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115 Senior Brother, Senior Sister Was Bullied By The Holy Son
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Shenxiao Holy Land, Canglong Peak.

     This is the wood spiritual peak among the 36 spiritual peaks in the Holy Land.

     On this spiritual peak, there is no elder in the deity stage, but there is a Supreme Elder sleeping.

      At the same time, this is also the place for the daily retreat and double cultivation of the master brother Fang Chang and the second brother Zhang Yunting.

     Yes, the second brother Fang Chang of the Holy Land belongs to Jiamu, while the master brother Fang Chang is exceptionally talented, and the talent of Binghuowutu is superb.

     As the so-called Five Elements Mutual Subduing, Gengjin gives birth to Renshui, Renshui gives birth to Jiamu, Jiamu gives birth to C fire, C fire gives birth to Wutu, and Wutu gives birth to Gengjin.

     Therefore, just as Zhang Yunxi can assist Shen Tian, Zhang Yunting, who is of wood, is also the best support for the big brother Fang Chang.

     Although these two brothers are not siblings, they are like brothers, completely different from some two of the previous generation.

     This time they have been practicing in retreat for three months, in order to help Fang often break the wall.

      As everyone knows, the golden era is the watershed between genius and mediocrity.

     This realm is no longer divided into nine heavens like the refining realm, nor is it divided into the front, middle, back, and peak stages like the foundation stage.

     Jin Danqi pays attention to condensing Jin Dan in the foundation of Dao, and then continuously tempers and forges the law to make it after hard work and numerous revisions.

     With constant tempering, the golden core in the body will fade away the impurities and residues time and time again, and become stronger and harder.

     Just like ore iron, after hard work and numerous revisions, after hard work and numerous revisions, the residue is faded into steel, and the silkworm nirvana becomes a butterfly.

     Every time the golden core is broken and standing, there will be an extra god pattern on the body surface, and the strength of the monk will also produce qualitative transformation.

     This kind of penance is called ‘Golden Core Transformation’, and each time a monk breaks through is called a transformation.In general, as long as you successfully complete the 3rd round, you can start to try the broken pill to become an infant.

     However, the Nascent Soul Stage who was promoted in this way was only the weakest Venerable, and some Jindan Stage Tianjiao could even leapfrog a dozen.

     In addition, the Three Revolution Golden Pill was used to conceive Yuan Ying, the foundation of Yuan Ying is also very weak, it is difficult to make a breakthrough.

     It can be said that if Jin Dan fails to succeed in Rank 6, there is basically no hope of breaking through to the Transcendent God Realm.

     If the golden core can reach six ranks or more, it can be called a genius and can easily contend against weaker Yuan Ying.

     If Jin Dan can reach Rank 7 or more, it is Peerless Genius, which can be easily defeated in the face of the normal Yuan Ying period.

     In a dragon and a tiger in the Holy Land of Gods, in a unicorn, Zhang Yunting's brother and sister are the owners of Rank Seven Golden Core.

     And Fang Chang, who is known as the Qilinzi, is the eighth rank golden pill that is difficult to produce in a century of the Eastern Famine.

     Even in the Eastern Desolation Golden Core list, Fang Chang is also among the top three!

     This time Zhang Yunting and Fang Chang retreat to help him break through the final limit of the Golden Core Period: Rank Nine!

     Yes, Nine Revolutions Golden Pill, this is the universally recognized limit of Golden Pill in the world of cultivation, and it is the perfect realm of Golden Pill.

     Throughout the past thousand years of the Eastern Wilderness, to be able to really touch the peerless talent in the field of Nine Revolutions Golden Pill, it can be counted on one's fingers.

     If Fang Chang can really cast the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill with the incomplete God Xiao Lei Di Jing, it will become a legend.

     At that time, he may even compare to the monster ranked first on the Golden Core Ranking.

     Yes, the number one on the Golden Pill List is Qi Shaoxuan, the son of Purple Mansion Holy Land's.

     The monster who possesses the supreme fortune and drives the rise of the Holy Land with the fortune.Qi Shaoxuan is currently the only owner of the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill in the Eastern Wilderness, and is also the absolute number one on the Golden Pill List.

     Countless Xianmen seniors who have seen his great weather luck all expressed a common emotion: This son has the gift of the emperor!

     But Fang Chang has invincibility. He firmly believes that as long as he creates the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill, he will be no weaker than anyone!

     What about the shocking luck? I haven't experienced enough tempering, just greenhouse flowers.

     On the day when Fang achieves the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill, it will be the time to break his myth!


     At the back of Canglong Peak, there is a gentle black clothed male sits cross-legged with a guqin on his lap.

     He slowly fluctuated the strings, and the ethereal and graceful sound of the piano spread throughout the entire Canglong Peak, attracting countless spirit birds to hover.

      Even the spirit grass and spirit flower on the mountain seem to become greener and more vibrant.

     Behind him is a huge blue dragon vision hovering, it looks like an uncommon military might.

     Opposite him, sitting cross-legged was a burly man wearing a Golden Battle Armor.

     The man has strong features with a red flame dragon spear lying horizontally between his knees, and his entire body flashes with red gold electric lights.

     Behind him, there was a red sparrow fluttering, rendering half of the sky like a cloud of fire.

     On the other side of the sky, there is a golden unicorn vision emerging, stepping on the auspicious clouds seems to calm the power of Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire.

     At this moment, above the burly man's head, there was a golden yuan pill suspended, surrounded by red and gold divine light.

     The body surface of this golden core is engraved with eight god patterns, and the ninth god pattern has also faintly taken shape.

     The burly man takes a deep breath, and the red and golden light on the surface of the golden core is slowly restrained.The Suzaku and Kylin visions slowly submerged into the golden core, and then began to sink.

     When Jin Dan was completely submerged in the burly man, he opened his eyes: "Junior Brother has worked hard."

     In an instant, an incomparably large and powerful momentum rose into the sky, smashing all the clouds in the sky.

     Fang Chang held the Red Flame Dragon Spear in his right hand, and laughed: "The prototype of the god pattern has been condensed, the final push of the Ninth Revolution!"

      The black clothed male slowly got up, with an amiable and approachable smile on his face: "Congratulations, big brother."

     Fang Chang smiled and said, "Second Junior Brother, I remember your help to Senior Brother."

     "In the future, the holy land will select the holy son, and set full support for you, brother and brother."

     Zhang Yunting carried Guqin on his back and said peacefully: "Senior brother, don't want to laugh."

     "Yun Ting only ranks seventh on the Golden Core List. How can he be qualified to be the holy son of this sect?"

     "It's the brother who was ranked third on the Golden Core Ranking before, and now the Ninth Rank is about to become a legend."

     Fang Chang smiled and waved his hand: "Eh, brother this statement is wrong, brother, I have no interest in the position of the saint son of this door."

     "Furthermore, Junior Brother, you manage everything clear and orderly of your disciples. All the Junior Brothers are convinced. You are fully deserving, without any reservations in this position."

     "So don't refuse, the position of the saint son is yours. In the future, brothers will fully support you to become the next saint master."

     "Ahem, as long as the younger brother speaks a few good things for me in front of Xi'er, you can help as a brother."

     As he spoke, the face of this burly, rugged, and incomparable man turned red.


     There was helplessness on Zhang Yunting's face: "This, I have always said about Xier."Frankly speaking, Fang Chang is incomparably talented and unparalleled in combat power. Zhang Yunting respects this big brother from the heart.

     If Fang Chang can get Zhang Yunxi's heart and turn from a big brother to a little brother-in-law, Zhang Yunting would be very happy to see it happen.

     It's a pity that in their old Zhang family, Zhang Yunting didn't have much weight at all!

     In front of Zhang Yunxi more than once, he praised how strong and honest the big brother is.

     But Zhang Yunxi will always be an answer, that is, she is dedicated to cultivating immortals without looking for a Taoist companion.

     In this regard, there is no way to be a brother.

     Fang Chang smiled and said: "We have been in retreat for many days, quite tired. Junior brother, let's go out and rest for a few days, and then break through the fighting spirit aroused by the first roll of drums!"

     Zhang Yunting nodded: "This retreat is to help the seniors break through, and everything depends on the seniors."

     The two adjusted their breaths on the spot, stabilized their own state, and walked outside Canglong Peak side by side.

     The moment the two had just walked out of the Canglong Peak restriction, a silhouette rushed over.

     "Big Brother, Second Brother, you are finally out."

     "Senior Sister was bullied by the new Saint Son!"
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