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113 Let's Call Grandpa First! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

"It is not difficult to refine the yin and yang thunder and explosion talisman, this honor can be prepared to start refining when you go back."

     Jinlian Tianzun said indifferently: "But, this honor there is a question, I hope Senior Brother Shengzhu can give an explanation."

     Holy Master of Gods slowly nodded: "Junior sister, please."

     Jin Lian Tianzun glanced at the Lord Xiao Xiao, and hummed: "This honor remembers that in the ancestral precepts of this door, there is no requirement to marry a saint!"

     "Why this honor? I heard that a certain saint in this sect used his ancestral precepts to threaten Xi'er to accept him."

     "Even... there are even rumors that he has broken Xi'er's innocence?"

     Although the benefits involved in the Yin and Yang Thunder Explosion Talisman are indeed great, it does not mean that Jinlian Tianzun can sell his soul.

     Zhang Yunxi, the saint of the gods, regards her as her biological daughter as a general existence and will never allow her to be wronged!

     Especially this person who coveted Zhang Yunxi's beauty is still the son of his old enemy Yelanyu.

     While talking, Jin Lian Tianzun's gaze towards Shen Tian became more and more charming.

     But everyone who knows her knows that she is angry.

      Even the breath is a little quicker, and my heart is not calmed.

     Listening to Jin Lian Tianzun’s questioning, Shen Tian corner of the mouth twitches: "Did you misunderstand me?"

     Jin Lian Tianzun coldly snorted: "Misunderstanding? Do you dare to say that you did not force Xi'er to marry you by relying on the ancestral precepts?"

     Shen Tian said helplessly: "No."

     Jinlian Tianzun is close to Shen Tian, assaults the senses like Stormy Sea (dangerous situation): "You dare to say that you haven't broken Xier's chastity?"

     Shen Tian corner of the mouth twitches: "This one really doesn't."Jinlian Tianzun's momentum slowed down a little, and he looked at Shen Tian suspiciously: "Dare you say you didn't covet her beauty?"

     Shen Tian shook his head quickly: "I want to covet her, Divine Judgement!"

     Jinlian Tianzun was angry, and the long golden hair danced wildly: "You mean to look down on her?"

     Shen Tian wants to cry but doesn't have tears, he is wrong, he shouldn't reason with women.

     Especially this uncle, it seems that she is still the half mother of her.

     He turned his eyes for help to the Holy Master: "Master."


     In the thunder and fairy light, the Lord's voice slowly sounded: "Well, Junior Sister, Shen Tian did not force Xi'er to marry him."

     "And as far as I am concerned, Tian'er is so good and handsome, even if Xi'er herself is definitely willing."

     Jin Lian Tianzun coldly snorted, "how can it be, Xi'er is most disgusted with this kind of arranged Taoist couple."

     "In short, this honor has only one sentence, everything is easy to discuss, there is no way for this."

     "Although Xi'er is your daughter, this honor always treats her as her biological daughter."

     "Who Xi'er is willing to associate with her in the future is up to her own choice. No one can force her."

     "Otherwise, although this honor has not entered the sanctuary, there are some righteous daoists in the Eastern Wilderness who are willing to help."

     While talking, Jin Lian Tianzun looked at the Holy Master deeply: "Brother, you have cut off your lust, but don't cut off your conscience!"

     The Holy Master Shenxiao calmly said: "Where is this, sister, Tianer and Xier are perfectly clean, don't listen to the rumors spread by the disciples."

     "That's good," Jinlian Tianzun nodded, "That's the case, this honor will take my son back to Jinlianfeng Refining Equipment."After that, a silver pike shot out from Jinlian Tianzun's sleeve, which instantly wrapped Qin Yundi's whole body.

     Then she lifted Qin Yundi, who had been wrapped in layers, into a streak of golden light and went away.

     Qin Yundi: "Uhhhh, wú wú wú wúhhhh!"

     Jin Lian Tianzun walked indifferently: "Don't struggle, go home with mother obediently."

     Qin Yundi: "wú wú wú wú um um um!"

     Jinlian Tianzun calmly said: "Don't worry, you won't be forced to form a pill in the future."

     Qin Yundi: "Huh? Huh?"

     Jin Lian Tianzun nodded: "Yes, you don't want to concentrate on cultivating thunder method, and don't force it for your mother."

     "But after returning to the Golden Lotus Peak this time, I will teach you "The Mysterious Messing Sutra" for my mother. You must practice hard."

     Qin Yundi: "???"

     Jinlian Tianzun’s eyes flashed with bright light: "Ye Lan said that you fell so early, making this honor regret for a hundred years."

     "But don't think that you are dead, there is no difference between the victory and defeat between us, there is a next generation!"

     "My son, my mother wants you to all out cultivate, and try to fascinate Yun Xi."

     "It's an obsession to defeat Yelanyu's son."

     "Wei mother to hope one's son becomes a dragon, don't let me down!"

     Qin Yundi#: "Hmm!!!!"


     Jinlian Tianzun and Qin Yundi are gone, the holy lord and Shen Tian in the hall are Big eye stared at small eye.

     The holy lord nodded and said: "Tian'er has just entered this gate, and he made such a contribution, it is really rare."

     Glancing at the old Taoist priest next to him, the holy master said: "If you have merit, you need a reward. Whatever reward you want, just say it."Shen Tian looked at the Lord, somewhat grudgingly, I don’t want to be the Son, do you agree? Hey, no way.

     After thinking about it, Shen Tiandao: "Master, the disciple's cultivation level is still owed, and there is no treasure for body protection?"

     Shen Tian remembered that Venerable Ziyang had a Sword Venerable Order on his body before, and the thief was powerful.

     After inputting enough spiritual energy, he can actually release the avatar of the transformation stage.

     If the master can bestow a piece of this kind of treasure on this saint child, I can rest assured when I go out in the future.


     Doesn't Shen Tian have a sword master command?

     Haha, that token can burn at least three to five thousand spirit stones with one use.

     And after using it once, it takes several hours to re-absorb the spirit stone to recover the strength.

     As the so-called two hours of foreplay, the moment of launch, the lasting output is not enough.

     When there is some danger, it is still not enough safe.

     Let's ask Master for more defensive treasure!


     Listening to Shen Tian's request, the Holy Master of Shenxiao nodded: "It is rare that the Holy Son is so cautious!"

     After all, the Holy Master of Shenxiao waved his sleeve gently, and a black light flew out from the thunder fairy light.

     It fell in front of Shen Tian, and the black ray of light slowly dissipated, revealing its true appearance.

     Suddenly, Shen Tian's face collapsed: "Why is it a basalt shield again?"

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao shook his head: "Tian'er this statement is wrong, this is not a basalt shield."

     "This is the High Grade Spirit Tool basalt helmet, worth ten times more than the Middle Grade Spirit Tool basalt shield."

     "It is refined from the shell of the demon beast'Xuanming Demon Turtle' in the transformation stage, which can withstand the transformation stage attacks.""As long as Tian'er wears it on her body, even if the real Jin Danqi besiees you, it can be uninjured!"

     Looking at the heavy armor floating in front of him, exuding a faint black light, Shen Tianyou complained: "Thank you, Master."

     Hey, just keep it!

     Anyway, unless you encounter a mortal danger, this saint child will never wear this kind of armor.

     What, if you encounter mortal danger?

     That's not... ahem, let's talk about it then!

     The Holy Lord nodded slightly, and gave another golden token: "This is the Saint Child Order, and it is also the Pass Token of the Saint Child Peak."

     "If you hold this token, you can control all the formations in Shengzi Peak, and you can control Shengzi Peak."

     "Before you left in a hurry, now this seat will give you all!"

     "If you have nothing else to do, go back and practice magic weapons!"

     Shen Tian nodded: "The disciple retires."


     When Shen Tian left, there were only the Holy Lord and the old Taoist priests who were transparent throughout.

     At this time everyone left, and the old Taoist smiled on his face: "Ahem, Second Junior Brother, actually..."

     "Actually, brother, I can help go to the town for the refining of the yin and yang divine thunder."

     "As long as there are seniors, even if the saint-level powerhouse strikes, it is absolutely safe!"

     "Besides, you see, the saint son also cultivates the Fire Refining Technique."

     "This... Brother started to be the best at refining!"

     Looking at Elder Bilian with an expression of ‘expecting’ and ‘longing’ on his face, the main body of Shenxiao Saint showed that the fairy light was fluctuating violently.

     "Hē hē hē hē hē ~"

     "Brother, let's call grandpa to listen first."
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