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117 Improved Magic Weapon, Lotus Shot Gun
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Originally, Shen Tian could not call the real five elements of yin-yang Hunyuan divine thunder, and could only be transformed by the five thunder Zhengtian tactics.

     But after Daoji condensed, Shen Heaven's Power was upgraded from spiritual power to mana, which was completely different.

     He felt that the five elements of yin-yang Hunyuan Shen Lei at the center of his eyebrows had also become well-behaved.

     Shen Tian slowly closes the eyes, a golden rays of light flickering between his eyebrows.


     The five thunder Zhengtian seals quickly formed with both hands, Shen Tian loudly shouted.

     Suddenly the golden thunder jumped out from his brow.

     As if opening the eyes of the sky, steeply shooting golden light.

     On the surface of his body, thunder was also condensed.

     These thunders are golden, full of honor and magnificence.

     Shen Tian could feel the power and Supreme Existence of this thunder essence.

     He takes a deep breath and a full-body violet-gold hammer appears in his right hand.

      The golden thunder followed Shen Tian's hand into the purple gold hammer, making the whole hammer shiny.

     At this moment in control of mana and the Hunyuan Divine Thunder, Shen Tian felt that the Zijin Hammer had changed in his hands.

     He seemed to feel the emotion of the Zijin Hammer, and the hammer that had fallen from the spirit weapon seemed to be recovering.

     It merges with the origin of the Hunyuan God Thunder, and the purple golden-light halo on the body is rapidly becoming stronger, and the hammer body is also rapidly becoming larger.

     Soon, the Zijin Hammer, which was originally only about a foot in size, turned out to be as big as a person, and it seemed to be domineering.

     "Interesting, so this is your True Form?"

     Shen Tian takes a deep breath, squeezing the purple gold hammer firmly with both hands, suddenly lifted it up.The golden thunder shot on the surface of Zijin Hammer and Shen Tian. At this moment, he was like God of Thunder Descend to Earth.

     Shen Tian suddenly jumped from the stone of enlightenment, and the huge hammer slammed into the ground aside, his anger was over the world.


     I only heard a loud sound, and the purple gold hammer hit heavily on the ground.

     In the next second, a light halo shot out from the ground, which swung away like water waves.

     This is the defensive grand array of Shengzifeng, which protects the vegetation and trees on Shengzifeng.

     When the defensive grand array is turned on, it is difficult for the Golden Core monks to leave obvious marks on the ground.

     However, when Shen Tian's hammer fell, he actually bombed an obvious dirt pit the size of a basin on the ground.

     What does this show?

     This shows that the destructive power of Shen Tian's hammer has surpassed many Jin Dan stage human-level powerhouses.

     For a monk who just broke through to the foundation building period, this is simply unimaginable explosive power.

     If it is so powerful, it will shock countless Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivators. This is extraordinary!

     Of course, after hitting this hammer, Shen Tian emptied his body not surprisingly.

     The Zijin Hammer slowly returned to its original size, and Shen Tian also slowly squatted down.

     Oops, it doesn't work, it consumes too much spiritual power and is a little tired.

     It seems that the battle of Hun Yuan Shen Lei's blessing broke out completely, and it is still a bit difficult, and can only be used as a hole card!

     Shen Tian thought secretly in his heart, but after all, having one more hole card is better than nothing.

     Think about it, certain enemies who are good at speed have avoided Renshui palm thunder, and escaped the long-range attack of the Yin-Yang Demon Breaking Gun.When he was full of anticipation and joy of victory, he crazily approached Shen Tian and prepared to take away.

     He desperately discovered that the opponent was not a shooter, but a half-flesh fighter.

     At that time, the other party's mentality must have exploded.

     In fact, the holy son is best at hand-to-hand combat.

     Are you surprised or surprised?


     Shen Tian put away the purple gold hammer and took out the spirit stone from Cangming Ring to restore consumption.

     At this moment, there was a wave of fluctuations in the Saint Child Order, and a disciple applied to enter the mountain gate.

     Shen Tian entered the mana into the Shengzi Ling, and a hologram screen appeared above the Shengzi Ling.

     It was a blond boy with beautiful face, narrowing eyes, and looked very gentle.

     Yes, this person is Qin Yundi, a man who is addicted to research in the world of immortality.

     But I don't know if it is an illusion, Shen Tian always feels something is wrong with him.

     This product looks a bit different from before.

     Well, it may be the illusion caused by Ben Shengzi!

     Shen Tian urged Shengzi Ling to open a hole in the Shengzi Peak formation.

     Immediately, Qin Yundi walked in with his sword, and soon appeared in front of Shen Tian with a face full of worship.

     "Senior Brother Shen, the minecraft and the improved version of the demon-breaking spear you mentioned have been refined. Look."

     After all, the ring in Qin Yundi's hand flickered, and a golden cauldron and a short spear appeared in front of Shen Tian.

     The whole body of this big tripod is golden, with Supreme Ultimate Yin-Yang Chart engraved on it, and there are hundreds of grooves on the surface.

     Qin Yundi said: "Brother, I thought about it after I went back, instead of letting my disciple send Thunder.""It's better to portray a large thunder formation directly on the tripod and convert the aura into electricity."

     "Mother Venerable tried according to my suggestion and refined this Yin-Yang tripod."

     "Brother, look, does this match meet the requirements you mentioned?"



     Hearing Qin Yundi's introduction, Shen Tian couldn't help taking a high look at the kid.

     It is indeed Cultivation World’s Lord Lavoisier, who will improve on this invention of the Son?

     Shen Tian nodded: "In this case, brother, you can demonstrate it, let me see the effect!"

     Qin Yundi seriously un'ed, smiled and came to the golden cauldron, inlaid the spirit stones into the groove.

     Then, he stuffed a chapter of Qi Gathering Charm into the lid of the Jinding, and then sealed the Jinding.

     As Qin Yundi inputs a trace of mana, he activates the formation in the Primal Chaos Yin and Yang tripod.

     Suddenly the whole Cauldron began to vibrate gently, and there was a faint burst of thunder.

     After a few breaths, a thunder talisman radiating divine light shot out from the cauldron.

     Shen Tian put away the thunder talisman, then shot it towards the ground aside, and then activated the detonating array.


     A violent explosion sounded, and there were no big cracks on the ground, but the energy impact swept through.

     Judging by the intensity of this energy tide, Shen Tian can probably determine that the power of this talisman is not weaker than before.

     This shows that Jinlian Tianzun's Refining Level is really good, and even a fully automatic Thunder Talisman production machine has been developed.Shen Tian smiled and said, "not bad not bad. With this magic weapon, both manufacturing efficiency and confidentiality can be greatly improved."

     Qin Yundi eyes narrowing said: "Yes, so Yundi deliberately took one from Jinlian Peak and gave it to brother."

     "In the future, brother, if you need to refine the Yin-Yang Thunder Explosive Talisman, you can mass-produce it at any time."

     As he said, Qin Yundi looked at Shen Tian expectantly: "Brother, do you think how is it?"

     As long as Senior Brother Shengzi can like the gift given this time, he can occasionally point Mercury to the Grand Dao of Yin-Yang in the future.

     Qin Yundi felt that this time he didn't hide the magic weapon from his mother and gave it to Senior Brother Shengzi without losing money.

     After all, Qin Yundi still prefers research compared to Lingshi.

     Shen Tian put Primal Chaos Yin and Yang Ding into the Cangming Ring and nodded: "Junior Brother, you are interested."

     After that, Shen Tian's gaze fell on the short gun on the ground again: "This is the improved Demon Breaking Gun?"

     Qin Yundi picked up the short gun and handed it to Shen Tian: "Junior brother, this is made by the mother with the essence of Ten Thousand Years Profound Iron."

     "Compared with the ordinary Yin Yang Demon Breaking Gun, this gun is much more powerful, and it can fire continuously."

     "Mother Zun specially gave this gun a unique name-Lotus Shot Gunner!"
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