have seen Master Bi Lian."

     Old Taoist nodded: "So it's your kid who is studying explosions again?"

     The blonde boy smiled and said: "Yes, Yundi is trying new aura combinations and researching more powerful thunderstorm charms."

     "Because the mountains around the Holy Land are basically flattened, without any choice, I can only come to Jingyue Lake to test."

     "I never thought that the impact of the thunderstorm talisman would disturb the uncle, Yundi is really sorry."

     The old Taoist curled his lips: "I'm sorry, it's over. It's exploded to the flying boat, know? You must lose money!"

     The blond boy said helplessly: "But Uncle Bilian, according to the truth, the Shenxiao Feizhou flees, shouldn't you open the formation?"

     The old Taoist's face turned dark, and he was about to continue arguing, but Zhang Yunxi was complexion not good: "Uncle, I can't blame my brother!"The blond boy eyes narrowing, cast a grateful look at Zhang Yunxi, although Zhang Yunxi may not have received it.

     Master Bi Lian's fierce reputation is too prominent in the Holy Land, and it is really not easy to provoke him this time.

     Fortunately, the saint lady who likes to preside over justice the most is beside her, otherwise it will be in trouble. "

     Hey, Sister Saintess is still so awesome to worship!


     The flying boat took off again, at this time everyone was not far from the Holy Land of Shenxiao.

     Because this Jingyue Lake is the largest lake near Shenxiao City, very close to Shenxiao Peak.

     Otherwise, True Disciple of the Holy Land of Gods will not come here specially to test minecraft.

     On the deck, after thinking for a while, Shen Tian asked, "Senior Sister, is that senior fellow who is also a holy land?"

     Zhang Yunxi nodded: "Yes, there are nine elders in this generation, who sit on the nine spiritual peaks of the Holy Land."

     "The boy just now is the Chief Discipline of Jinlian Lingfeng: Qin Yundi is also the only child of Senior Aunt Jinlian."

     "But Junior Brother, you are the saint son of this sect, so according to the rules, he should call you Senior Brother."

     Shen Tian looking thoughtful: "so that's how it is, I think it's extraordinary that the younger brother have a dignified appearance!"

     Yes, the halo on the head of this child is pure red with gold rim, definitely not an ordinary passerby!

      What is more important, Shen Tian just gave a glimpse and saw the picture above the guy's head.

     If it weren't for too many people here, it's not convenient to dress up as God, play the devil, he would have jumped down and cheated now.Hey, I didn't see it clearly just now, and I will come back to look for this junior when he is free, hoping that he hasn't found the opportunity for himself.

     Shen Tian secretly paid attention to this True Disciple called Qin Yundi, but Zhang Yunxi did not accept as correct.

     She calmly said: "Being extraordinary is indeed extraordinary, but it's a pity that Junior Brother Yundi is so talented but wasteful."

     "With his fundamental aptitude, if he concentrates on cultivation, it is at least the golden core stage now."

     "It's a pity that Junior Brother Yundi has not been very interested in meditation, but he is addicted to studying thunder symbols."

     "Although the power of the thunder talisman he refined is really good, it is more than a few percent higher than the others."

     "I once used 6000 base-building thunderstorm talisman arrays to blow up an Intermediate Stage Golden Core monster alive."

     "But in my opinion, a person who relied on external forces to fight, eventually left dissenting religious sect."

     "If Junior Brother needs thunderstorm charms in the future, you can ask Junior Brother Yundi to buy some."

     "The name of the senior sister should be given a discount."

     "But don't learn from Junior Brother Yundi, cultivation is the foundation."


     As if worried about Shen Tian being swayed by Qin Yundi, Zhang Yunxi introduced many situations in one breath.

     Shen Tian nodded, and the other party's junior Qin Yundi had a general understanding.

     That junior was also the heir of the strong man in the transformation stage, and he was considered the second generation of Holy Land Authority.

     However, this guy used all the pocket money given by the old mother Jinlian Tianzun for scientific research.

     As a result, Fang Chang, Zhang Yunting, Zhang Yunxi and others have gathered the golden core among the same generation of brothers.The trio headed by them all ranked among the top ten on the Eastern Desolation Golden Core List.

     And Qin Yundi until now is still a weak chicken in the foundation period.

     He was so angry that his mother Jinlian Tianzun almost didn't cut off relations with him.

      As everyone knows, scientific research is the most expensive.

     Seeing my son spend all his money on this kind of dissenting religious sect.

     Jin Lian Tianzun was angry and directly cut off Qin Yundi's True Disciple support.

     I thought that thus, my son had no choice but to get back and obediently.

     Unexpectedly, being forced without any choice, Qin Yundi actually embarked on a new path and started selling thunder charms in the Holy Land.

      has to say, although Qin Yundi's cultivation base is not high, his improved Tier 2 Thunderbolt is indeed very good.

     An ordinary Tier 2 Thunder Talisman is almost half as powerful as the Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator.

     However, Qin Yundi's improved Tier 2 Thunder Talisman can reach 70% of the power of the foundational stage cultivator.

      In other words, Qin Yundi’s Thunder Talisman is 40% more powerful than ordinary Thunder Talisman!

     Therefore, as soon as his Thunder Talisman was introduced to the market, it was sought after by a large number of low level disciples in the Holy Land.

      even Many thunder-attribute monks outside the holy land come to a place on account of its reputation, hoping to buy Qin Yun Di Lei Fu.

     After all, immortal cultivators sometimes go out to practice adventures, and when they encounter danger, it is impossible to infinitely stimulate their spiritual power to attack.

     In the case of considerable spiritual energy consumption, a few powerful thunder charms are enough to help you create opportunities to escape.

     Even if you are lucky, sacrifice a few more thunder symbols and detonate them together, and you may be able to turn defeat into victory.In this case, the Lei Fu sold by Qin Yundi is of good quality and low price, so it is naturally popular.


     However, it is not easy for Qin Yundi to write Leifu, and his main interest is not to make money, but to research.

     Therefore, most of the thunder symbols he portrayed were detonated by himself to observe power and record comparative data.

     The part that is actually put on the market and sold externally is only a small part of it.

     This also made it difficult for Qin Yundi to get rich by selling talisman, and had a tight life.

     After listening to Zhang Yunxi's introduction to Qin Yundi, Shen Tian couldn't help being speechless.

     Unexpectedly, in this unscientific world of cultivating immortals, there are actually such talents who are dedicated to research.

     The most important thing is that people practice thunder method, but you are focused on studying bombs?

     Explosion is art, is Xiao Di you Xiao Di?
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