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98 Keep Your Mouth Tight (third More)
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

has to say, Qin Yundi this kid caught Shen Tian's attention.

     Especially the blurry scenes of chance that appeared on his red with gold rim halo, certainly not uncommon.

     Shen Tian still has only a thin green light above his head, so he wants to serve as the position of the holy son of the gods, and his sense of security is extremely low.

     So for the current Shen Tian, it is extremely important to get new opportunities to become greener as soon as possible.

     And Qin Yundi, this kid, can undoubtedly give him a great sense of security.


     Shen Tian's thoughts were uncertain, and at this time Shenxiao Feizhou had officially sailed into the small world of Holy Land.

     Suddenly, a surge of spiritual power assaults the senses, this kind of feeling makes people very intoxicated.

     But I saw that this small world is huge, and the peaks are tall and erect, reaching through the clouds.

     There are small rivers flowing between the Lingfeng Peaks, and there are Qingping lotus terraces floating on the rivers, and sometimes fishes jump up.

     It is a spirit fish stocked in the Holy Land of Shenxiao, with a thin arowana bloodline, it is regarded as one of the top ornamental fish in the Eastern Wilderness.

     The fish was prancing happily in the river, but suddenly caught a glimpse of a silhouette on the flying boat above.

     Lingyu shook cleverly in an instant, and plunged into the river with a violent attack, without appearing again.

     The flying boat drove past the Lingfeng group, but saw golden light appearing on some Lingfeng, some cranes soaring on Lingfeng, and Unstoppable Sword Qi on some Lingfeng.

     But without exception, every spiritual peak contains extremely abundant spiritual energy, very rarely seen, unusual nothing more beautiful can be imagined.

     However, when the flying boat drove past these spiritual peaks, Mountain Protecting Spell Formation appeared above all the spiritual peaks.

      The thunder of various colors creaked on the surface of the formation, which looked spectacular.And the crane that originally flew above Lingfeng also flew down instantly.

     Together, they plunged into Mountain Protecting Spell Formation.


     Zhang Yunxi stood on the bow and introduced the names of these Lingfeng peaks to everyone.

     "In this small world of Shenxiao, there are a total of 36 spiritual peaks, all of which have mineral veins."

     "Among these thirty-six spiritual peaks, there is a Saint Main Peak, a Saint Child Peak, and a Saint Woman Peak."

     "In addition, there are eight palm pulse peaks. On each of the palm pulse peaks, there is a strong man in the transformation stage who sits and accepts disciples.

     "These eleven spiritual peaks can be visited as Inner Disciples, but there are also twenty-four spiritual peaks."

     Xiong Meng was slightly surprised: "No, it's not right! I calculated, 36 minus 11, isn't there 25!"

     Zhang Yunxi said helplessly: "There is also a Lingfeng that has been sealed up because of too much mineral vein consumption."

     "As for the other 24 spiritual peaks, they are some of the Supreme Elder's retreats."

     "Even if you are Inner Disciples, you must never come to your door and interrupt."

     "Otherwise, you will be severely punished according to the door rules, do you know?"

     Everyone was honestly nodded, and at this time the Shenxiao Feizhou also slowly stopped on a lined open space.

     Several disciples wearing the costumes of the gods and holy land put a bold face on it and stood by to lead the flying boat.

     The veteran Taoist said indifferently: "This time I have driven the flying boat back, let's accept it!"

     After all, the old Taoist leaped down from the flying boat: "Shen Tian, Uncle Wu will take you to see the Holy Lord."

     Shen Tian looked at Zhang Yunxi, but saw that the latter nodded, so he silently followed behind the old Taoist priest.

     ...Not long after the veteran Taoist and Shen Tian left, they heard the disciple who had led Feizhou exclaimed.

     Zhang Yunxi sighed saying, looking at Feizhou’s Lingshi cabin, he secretly said really so.

     But I saw that the originally densely packed spirit stone cabin was empty again.

     "Saint, we really checked the flying boat before taking off."

     Seeing the disciple who wants to cry but doesn't have tears, Zhang Yunxi sighed, "I understand."

     "Troubled everyone, Junior Brother, fill up the Spirit Stone Chamber again, and I will explain the situation to the Holy Master."

     After speaking, Zhang Yunxi also turned into a silver light and flew towards the Holy Main Peak.

     Looking at the old Taoist priests and Zhang Yunxi, the treasurer Song and others look at each other in dismay, so where are we going next!

     At this moment, a black clothed male with a long sword walked out of the crowd: "Everyone is a fairy!"

     "I am Haoran Peak Chief Discipline Li Yunfeng, father Li Qinghe, Taoist name Chunqiu Jianzun."

     "Senior Sister Yunxi just now told me to arrange your residence."

      The black clothed male has a gentle smile on his face: "Everyone, follow me!"


     With that said, Li Yunfeng led Gui Gong and others towards the dormitory where Inner Disciples lived.

     As he walked, he also introduced the relationship between the major branches in the Holy Land of Shenxiao, very enthusiastic.

     "Everyone, please look at the scarlet red like fire peak that is planted with maple trees to the south. That is the Chilian Peak of Chilian Tianzun."

     "Look again, everyone, the west side emits golden rays of light, like a golden mountain, it is the Golden Lotus Peak of the Golden Lotus Tianzun.""Also, the Lingfeng in the north is covered with snow and ice all year round, like a snow-capped mountain, that is the Bailian Peak of Bailian Tianzun.

     "In Nine Great Heavenly Venerate, Master Bai Lian has the best temper, and he will often preach to his disciples on weekdays."

     "Master Chi Lian has a hot temper, so don't offend, otherwise the punishment will not be light."

     "Especially pay attention to Uncle Jin Lian, she is also a master of high and profound charm, and she must not look directly at it."

     "Otherwise, if you get lost in your mind, you will be ashamed of the public place with numerous people."

     "Don't blame brother, I didn't remind everyone!"

      has to say, although Li Yunfeng is the chief of the line of Shenxiao Holy Land, he is quite amiable and approachable.

     Everyone felt very warm, and suddenly remembered the words of the old Taoist priest.

     The Holy Land of Shenxiao is really a big happy family, brothers are so warm.

     During the conversation, everyone also came to the Inner Disciples dormitory and settled down.

     With a gentle smile on Li Yunfeng's face: "Anyway, what do you don't understand in the future."

     "You can come to Haoran Peak anytime to find me. I dare not say anything else, Brother Omniscient about the Holy Land of Gods."


     Feeling Li Yunfeng's sincerity, Xiong Meng was moved eyes brimming with tears of excitement: "Brother, you are so kind."

     "Senior brother, if there is anything useful to me in the future, just speak up.

     Li Yunfeng smiled, "Oh? Is this junior serious?"

     Xiong patted his chest fiercely: "I can't lie."

     Li Yunfeng coughed softly: "In this case, brother, there is really something to do, I hope you can help."With an inexplicable light gleaming in his eyes, Li Yunfeng stared at everyone: "Li heard that it seems that the holy land has found a holy son from outside?"

     "I heard from my father that it was a brother named Shen Aotian who retrieved the gods and dragons and tigers for the holy land, and he was kind to this school."

     "So according to the ancestral instruction, he can serve as the saint son of this sect, and he can also marry Senior Sister Yun Xi as a companion."

     Duke Gui's face was slightly condensed, and he couldn't help but rise with vigilance in his heart: "Brother inquiring about this, why?"

     Li Yunfeng quickly laughed and said: "Everyone no need to be worried, Li is absolutely no malicious, but purely somewhat curious."

     "How did Senior Brother Aotian find God Xiaolonghupei, how old is he, and where is he going with Senior Sister?"

     "Li is known as the God of Heaven and Baixiaosheng, and he is a secret Omniscient, but he has always to guard one's mouth like a closed bottle."

     "Please no need to be worried, I will never tell the third person."

     Li Yunfeng's face was full of eagerness: "So, just tell the brother!"
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