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    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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On the other side, after Shen Tian flew out of the Holy Lord's Hall, his whole body was dumbfounded.

     So this is over, this Highness baffling has one more Holy Master Master?

     Although it was pretty good to be accepted as a disciple by the Holy Master of Shenxiao, he felt a little more secure out of thin air.

     But Shen Tian always felt that his holy master was a bit unreliable, and his ears didn't seem to work well.

     Looking at the black basalt shield with patterns in his hand, Shen Tian took out the Zijin hammer from the Cangming Ring.


     Holding a basalt shield in his left hand and a purple gold hammer in his right hand, Shen Tian always feels this shape of himself déjà vu.

     Someone who can't hold a hammer on the surface, but secretly practiced a whole set of combos?

     Curious, I don’t know whose shield is harder than his shield!

     But has to say, this basalt shield is held in the hand, and the shape is still leveraged.

     As for the holy lord’s back on the body, blessing the water system thunder method cultivation speed.

     Shen Tian directly ignored this suggestion, he was not short of that blessing.


     "It seems that the position of the saint child cannot escape."

     Shen Tian sighed saying: "For today's plan, we can only turn green as soon as possible."

     Only by becoming greener as soon as possible, or even from green to red, can we hold this position.

      Thought until here, Shen Tian left the Holy Main Peak and hurried straight towards Jingyue Lake near the small world.

     He still remembered that there was a young man with yellow hair and squinted eyes in Jingyue Lake. That person could help him turn green!



     On Jingyue Lake, another big explosion suddenly occurred.Under the stimulation of thunder and lightning and high temperature, the white spray turned into white mist.

     The white mist reflects the Seven-Colored Light under the shining of Yanggu, like a rainbow-like.

     In this vast white mist, Qin Yundi reluctantly sighed saying: "Hey, the power is still weaker."

     Yes, Qin Yundi is still trying the research of a new type of thunder explosion charm, and is constantly experimenting.

     Every time there was an explosion, a large amount of money was floated in Jingyue Lake.

     Even if it is the True Disciple of the Holy Land of Gods, it hurts.

     After all, being able to carry the spell of Lei Fa is not something that can be drawn on ordinary paper.

     This kind of spell can only be written and made with spirit paper made of monster fur, and the failure rate is not low.

     Almost all of Qin Yundi's family background was used to buy spirit paper and demon blood spirit ink, and it was only enough to do a few experiments at full capacity.

     After these experiments were completed, he had to go back to the Holy Land obediently and honestly to continue drawing the charms, and then went out to sell them to save money.

     "Which place is wrong? Obviously once the power is far more than that!

     Qin Yundi brows tightly frowns, squinting his eyes revealing unconcealable worry.

     Yes, his research has encountered a bottleneck, and he has no clue.


     Once he finished setting up the thunder explosion talisman and detonated it, which was very powerful and scary.

     But later Qin Yundi carefully adjusted the spell, trying to restore that magical extraordinary performance.

     The result is that every time I be nothing to write home about, it is completely incomparable with the power of that random arrangement.

     Qin Yundi didn't know what's the problem nǎ, every time after that, he was more serious than that!words exceede 5100"A good set of thunderstorm talisman formations, Xiongtai's research on thunderstorm talisman formations is really good."

     Qin Yundi turned his head slightly surprised, but saw a silhouette approaching amidst the water vapor.

     That was a young man wearing a white brocade robe, who had a dignified appearance, and looked like an immortal.

     This person came slowly from the pervasive fairy fog, and the colorful rainbow light reflected his body, as if walking out of the painting.

     This person, Qin Yundi, had the impression that among the people who had returned from the boat with Sister Saint and Elder Bilian, this person was the most handsome.


     Such a handsome and extraordinary man is not a simple existence at first glance, and Qin Yundi is secretly attached to his heart.

     He began to sense the aura of this one man, trying to spy on Shen Tian's cultivation.

     However, Qin Yundi discovered that this one handsome man is deep and unmeasurable.

     No matter how he feels, he can't spy on Shen Tian's trace of energy.

     There are only three possibilities, but no matter which one shows, the handsome man in front of him is by no means simple.

      Thought until here, Qin Yundi's squinted eyes showed a trace of vigilance: "Your Excellency, who has any advice?"

     Frankly speaking, at this time Qin Yundi was ready to slip away immediately when the situation was wrong.

     After all, this kid came back with Uncle Bilian, which is really suspicious.

     What if he is Uncle Bilian's minion and he was sent to blackmail me?

     Shen Tian didn't know the vigilance in Qin Yundi's heart. He lightly smiled and said, "Sinking the sky."

     Qin Yundi couldn't help but lose consciousness for a moment, as if he was taken aback by Shen Tian's smile in the mist and rainbow light.But soon, he recovered his wits: "Shen Tian? Are you the newly erected Saint Shen Tian?"

     Shen Tian was slightly surprised, how did you drop it? I just promised the Son, how do you know.

     Seeing Shen Tian seemingly confused, Qin Yundi explained: "Brother don't be surprised ya."

     "Senior Brother Li Yunfeng told us a few days ago that the Holy Land has recovered the supreme taboo chapter "Incarnation of the Body"

     "And the person who finds the destiny of this inheritance will serve as the saint son of this door and have the opportunity to marry the saint."

     "Now all True Disciples in this door should understand the name of Senior Brother."

     Looking at eyes narrowing and smiling Qin Yundi, Shen Tian's mouth twitched slightly.

     Could it be possible to let people grow up first?

     That one is called Li Yunfeng, who has the ability to come out.

     I promise not to kill you!
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