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109 Aiming At The Holy Lord Is A Shot (seventh, Ask For Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

In the holy main hall, fell into absolute silence for a while.

     The old Taoist dully looked at Shen Tian, the expression on his face was exceptional.

     The thunder and celestial light of the holy main body also passed for a good while before slowly calming down.

     He asked: "Tian'er, what you said is true? Don't be joking about such big things."

     Shen Tian nodded: "Junior Brother Yundi, please rub a yin and yang divine thunder for Master to see."

     Qin Yundi un'ed, took out the prepared lake water from the space ring, floating in the air.

     Then his blond hair was flying, and a powerful thunder burst out instantly all over his body, rushing toward the lake.

     As the thunder continued to pour into the lake, air bubbles gurgled out of the lake.

     And the water mass that was originally one person tall was rapidly shrinking in Qin Yundi's hands.

     Soon, an air mass the size of a baseball appeared in blue light, spinning continuously in Qin Yundi's hands.

     Qin Yundi's eyes narrowing, while rubbing the thunder, explained: "Senior Brother Shengzi has a long-standing love for the past."

     "When he was practicing Renshui Shenlei, he unintentionally realized the Grand Dao of Yin-Yang."

     "It was discovered that water can be decomposed into Yin Yuanzi and Yang Yuanzi through Thunder."

     "And these two elements are ignited by lightning, and Yin-Yang Harmony can burst out extremely powerful destructive power."

     "The disciple uses the Qi Gathering Talisman to mix the yin and yang qi and spiritual qi in a certain proportion."

     "Then wrap it in a special spiritual gold ball and throw it at the enemy to detonate."

     "Then the powerful energy generated by the explosion of the thunderbolt will explode the spiritual gold and shoot out the spiritual gold steel ball inside.""The disciples have counted and produced such a yin and yang armor-piercing mine with a success rate of over 90%."

     "The cost of decomposing the aura of the lake water and the spiritual gold steel ball is about 3 to 4 spiritual stones."

     While speaking, Qin Yundi had already assembled a compressed gas into the Qi Gathering Talisman.

     The holy lord nodded, stretch out his hand to bring the newly-made divine mine into his hands.

     The thunder shot in his palm, detonating the divine thunder in his hand in an instant.


     The violent ear-splitting explosion sounded, but the explosion impact did not overflow the slightest.

     The palm of the Holy Lord seemed to be connected to the void, absorbing all the impact.

     Pieces of spiritual gold steel balls fell from the heart of the Holy Master, and he calmly said: "The power is indeed very good."

     "It's just that this indiscriminate scattering spirit orb can easily injure the disciple by mistake, which is somewhat dangerous."

     Qin Yundi quickly removed the black long stick behind his back, and handed it to the holy lord like a treasure: "Uncle, there is this."

     The holy lord was slightly surprised, looking at the long stick in Qin Yundi's hand in confusion, and said, "What is this?"

     Qin Yundi stuffed the thunder burst into the long stick, pulled the trigger, and shot at the holy lord.


     A light blue flame was ejected from the muzzle, and a cluster of spirit iron steel balls shot out like a Heavenly Woman Scattering Flower.

      pā pā pā pā ~

     The steel balls collided with the lightning fairy light on the guard body of the holy main body, causing faint ripples and then falling powerlessly.

     Holy Lord looking thoughtful: "so that's how it is, can you control the direction of the spirit orb ejection through the magic weapon, so as to avoid accidentally injuring your companion?""A good idea is that the power is unavoidably smaller. Is this the way you came up with it?"

     Qin Yundi's eyes narrowed with a smile, and his face was full of admiration: "No, no, no, this is what my brother came up with."

     "Yundi just refined these things according to the instructions of the senior brother."

     "Senior brother also said that this is just the most crude method of refining the Yin Yang Demon Breaking Spear."


     Looking at the incarnation fan, chatter blew himself Qin Yundi, and Shen Tian held his forehead with a face full of helplessness.

     Ma Hippie, didn't you always say that you can push more credit to you before you come, am I just a support?

     How come the saint master's thunderous domineering side leaks, so you are completely unable to control and blow your own holy son like crazy?

     God, I really didn't want to take credit!

     Seeing that the Holy Master had cast his curious eyes, Shen Tian said helplessly: "Yes, there are indeed ways to improve."

     "Because Junior Brother Yundi used only the cheapest spiritual gold for this refining, he could not withstand the excessively high explosive force.

     "So this Yin Yang Demon Breaking Gun can only be regarded as a semi-finished product of churn out large quantities without regard for quality, and its power may only be able to deal with Middle Foundation Establishment."

     Holy Lord nodded slightly, he still agrees with Shen Tian's statement, and Shen Tian's statement is actually a bit modest.

     Although this gun is relatively weak, if the opponent does not have full defense and several guns are fired at the same time.

     Even the monks of Late Foundation Establishment may fall in hatred when facing this thunderbolt gun.

     Such artifacts are only semi-finished products. Frankly speaking, the Holy Lord is rarely somewhat curious.Shen Tian continued to explain: "In fact, the best yin-yang demon-breaking spear should be made of high-strength spiritual gold with high-end defensive magic formation."

     "Such a magical weapon can fully carry the blasting power of several Yin-Yang Thunder Explosive Talisman, which is completely converted into the impact of bullets.

     "And the bullet can't use ordinary small steel balls, it's best to change it into a high-strength spiritual gold pointed cone."

     "If possible, engrave a set of miniature armor-piercing formations on this small pointed cone."

     Listening to Shen Tian's statement, the main body of Shenxiao Saint's body was fluctuating violently.

     As a holy master who cut off Seven Emotions Six Desires absolutely rational, he in the mind calculated the feasibility of Shen Tian's statement extremely fast.

     The Holy Lord of Shenxiao simulated such a magical artifact with his divine mind in the mind, and estimated the destructive power of the magical artifact.

     After a long time, he spoke slowly, and there was a hint of imperceptible excitement in his voice.

     "If the essence of profound iron is used, it should be able to meet the requirements of this magical implement."

     "If this is the case, this magical weapon may be able to break through the Golden Core Law Domain!"


     The so-called breaking the Golden Core Domain means breaking the Protective Domain of the strong Golden Core period.

     Unlike the Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator, which only condenses the foundation of the Fairy Way, the Golden Core Stage has already touched the law.

     The monks in this realm can condense different jurisdictions on the body surface according to the different Cultivation Techniques.

     It is difficult for monks below the Golden Core Stage to break this kind of jurisdiction and cause harm to the Golden Core Stage real person in the domain.

     If the Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator can still rely on massive secular troops to suppress hunts and kills, then Jindanqi has no fear of the secular.As the so-called a gold core swallowed into the abdomen, my life is involuntary, and this is the real person who really stepped into the immortal way!

      In general, it is difficult for Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator to exceed the level challenge golden core through formation and drawing.

     Only monks of the same level or even higher levels can draw expensive runes that kill the golden core.

     However, the god of the gods felt that if the full version of the sharp gun that Shen Tian conceived was practiced.

     In the future, it is really possible to realize that the disciple of Shenxiao has a gun in his hand, walks sideways below the golden core, and falls down with one shot if he refuses to accept it.

     At that time, the disciples of the Holy Land of Gods in the secret realm that can only enter the Golden Core Stage and below the cultivation base, will not only one branch of the tree is thriving?

      Thought until here, Rao is the one with the sky of the gods, one with the sky, the emotional state of mind, and can't help being somewhat agitated.

     He looked at Shen Tian: "Since you already have a solution, why not refine it?"

     Shen Tian spread out both hands: "Xuan Tie essence is too expensive, Junior Brother Yundi has no money."
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