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99 If I Regret It, I Am Your Grandson (fourth More)
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Feeling Li Yunfeng's sincerity, everyone look at each other in dismay.

     Although I always feel that it is not particularly good to talk about the affairs of the heavenly master.

     But Brother Li Yunfeng just said about that many Gods, not hiding anything I know.

     Now the brother is curious about the relationship between the heavenly master and the saint, and he has said that he will never tell the third person.

     If this little thing is not willing to help the brother, doesn't it seem too loyal?

     "Brother, please don't be impatient, I will discuss it a little later, and then I will give you an answer."

     Liu Taiyi glanced at the jade slip in his hand, rolled the eyes.

     He pulled everyone aside and whispered: "I think it will work."

     "The celestial master has just joined the Holy Land of Gods and became a holy son. There will definitely be many people who are secretly unconvinced."

     "Senior Brother Li is the true biography of Hao Ranfeng's chief. He has an extraordinary position and has no malice towards the heavenly master."

     "We tell him some celestial masters' preferences, and maybe we can help them make friends."

     Shopkeeper Song brows slightly wrinkled: "But, will the heavenly master be unhappy?"

     Liu Taiyi smiled triumphantly: "Brother Song, you don't know this!"

     "A celestial master pretends to be a heaven, bold and unruly, how can he be unhappy because of this little thing?"

     "In my opinion, most of the disciples in the holy land still don't understand the immortal master, so they might not accept it!"

     "At this time, I should work harder to help Master Immortal publicize his stalwart deeds and strengthen his momentum."

     Zhen Zhijia looking thoughtful: "Brother Liu has some truth in what he said. I agree with Brother Liu."

     Xiong Meng glanced at Li Yunfeng: "I don't think he is a bad person, and I agree."Shopkeeper Song said helplessly: "Brother Gui Gao, what do you think!"

     Duke Gui glanced at Li Yunfeng deeply: "Judging from years of experience in the palace, this person does not seem to be a cunning person."

     "But refrain from hurting others, yet guard against those trying to hurt you, we must never reveal the secret of your Highness."

     Liu Taiyi was slightly surprised: "The secret of the heavenly master, does the heavenly master have any big secrets?"

     His words made Grandpa Gui slightly surprised, hissed, and touched the blind spot.

     It seems that everything that His Royal Highness has done since he left the palace is under the public place with numerous people.

      Strictly speaking, it seems that there's nothing about it, and it will affect the safety of your Highness.

      Grandpa Gui was also relaxed thought until here, so Liu Taiyi and others were allowed to chat with Li Yunfeng.


     "What! Saint Son is proficient in the art of finding souls and breaking mines, but he hasn't missed the mines he chooses?"

     "What! The immortal gourd seed that my cousin drove a while ago was also picked by Shengzi?"

     "What! On the flying boat before, the saint son and the saint had double cultivation?"

     "I'm going, it's too hot, don't talk nonsense about these things."

     "Especially the double cultivation of the Saint Son and the Saintess, it must not be spread."

     "You know that big brother Fang Chang has always been obsessed with Sister Yun Xi!"

     "If he and the second senior brother complete the double repairs and leave the customs, he will definitely be mad at the news!"

     "Relax, as long as you don't talk nonsense, brother, I will definitely guard one's mouth like a closed bottle."

     "All right, I had a good chat with the junior brothers today, goodbye.""In the future, junior brothers are welcome to visit Haoran Peak. If you have anything you want to know, please feel free to come to your brother."

     "Brothers are known as Shenxiao Baixiaosheng, as long as the junior brothers speak, they must not hiding anything I know!"

     Seeing Li Yunfeng returning happily, Duke Gui's face condensed slightly.

     He always feels something is wrong somewhere!


      at the same time, the main hall on the other side.

     The door slowly opened, and Shen Tian step by step walked into the hall.

     He looked at the sacred beast thunder pillars on both sides of the main hall, only feeling happy.

     It's as if the five elements of yin-yang Hunyuan God Lei Benyuan had seen his son.

     Also, Hun Yuan Shen Lei is the product of the complete integration of Yin and Yang Five Elements Divine Thunder, and is born with high competition.

      takes a deep breath to calm the tension in his heart, Shen Tian looks at the stalwart figure in the center of the hall.

     On the holy seat in the center of the main hall, a man sit upright and still impressively, surrounded by the thunder celestial light awe-inspiring might.

     Shen Tian knew that this was the sage of the gods who advocated Longyuan, the legendary sage who could be called the tribulation period powerhouse.

      what is more important The holy lord in front of him, the halo above his head is also pure golden.

     Compared to the old Taoist priests with white spots around him, he mustn't speak of two things on the same day.

     Whether it's more status, style, family property, luck, or daughter...

     The holy master completely killed the old Taoist priest.

     Standing in front of the Holy Lord, the old Taoist curled his lips: "Second Junior Brother, Senior Brother, I brought people back for you."


     The figure in the thunder celestial light slowly nodded, with the warmth of the spring sun in his eyes, he casts his eyes on Shen Tian.This trick made the veteran Taoist be slightly surprised, how can I still use Vulcan pupil technique like this?

     Holy Lord nodded, calmly said: "The young will be redoubtable in the years to come!"

     Shen Tian was slightly surprised, he seemed to have heard this tone on TV.

     "This seat is going to be the Holy Land of Gods, thank you for your great contribution to this school."

     "If you have any desires, you can talk to me, and there is nothing unanswered."

     Shen Tian's eyes lit up: "Any wish is fine?"

     The saint said indifferently: "Even if you want to worship this seat as a teacher, it's okay."

     Shen Tian hurriedly said, "Can you not be a saint? This burden is a bit heavy."

     The thunder celestial light shook suddenly, and the holy master calmly said: "Well, I heard you clearly."

     "Holy Son thinks it is not easy to practice Lei Fa, and hopes to worship this seat as a teacher. This condition is allowed by this seat."

     Shen Tian: "???"

     Just about to explain, Shen Tian suddenly felt an extremely huge aura pressing on him, making him unable to move a single step.

     Then, the voice of the holy lord resounded in the temple: "The five elements of the holy son belong to water, and I will give you the water system spirit weapon basalt shield as the teacher."

     As soon as the voice fell, a black light flew out of the Thunder Celestial Light, its shape resembling a basalt.

     When Wu Guang fell in front of Shen Tian, slowly introverted, a round shield slowly emerged.

     However, the shield was about two feet in diameter, and the whole body was black imprinted with mysterious patterns.

     Watching carefully, you can even faintly see a basalt phantom, circulating on the shield.

     "This shield is a Middle Grade Spirit Tool. After inputting spiritual power, Black Tortoise's Shield can be condensed. The same level is called Absolute Defense.""Wearing it on the body at the same time can also increase the affinity of the water system aura and play an auxiliary function to practice."

     Shen Tian: "Holy Lord, did you hear me wrong..."

     "Shen Zizhou has been exhausted, I must be tired today, so go back and rest!"

     In the next second, Shen Tian only felt that his body was out of control, and he flew straight out of the Holy Master Hall.


     With a sound of Duang, the door of the Holy Main Hall closed again.

     The old Taoist curled his lips, playing with the taste: "You really have no feelings?"

     The Holy Lord said indifferently: "According to the analysis of absolutely rational, this seat should leave him behind."

     The veteran Taoist chuckled: "I didn't expect the Second Junior Brother to have such shameless times. It's really rare."

     The Holy Lord's voice has no emotions: "According to the rational balance, the face of this seat is compared with the ZTE of the Holy Land, and the face is not required."

     The old Taoist stagnated, and said helplessly: "You are so sure that he is Child of Fate, he has practiced the Fire Fire Sutra."

     The Holy Lord said indifferently: "It's not necessarily, nothing is impossible, Hidden Dragon Ascending to Heaven, why not try it?"

     The old Taoist curled his lips: "Yes, anyway, your rich and arrogant are not bad for money."

     The Holy Master said calmly: "Brother, I think you will regret it soon."

     The old Taoist was slightly surprised: "Regret, what do you regret?"

     The Holy Master said: "I regret that you did not rush to accept him as a disciple in this temple of the Holy Master today."

     Old Taoist not convinced saying: "If I regret it, I will be your grandson!"

     After a word, the old Taoist turned around and walked away.


     Just kidding~!I've been smart all my life, robbing the rich to help the poor, would regret confiscation of a drag oil bottle?

     It's joking, this kid cultivates the Sutra of Fire and Fire, and will be a big moneymaker in the future.

     Still Child of Fate? Even if I kneel in front of the old man and beg me to accept him as a disciple.

     The veteran is absolutely impossible and promises absolutely impossible!

     What the old Taoist didn't know was that it didn't take long before he left the Holy Main Hall.

     The thunder celestial light haunting the holy seat slowly converged, revealing a figure.

     "He was ill-fated Heaven Spirit Orphaned Star since he was a child, but now he is lucky."

     "Heaven Ascending Dragon, Aoxiao Huanyu, so noble that words cannot explain!"

     "Brother, this time you can be regarded as completely lost."

     The Holy Lord of Shenxiao looked at the direction of the hall door, his cheeks twitched slightly, and he squeezed a smile with difficulty.

     As if watching grandson leave.
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