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118 Harmony Is The Most Important Thing
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Shen Tian took this short gun and examined it carefully.

     But I saw that this short gun was about three feet long and was dark in color.

     However, the tip of the spear is golden, and the shape is like an unopened Golden Lotus.

     This gun is engraved with mysterious Taoist patterns, immeasurably mysterious, which is not an ordinary magic weapon at first glance.

     Qin Yundi said: "Brother, this ten thousand years of profound iron essence is many times more precious than ordinary profound iron essence."

     "This short gun is made with the essence of ten thousand years of profound iron, and it is extremely hard and can withstand the detonation of several thunder and explosion charms."

     "There are a hundred thunder exploding talisman hidden in the gun body. Every time the brother activates the detonation formation, he will detonate five of the thunder exploding talisman."

     "At this time, the Golden Lotus will be in full bloom, shoot out the nail inscribed with the destructive array method at the bud, and instantly kill the enemy."

     "At the same time, the second Destroying Nail hidden in the gun body will be sent out by the formation and reclosed in the lotus flower."

     "As long as the elder brother activates the detonation formation again, then the second sacred nail will be launched."

     "If the opponent is unprepared, even the third round of Golden Core Expert may directly drink hate."

     Qin Yundi said that the three-turn Golden Core Expert is also commonly known as the Late Stage Golden Core expert.

     Among the Golden Core monks, this level is already considered to be the stronger.

     Listening to Qin Yundi's explanation of the use of the lotus shot gun, Shen Tian couldn't help but sigh.

      has to say In the world of cultivating immortals, there are various spells as assistance, and technological advancement is really easy.

     I just told these guys that the electrolysis of water can produce Yin-Yang Energy, and then pointed them a research direction.As a result, in just half a month, these guys have even produced a full Automatic Production Line and 20 semi-automatic assault rifles.

     Qin Yundi continued: "There are a total of 20 Destroying God Nails in this gun, all of which are inscribed with the Royal Object Array."

     "After the brother solves the strong enemy, he can also directly take it back with the formation method and use it after reinstalling."

     "In addition, this gun itself is also a weapon of the Middle Grade Spirit Tool grade, and it is extremely powerful."

     "After brother dropping the blood to recognize master, he can also use this gun as a flying sword to kill the enemy."

     "When the opponent relax vigilance, he suddenly triggered an array to attack."

     "So, can perhaps do sth when least expected."


     Seeing Qin Yundi, who had a smile on his face and narrowed his eyes, he was shocked.

     Junior Brother, Junior Brother, originally I thought you were a tech house with no scheming, didn't expect you!

     As if seeing the meaning in Shen Tian's expression, Qin Yundi quickly explained.

     "Senior brother, don't misunderstand, this is what the mother said during the refining."

     "I also think that this kind of magical weapon is a bit ugly."

     Shen Tian smiled and said, "What is so bright about the magic weapon?"

     "It's not the method of offend Heaven and reason to refine evil magical instruments. Junior brothers don't need to be attached."

     Speaking of Shen Tian operating mana, he forced a drop of blood from his index finger and dropped it on the spear.

     Suddenly, a bright light flickered, and Shen Tian felt that he had an extra connection with the fingertips of this short gun.


     Shen Tian pinched the method, and suddenly the Lianshe sharp spear shook slightly.Shen Tian tried to shoot a sharp spear with the mana Imperial Envoy Lotus, but found that it was not difficult at all.

      After dropping the blood to recognize master, this sharp gun is like one's own limbs, very flexible.

     Shen Tian controlled the lotus gun to turn the spear head and slowly aimed at a huge boulder next to it.


     With a soft sound, the lotus shot spear vibrated slightly, and the lotus on the head of the spear blossomed one by one, (of houses, scenery etc) magnificent.

     But the Divine Nail that was originally embedded in the lotus flower instantly turned into a golden rays of light and penetrated the huge boulder of Zhang Xu.

     Immediately afterwards, the divine nail hit the Mountain Protecting Great Formation on the ground, and instantly penetrated the Mountain Protecting Great Formation into a hole.

     The nails burrowed deep into the earth. Although they were not as powerful as Shen Tian's hammer hit, their penetrating power still exceeded.

     Shen Tian secretly admired a good gun and used his magic power to recall the sharp spear and the god nail and install it.


     "Junior Brother Yundi, why is the gun refined by Senior Uncle Jinlian so short?"

     Shen Tian bumped the lotus shot gun, although its rank was higher than the Zijin Hammer.

     But for monks below Jin Dan, the power difference is really not that big.

     In close combat, Shen Tian still likes Zijin Hammer in comparison.

     After all, in close combat, an inch is long and an inch is strong. Overwhelming majority men don't like to fight with a gun that is too short.

     The Zijin Hammer is a powerful weapon that has weight and satisfaction in battle.

     Especially when matched with Hunyuan Divine Thunder, it is almost bursting!

     So Shen Tian didn't quite understand why this gun was so short.Upon hearing Shen Tian's question, Qin Yundi weird expression: "Senior brother likes spears?"

     "The mother said that the lotus shot gun is mainly used for long-range attack, so flexibility and speed are the priority."

     "If it is refined into a zhangba long spear, it will no longer be flexible when manipulating it, but to invert root and branch instead."

     "The three-foot short gun is light and light, and adjusts the direction quickly. The mother thinks this size is the most suitable."

     "Of course there is still one reason, that is the price of the essence of Ten Thousand Years Profound Iron...cough cough, so I have to save some use."

     Shen Tian realisation: "so that's how it is, but the brother has not considered it well, this gift I like it very much."

     Hearing Shen Tian's approval, Qin Yundi smiled at eyes narrowing: "Senior brother likes that."

     With that, Qin Yundi's eyeballs under his eyelids were slightly revolved.

     He felt that it was time to ask the teacher again, Grand Dao of Yin-Yang.

     After all, the brother can make the Holy Land develop such a powerful weapon with just a few words, and his understanding of the Grand Dao of Yin-Yang must be extraordinary and refined.

     Qin Yundi has been considering recently, without any means, to further amplify the power of the god of yin and yang.

     But he encountered a bottleneck and wanted to get the guidance of his senior.

     That bottleneck should be pierced soon!


     Qin Yundi was about to speak when he suddenly heard a supersonic shout from the sky in the distance.

     "Shen Tian, you despicable shameless person, you actually bullied junior sister Yunxi through the training of your ancestors!"

     "If you have the ability to come out and fight Fang Mou, Fang Mou wants to see what you have the ability to serve as the son of this sect!"As soon as the voice fell, he saw a red golden divine light burst out of the sky, and a man wearing a golden holy armor and holding a red flame dragon spear shot out.

      Behind him, the huge Suzaku and unicorn visions rendered the sky, arrogantly exuding extremely domineering weather.

     Yes, this person is the strongest among the contemporary disciples of Shenxiao Holy Land, Senior Brother Jindan of Rank 8: Fang Chang!

     However, he was angry when he stood straight, with horizontal eyebrows erected, and coming straight towards Shengzifeng where Shen Tian was.

     And behind him, there is a handsome black clothed male with anxious look on his face.

     "Big brother, don't be impulsive, everyone is the same brother."

     "Harmony is to be prized, everything harmony is to be prized!"

     Cloud Hall
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