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102 Open The Door To A New World
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Now all True Disciple knows the name of this son.

     It seemed that the plan for the greening of the halo must not be delayed any longer, and Shen Tian became vigilant.

     He lightly smiled and said, "I have also heard from Senior Sister Yun Xi, Junior Brother Yundi's name."

     Hearing Shen Tian's words, Qin Yundi's delicate face showed a trace of helplessness: "Senior Sister must say I am not going on the right path!"

     Qin Yundi didn't have an accidental look on his face, because Zhang Yunxi was not alone.

     It can be said that in the entire Holy Land, almost all the elders are not optimistic about him delving into Thunder Talisman.

     So this newly appointed Brother Saint Son also came to do ideological work for me?

      Thought until here, Qin Yundi suddenly felt dull for a while.

     However, Shen Tian smiled: "Junior Brother has misunderstood. Senior Brother means that I am also very interested in studying Lei Fu."

     Shen Tian's words made Qin Yundi's eyes light up, as if he had met a confidant: "Senior brother serious?"

     Shen Tian nodded: "The brilliance of the explosion of the thunder symbol is called art."

     Qin Yundi was slightly surprised: "Art? What is art?"

     Shen Tian thought for a while and explained: "Art~ The most beautiful thing you think is art."

     Qin Yundi seemed to have realized something suddenly, his originally squinted eyes slowly opened and enlarged.

     In it, there is a ray of excitement, expectation, yearning, and pursuit.

     He mutter to oneself: "I see, art is an explosion!"


     After all, Qin Yundi looked at Shen Tian excitedly, it was the feeling of meeting a confidant.He takes a deep breath: "Brother, you said you also like to study thunder symbols, is that true?"

     Looking at Qin Yundi's incoherent speech, Shen Tian not to know whether to laugh or cry: "If you are willing, you can exchange one or two."

     After that, Shen Tian walked slowly by the Jingyue Lake, took out the nine-child rosary, and put it in his hand gently.

     Suddenly, the rosary radiated a faint light, and suddenly shot into Jingyue Lake.

     Immediately afterwards, a group of lake water flew out of Jingyue Lake, suspended in front of Shen Tian and Qin Yundi.

     Qin Yundi was slightly surprised, and some did not understand what the newly appointed Brother Shengzi wanted to do.

     "I have just observed it for a while, Junior Brother seems to have been obsessed with the writing of lightning symbols and the layout of the formation."

     "This is indeed a way to strengthen the power of the Thunder Talisman Formation, but it is not the only choice for Junior Brother."

     "Sometimes, if Junior Brother is willing to change direction, he may also discover a new world!"

     While smiling, Shen Tian slowly delivered power of thunder and lightning toward the lake.

     Suddenly, the water mass of the lake, which was one person high, began to bubble continuously.

     With more and more bubbles, the volume of the lake water keeps getting smaller.

     Qin Yundi dully looked at Shen Tian's operation, and for a while did not understand what the senior was doing.

     And so many lakes, why suddenly disappeared before the two of them!

     What kind of magical method is this Brother Shengzi using?


     Finally, that big cloud of water completely disappeared.

     Instead, the air mass is suspended above the rosary, compressed to the size of a fist.Because he was worried that it was not intuitive enough, Shen Tian also specially asked Jiu'er to add a green aura to the edge of the air mass.

     Looking at Qin Yundi with a confused face, Shen Tian showed a mysterious smile on his face: "Next, is the moment of witnessing miracle."

     After that, a wave of elasticity exuded from the rosary, and the green air ball suddenly bounced towards Jingyue Lake.

     Immediately afterwards, Shen Tian's fingertips pulsed with a white thunder light, flickering uncertainly.

     Qin Yundi could see clearly that it was just the most superficial thunder method of the Holy Land of Gods, without any attributes.

     Moreover, as far as he observed, Shen Tian condensed this thunder and lightning, it should only use the spiritual power of about one heaven in the refining period.

     So, Brother Shengzi is doing this!

     When questions arose in Qin Yundi's heart, he saw the lightning from Shen Tian's fingertips and suddenly shot towards the green light group.

     The electric light looked very delicate and fragile, as if it could dissipate directly at any time.

     However, it passed through the air in the end still and pierced into the green light cluster.

     In an instant, the extremely bright blue light exploded.

     Jingyue Lake seems to be a blue lotus in full bloom.

     The brilliance of light made Qin Yundi's eyes slightly sour.

     Immediately there was a loud sound, and there was a big wave on Jingyue Lake.

     The water mist diffused again, and the rainbow appeared again between this heaven and earth.


     Seeing Shen Tian standing indifferently among the rainbow, Qin Yundi was stunned: "how can it be!"

     He could see clearly that the electric light lingering at Shen Tian's fingertips clearly only had the strength of refining Qi.Why did he explode such a terrifying explosive power after he ejected this electric light?

     This is unreasonable!

     Qin Yundi felt as if he had caught something.

     But he always felt that there was a film blocking his progress.

     The eyes that had been squinted at this time were staring like copper bells, staring at the pale Blue Flame.

     He obsessively said: "how can it be, this power is enough to threaten the Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator, it's too powerful!"

     It is nothing to threaten the Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator. The problem is that this Thunderbolt can be mass-produced.

     Just Cost Required some auras can make monks in the refining period hurt to the foundation building period!

     Qin Yundi is not stupid, he knows that Shen Tian is demonstrating an extraordinary method.

     And the root of this magical method lies in the green gas.

     If that kind of gas can be mass-produced and preserved, a large amount will be sacrificed during battle.

     Not to mention the foundation building period, even if the weaker Golden Core Expert encounters it, it will be quite a headache!

     If the cost is low enough, the disciples of Shenxiao Holy Land can be armed with this kind of thunder talisman.

     By then, the strength of the entire Holy Land will be advanced by leaps and bounds in a short time!

     Qin Yundi said excitedly: "Brother, just then did that trick what's your name?"

     The corner of Shen Tian's mouth raised slightly and said, "Want to learn? I will teach you!"


     Yes, Shen Tian saw the chance on Qin Yundi's halo.

     It was by chance that Qin Yundi discovered the phenomenon of electrolyzed water.

     When lightning is in contact with water for a long time, it will decompose the water into hydrogen and oxygen.

     However, if hydrogen and oxygen are fully contacted and ignited in a small space, a big explosion will occur.Qin Yundi once set up a large array of Lei Fu on Jingyue Lake and electrolyzed a large amount of hydrogen and oxygen.

     After that, he immediately arranged a large array of thunder explosion talisman, and then detonated it in hydrogen and oxygen.

     Therefore, the power of that formation explosion was far exceeding his expectations.

      These few months, Qin Yundi cautious and solemn hopes to restore that miracle.

     Unfortunately, the more careful he is, the longer it takes to set up array before the two explosions.

     After all the mist, hydrogen, and oxygen in the sky above Jingyue Lake dissipated, the miracle could not be reproduced.

     Of course, Qin Yundi already has the obsession to chase that light in his mind.

     If things go on like this, experiment in Jingyue Lake, and sooner or later, one day will fully discover the mystery.

     What Shen Tian had to do was just as a science student to help the pioneer in science enlightenment in advance.

     To be honest, Shen Tian is also looking forward to it.

     How far can this young man who is addicted to ‘scientific research’ go on this road after opening the door to a new world.

     You must know that in Shen Tian's previous life, explosives and thermal weapons were developed to a very strong degree.

     In this World, can immortality and science be combined in the hands of Qin Yundi.

     So as to give off a new brilliance and brilliance?

     Shen Tian is very curious!
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