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    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Before it was put on the shelves, the editor lady asked the author Junduo to act like a baby with the readers and sell badly, saying that the results of this book would be better.

     The simple author Bacteria firmly believes in this.

     Therefore, the author is here to tell you a few heart-wrenching truths.

     In fact, the protagonist of this book is completely based on the author's own prototype.

     The author was born in family with a literary reputation, Aristocratic Family, handsome and unparalleled appearance, popular with thousands of girls.

     But because he was born with a mold, his face was too dark.

     So I have had ill-fated fate since I was a child. I have been drinking ice black tea for 20 years, and I haven't even gotten another bottle of it.

     Obviously handsome is world-shaking, but he has been single and has no girlfriend.

     People ask how it feels to be single for 3 years, how do I know?

     After all, the author was just 3 years old 18 years ago!

     Recently on a blind date with great difficulty, I met a beautiful girl I like.

     In the end, she asked me if she fell into the river with my mother, who would I save first?

     Of course the author is to save my mother first!

     After all, her old man is in charge of the money at home, which makes her unhappy. Why should I buy a car and buy a house as a gift to marry you?

     To be reasonable, this answer is fine!

     Even if Shen Tian were to answer, it was the answer!

     But the girl didn't say that I was a straight man, so she cut off contact with me directly.

     It's too much to say that I won't find a girlfriend in this life, next life, and next life.

     Just ask everyone, is it miserable? Is it miserable?

     Hey, the author's bacteria is simply a handsome and elegant little black mold!

     After sold out, let’s talk about this book.In fact, when the author Jun voted this book to the editor lady, the editor lady was not optimistic.

     She said that writing a novel requires a sense of substitution, and the protagonist’s personality is best to be closer to ordinary people at first, so that readers will feel more feel as if it had happened to oneself.

     She said that in most Huoshu, the protagonist is just ordinary people at first.

     Then step by step to marry Bai Fumei, to the pinnacle of life.

     In this way, readers will more easily resonate.

     And my book, the beginning of the reader's sense of substitution is too low.

     After all, according to statistics from authoritative organizations, only one noble will appear in 100 people, and only one Exceptionally Beautiful Male will appear in every 1,000 people.

     And for every 10,000 people, there can be a moldy tuft like the author's fungus.

     Therefore, it is calculated according to the inductive analysis method.

     For every 100,000 people, there will be an Exceptionally Beautiful Male who was born in a nobleman, and will have a sense of substitution for my book.

     For every 1 billion people, there will be an Exceptionally Beautiful Male who was born aristocratic but has a ill-fated fate, which resonates strongly with my book.

      Thus, my book is destined not to be liked by too many people, and my grades are not very good.

     But the author does not believe it!

     Even for every 100,000 people, there can be a peerless aristocratic beautiful man who has a sense of substitution for this book.

     There are so many readers who read my texts, there are always some people. Be handsome and unparalleled!

     These people will naturally like this book, support this book!

     And the support of these peerless noble and beautiful men is the motivation for the author to stick to it!It would be even better if you could meet a beautiful lady reader who is as noble as the author, has a high-value appearance, and is still as moldy as the author.

     The young lady who has no one in one billion will resonate strongly with this book and fall in love with the author's bacteria.

     At that time, the author's lifelong issues may be resolved.

     Therefore, even for love, the author will insist on writing this book.

     Therefore, readers’ brother Onee-chans, if you really don’t have a strong sense of substituting this book and are unwilling to continue to subscribe, the author will not reluctantly.

     After all, 10 in ten-thousand does not have one of Exceptionally Beautiful Male, a peerless little fairy, is really rare.

     When the author chooses to go this way, he is ready to generate electricity for love.

     I don't blame you for leaving.

     I just hope that in the future, you will remember that there was a ill-fated Exceptionally Beautiful Male who once brought you a night of joy.

     After that night of joy, he does not ask you to be responsible for him, only hopes in your heart.

     Can always leave him a piece of pure land, a place.

     This is enough.


     What, you guys really don’t plan to subscribe anymore?

     No, great readers!

     You must know that subscribing to this book will increase your appearance and luck.

     If you don't believe me, take a look, how many euros the protagonist is now?

     Although most of the readers who can follow this book to here are already peerless Emperor Yan who combines beauty and talent, it is difficult to increase the value of his face.But with just a few cents of starting coins, you can enhance your precious European spirit and become a peerless European emperor. What can you have against it?

     After all, they are all beautiful men and little fairies, who is worse than this?

     Isn't he fragrant when the emperor Ouyan is at the status of double?


     In short, this book will be on the shelves on May 1, and the results of the first order will directly determine the follow-up treatment of this book, which is really important.

     The author Jun puts his words here today. If you subscribe to this book, that's the end of it.

     If you don't subscribe, ha ha!

     Believe it or not, the author draws a small circle, kneel inside and beg you to subscribe!

     Dear handsome guys and fairies, subscribe!

     Please, wu wu wu wu ~
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