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114 If I Regret It, It Is Your Grandson (fourth)!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Old Taoist#: "Zhang Longyuan, don't go too far."

     The celestial light on the surface of the holy subject regained calm with difficulty: "Where is too much?"

     Old Taoist: "Why not too much? I am your brother, your brother!"

     The saint looked at the old Taoist priest calmly: "This seat did not force you, it was the brother who swears by himself."

     Old Taoist: "I didn't swear, I just said without thinking, said without thinking!"

     The Holy Lord slowly stood up from the holy seat: "It's okay, that seat is gone."

     The old Taoist hurriedly stopped: "Don't, let brother... let the brother brew a little bit."

     A blue lotus flower slowly appeared in front of the old Taoist priest, blooming slowly, and then turned upside down.

     The re-closed lotus flower completely covered the old Taoist's face, like a blue lotus helmet.

     From the helmet, a low voice came: "Grandpa."

     The thunder celestial light on the Saint Main Body's watch fluctuates violently again: "I didn't hear clearly!"


     The green lotus exploded directly, and the old Taoist face turned red: "The surname is Zhang, you are bully intolerably!"

     The thunder celestial light on the sacred main body instantly recovered completely, and the voice also recovered indifferent: "Senior brother, don't worry."

     "Since the brother is so sincere and fulfills the original vow, then this seat allows the brother to teach Tian'er physical training!"

     The old Taoist grinned suddenly: "The Yin-Yang armor-breaking mine and the Yin-yang demon-breaking gun, can I help?"

     The Holy Master calmly said: "Can you help, brother himself, don't tell me there isn't a little number?"

     The old Taoist corner of the mouth twitch: "What does it mean, you with the surname Zhang, even I called that one!""You won't tell Senior Brother now, the benefits of a spirit stone won't be shared!"

     "Believe it or not, brother, I find someone to copy and grab business in minutes?"

     Holy Master Shenxiao said calmly: "Brother wouldn't do this."

     "Well, since brother, you want to contribute to the Holy Land so much."

     "Then this seat will give you a chance to participate in guarding the Golden Lotus Peak."

     "But in order to keep the armor-breaking mine and the demon-breaking gun secret, the senior has to promise three conditions."


     Three conditions?

     The old Taoist always felt like he had heard this somewhere.

     But this is not important!

     I'm so poor and crazy. If I really want to get a share of that big profit, 30 conditions are fine.

      Thought until here, the old Taoist hummed: "Junior Brother, tell me, what are the conditions?"

     The holy master said: "First of all, in order to prevent your brother from failing to check your mouth and accidentally leaking secrets, you must take Ji Yi Dan and forget the refining method of Yin and Yang Divine Thunder."

     The old Taoist nodded, the power of the yin and yang divine thunder is really useless to him: "No problem."

     The holy master continued: "Secondly, the brother must fully teach Shen Tianxinhuo's physical training."

     The old Taoist nodded: "No problem, I even taught him the best skills at the bottom of the box!"

     The Holy Master continued: "Third, in order to prevent brother from breaking your promise."

     "We want to accept the 2,000 spirit crystals of brother as collateral. If you refuse to teach Shen Tian, or hide privately, brother."

     "Then this seat will withdraw all the dividends given to you, and the 2000 spirit crystals will not be refunded."

     2000 spiritual crystals?The old Taoist's eyes stared like brass bells.

     Second Junior Brother, you ask me for money, I'm afraid it's not killing me!

     He snorted coldly: "What if you go back and regret it after I take Ji Yi Dan?"

     "By then, the 2000 spirit crystals will be given to you. I am not in a blood loss? And how much are you willing to pay me?"

     The Lord calmly said: "This seat can swear an oath to the heavens. If the brother agrees to the above three conditions, this seat will never repent."

     "As for the share, now 40% of the net profit goes to Tianer, 10% to Yundi, and 20% to Jinlian."

     "There is still 30% of the profit left, and brother can take half of it."

     Is 30% half of the profit?

     The eyeballs of the old Taoist gūlū gūlū turned, calculating how many spirit stones it was.

     After thinking about it, he clenched his teeth: "Okay, since brother swear an oath to the heavens, I believe you for my brother!"

     The ring containing 2000 spirit crystals that the Holy Master gave to the old Taoist priest before was thrown back to the Holy Master.

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao took the ring, and his spiritual mind carefully inspected the spirit stones in the ring: "300 missing."

     Old Taoist: "..."

     He reluctantly took out three hundred spirit stones and returned them to the Holy Master: "You must not go back."

     The voice of the man shrouded in the thundering fairy light was indifferent: "This seat has swear an oath to the heavens."

     After all, a gleaming spirit pill flew out of the thunder.

     That was the fifth-order Jieyi Pill, and its efficacy was very domineering.


     The old Taoist swallowed his saliva and swallowed the fifth step Jieyi Dan into his stomach.

     Suddenly, a strong light appeared from all over his body, and the memories within a day were rapidly disappearing.In the hall of the holy master, the holy master of Shenxiao looked at the voice of the old Taoist priest, and the thunder and immortal light fluctuated violently.

     The effect of Ji Yi Dan had a rapid onset, and after a while the old Taoist opened his eyes again.

     He stared at the Holy Master blankly: "Hey, why did I feel dizzy just now?"

     "Second Junior Brother, why is that kid Shen Tian missing? Where did he go?"

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao said: "I have given him the Saint Child Order, let him go to the Saint Child Peak to settle down."

     Old Taoist nodded: "Oh, no matter how much, Brother Ren brought it back for you."

     "Second Junior Brother, the 1,500 spiritual crystals and peaks you promised to Senior Brother, when will you give it to Senior Brother?"

     The Holy Master Shenxiao calmly said: "Anytime is fine, but please brother, please give me Longhupei for verification first!"

     The old Taoist nodded, reached out and touched his arms, the smile on his face quickly solidified.

     "Blessed, he is a god, the old way remembers clearly in his arms, I am!"

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao said indifferently: "Brother, have you lost the token of the Holy Master?"

     The old Taoist smiled awkwardly: "Ahem, Junior Brother, don't worry, I can get it back!"

     The Holy Master Shenxiao calmly said: "So many years, brother dropped a lot of things, have you found it?"

     The old Taoist corner of the mouth twitch feels skeptical of life. Since practicing the Fire Sutra, he has become more and more unlucky.

     Why did you lose even the Dragon and Tiger Pei this time? This thing is worth 1,500 Spirit Crystals and a Holy Land Spirit Peak!


     "Junior Brother, don't worry, I'll go to Longhupei, I will definitely get it back."

     The Holy Master Shenxiao said indifferently: "No, since Longhupei is not there, let's forget the transaction!""The new saint son of this school, Shen Tian, also cultivates the Fire-Fire Refining Technique. How about giving him a mantle?"

     At this time, the old Taoist lost the gods, dragons and tigers, and it hurts so much!

     Hearing that the Holy Master of Shenxiao didn't give him Lingfeng, and wanted him to be a coolie, he suddenly exploded.

     This guy is not only an extremely large krypton gold player, but also destined to be more and more unlucky.

     I was so old-fashioned that everything went wrong, and even Longhupei was lost. How about taking him as a disciple?

     "Senior brother, I am not in the mood to teach him physical exercises. I'm going to find Longhupei."

     The Holy Lord of Shenxiao looked at the old Taoist: "Oh, brother, sure you don't regret it?"

     The old Taoist turned around and walked away: "If I regret it, I am your grandson!"

     After all, the old Taoist priest has turned into a blue flame and escaped outside the Holy Master Hall.

     Suddenly, the Holy Main Hall fell into absolute silence again.


     The Holy Master of Shenxiao returned to the position of the Holy Master and sat down: "Hey, after refining, I don't like to use my brain."

     "Brother! Let you read more books, this is your unfulfilled condition."

     "This seat did not violate the oath, hē hē hē hē hē ~"
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