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107 Consider It Carefully And Hand In The Holy Land (Fifth)
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Eastern Wilderness, Taibai Holy Land Houshan.

     The rushing waterfall pours down from a height of 3,000 feet, and the sound is ear-splitting like thunder.

     However, two young men stood at the bottom of the waterfall, waving their long swords towards the waterfall.

     On the clearing next to the waterfall, two middle-age men stood opposite each other, one wearing a purple robe and the other carrying an epee.

     Venerable Ziyang's face was pleading: "Brother, you have already practiced me one day and one night."

     Jianzun Changhe said indifferently: "However, the endurance of Junior Brother is still muddled and completely collapsing!"

     After all, he looked at the waterfall on the side: "Give me harder!"

     "The swordsman has a shocking edge, after hard work and numerous revisions, be hard and fast!"

     "Shen Ao, since you have worshipped into my Taibai Cave, you must not lose your face."

     "One month later, the two Great Sacred Grounds and the Ancient Battlefield of the Six Great Sacred Grounds will be combined."

     "This time the training site is located outside the Ancient Battlefield near Great Yan Nation. Jin Dan Qi will not participate."

     "In order for you to reveal outstanding talent during the trial, this month I will train you for your master and teach you swordsmanship."

     "A month later, I don't want you to be so weak and ashamed for yourselves, otherwise!"

     Li Canglan didn't say the rest, but Shen Ao under the waterfall already wanted to cry.

     day! My lord is lacking hatred and enmity with you, why bother!

     One month of special training?

     Have you seen anyone who has just broken through to the foundation building period and can be advanced by leaps and bounds in one month after special training?

     Let me participate in the joint trials of Two Great Sacred Grounds and the Six Great Winters. I'm afraid that anyone can have a higher cultivation base than me!While slashing the sword to the waterfall, Shen Ao's mentality completely exploded.

     If it hadn't been for an old man by his side, he would be worse than himself.

     Shen Ao felt that his life was hopeless and completely meaningless.

     Wait a minute, then Two Great Sacred Grounds will not have God's Sacred Grounds!

     Thinking of this possibility, Shen Ao panicked even more.


     These thirteen brothers, he is poisonous!


     Eastern Wilderness, Jade Lake Holy Land.

     In this small world, birdsong and fragrant flowers are full of peach blossoms.

     In the center of this World, is an extremely huge spiritual peak, the bejeweled jade palace shows the style of immortal family.

     Halfway up the hillside of Lingfeng, in the Dixian Spring, the spirit mist is filled.

     A graceful woman walked out slowly, putting on a long bi-colored dress, surrounded by aura, like a Fairy Maiden-like walking out of the painting.

     At the entrance of the spring, there are several female disciples waiting, and each of them has a beautiful face.

     "Sister Ling'er, Dan Wu Tianzun has ordered you to go to Lingxiu Peak to find her."

     "I said it was about Shen Ao, so I have to tell Senior Sister."

     The woman is slowly nodded, and her eyes flicker.

     She took steps, aura bloomed under her feet, ripples swayed.

     Seeing the women who were going away, the eyes of those female disciples were extremely look of envying.

     The descendant of Tianshui Lingzun that Dan Wu Tianzun retrieved from outside was a rare innate soul body.

     It seems that this century's selection of saint women will also have new variables!


     Eastern Wilderness, the eastern suburbs of Shenxiao City, somewhere in the courtyard.

     boom!A strong explosion sounded and black smoke billowed.

     In the thick black smoke, a dark figure walked out.

     He was wearing a string of silver iron balls around his waist and a black iron rod on his shoulders.

     It is worth mentioning that the shape of the black iron rod is like a shotgun that stimulates the battlefield.

     "Successful, successful!"

     Qin Yundi wiped a dark face with his dark hands, and his entire face became even darker.

     "Brother, I found that mixing Yin Yuanzi, Yang Yuanzi and Reiki in a 4:2:1 ratio is the most powerful!"

     "In addition, I have made both the'yin-yang armor-breaking thunder' and the'yin-yang demon-breaking spear' that senior brother said.

     "Brother, please try to see how powerful they are, can you be satisfied."

     So fast?

     Shen Tian brows slightly raise, this is just a short one day period, so did you get fragmentation grenades and shotguns? ‘

     Junior Brother Yundi, you deserve it!

     After receiving a silver iron ball, Shen Tian's right hand suddenly used force, throwing it away 100 meters away.


     The god thunder in midair exploded, and the silver spirit iron beads shot down like a meteor.

     In an instant, countless deep pits appeared on the ground as if ploughed.


     Seeing this effect, Shen Tian was secretly speechless.

     Unexpectedly, after hydrogen, oxygen and aura are mixed, the power is so powerful.

     According to Qin Yundi's previous statement, such a thunder could even damage the peak of the base construction period.

     Of course, the premise is that the peak of the base construction period stood in place stupidly and let you explode, which is unlikely.But if you cooperate with traps, kills, traps, and mines, it is not easy to say.

     Try this big black gun again, will it work?

     Shen Tian stroked the black iron rod Qin Yundi handed over, his eyes hot and expectant.

     Most men have an inherent interest in shooting, no matter what.

     Shen Tian is naturally the same.

     He took the black iron rod and stuffed thunder talisman and spirit iron beads into it according to Qin Yundi's concealed method.

     Then, Shen Tian pointed this crude shotgun at a boulder in the house yard and slowly pulled the trigger.

     The surface of the shotgun suddenly flashed with a mysterious array, which was a defensive spell array that matched the spirit gold barrel to prevent the chamber from exploding.


     Lei Fu exploded, and spirit iron beads shot out from the barrel, instantly piercing the boulder.

     After the smoke and dust dissipated, the huge boulder was hit to pieces.

     One by one, the hard spirit iron beads shot deeply into the earth.


     "Due to material limitations, the barrel of the Yin Yang Demon Breaking Gun cannot withstand too high an explosion, so its power is limited."

     Qin Yundi explained: "This kind of yin and yang demon-breaking gun made of ordinary spiritual gold has considerable lethality to the strong in the middle of the foundation period."

     "Of course, if the barrel can be made of stronger spiritual gold materials, I have the confidence to refine a stronger killer!"

     "It's just that the price of high-strength spiritual gold is too expensive, ahem, I'm afraid I can't afford it, Junior Brother."

     Listening to Qin Yundi's embarrassing explanation, Shen Tian expressed his complete understanding.

     Do scientific research, how can it be at no cost?However, to study this kind of high-end weapons, it is completely no need to be worried.

     The thunder talisman that can hurt the Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator on the market are generally more than 10 spirit stones.

     If it can hurt the thunder talisman in the middle and late stages of the foundation building period, it will be able to sell for 50 to 100 spirit stones.

     The ordinary yin and yang divine thunder refined by Qin Yundi does not exceed 2 spiritual stones at most, including spiritual energy consumption and talisman cost.

     Even if the Yin and Yang armor-breaking thunder with some low-level spiritual gold is added, a cost will not exceed 5 spiritual stones.

     If you sell this casually, it will be a huge profit of more than 20 times.


     Wait a minute!

     Shen Tian was calculating how big the profit was!

     Suddenly his heart tightened, and he felt that he had overlooked an important thing.

     Money is indeed useful, but if you are not strong enough, too much money may not be a good thing.

     Shen Tian remembers that in the history of the previous life, there was also an old man named Shen who was jealous of the emperor because of having wealth equivalent to that of an entire nation.

     As a result, the emperor randomly found a reason and put him in custody and sentenced for punishment, and all his family property was confiscated.

     Shen Tian is now, but the weak are prey to the strong immortal cultivation world with sinister hearts!

     During the gas refining period, he had a small green ring on his head.

     Do you dare to grab business with those super bosses?

     Hiss~ Not right, too dangerous!

      how to handle!


     Shen Tian brows slightly wrinkled, consider from all angles for half an hour.

     Finally, he slowly stood up: "Think carefully, hand in the Holy Land!"

     How can I say that Qin Yundi and I are also the holy sons of the Holy Land and Direct Disciple, the core of this door!Now that we have invented such a valuable patent and handed it over to the Holy Land, can the Holy Land make money regardless of us?

     Even if people from other forces look jealous, come over and make crafty plots and machinations.

     That is also a matter of the Holy Land, and the elders will definitely come forward to solve it.

     Well, it was so decided.

     Divide the money to the Holy Master Master and pay the protection fee.

     Leaning against the big tree is so cool!
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