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121 Brother Shengzi, Everyone Hopes
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Fang Chang said with a bitter face: "Honored Master above, can the disciple not copy the rules and change to another criminal law?"

     Holy Master Shenxiao said calmly: "5000 times."

     Fang Chang corner of the mouth twitch: "Master, I..."

     Lord's voice has no emotions: "8000 times."

     Fang Chang hurriedly said: "Master, I mean there is no objection to your punishment, 5000 times, 5000 times is enough."

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao was slightly nodded and looked at Shen Tian calmly: "Tian'er, how are you practicing lately?"

     Shen Tian bowed slightly: "Thank you, Master, because I just broke through to the foundation building stage today."

     As soon as his words were spoken, controversy was immediately set off around the Shengzi Peak.

     What, Brother Shengzi's cultivation base just broke through to the foundation building stage?

     With such a cultivation base, why should he serve as the holy son of the gods?

     Why do other disciples convinced in heart and by word?

     All of a sudden, the disciples under Shengzi Peak talked in whispers.

     Shen Tian raised his lips slightly, and he was very happy to see it happen.

     Protest, it is best for all True Disciple to jointly submit a letter to the Holy Lord to protest.

     In this way, perhaps under pressure, the Holy Lord would allow Shen Tian to resign from the position of Saint Son.

     Shen Tian was thinking wishful thinking in his heart, but the Holy Master of Shenxiao stood proudly in the void and said calmly.

     "Very well, Tianer, although you have a thorough understanding of Yin-Yang Dao, and your realm is far-reaching, you still need a pragmatic foundation."

     "According to legend, Ancient Era, there are human sages to be carried by heaven, the Great Way of Enlightenment, the golden pill of Chaojie, and the heavenly immortal at night!""I hope that you can break through the extreme like Antiquity Supreme, gather the foundation of the supreme path, and lead the rise of this door in the future."

     As soon as the words of the Holy Lord of Shenxiao came out, there were a lot of True Disciple looking thoughtful, and the discussion became more enthusiastic.

     "I'll go and lead this door to rise? The holy lord's meaning sounds a bit scary!"

     "The past saints have worked hard to cultivate at most, and don't lose their face."

     "How high is the talent of this newly-appointed Saint Child Brother, so that the Holy Master thinks that he is qualified to lead the rise of this school?"

     "In the presence of so many people, we said that the newly appointed Brother Shengzi has hope to lead the rise of this school in the future."

     "Does this mean not surprisingly, this Brother Shengzi will be the future Saint Lord?"

     "Chaojie Jindan, Xicheng Tianxian, Is Ancient Era really such a pervert?"

     "Listen to the holy lord, is it possible that the newcomer Shengzi brother is also such a person?"

     "So Brother Shengzi, has built the strongest foundation in the world?"

     "I'm really curious about the Peerless Supreme Talent, who built the strongest foundation, how powerful!"

     "Do you think that the Saint Child has just broken through the foundation building stage, can he defeat the strong Jindan stage?"

     "Since it is Highest Paragon, it must be superb. I think it should be able to hit Yuan Ying!"

     "Well, Shengzi didn't seem to even bother to take a shot personally when facing Brother Fang Chang. He only won with a big battle."

     "This girl thinks that Shengzi must be far better than Brother Fang Chang. It's nothing difficult to fight Yuan Ying!"

     "Although it is incredible, if the talent of the Son is really as powerful as Antiquity Supreme, it may not be impossible.""After all, the ancient sages made golden pills in the dynasty and entered the heavens at night. This sounds much more difficult than building a foundation to fight Yuan Ying."

     "The Son is great, not only does he look like an immortal, but he also has such a supreme talent."

     "Building a foundation to fight Yuan Ying, I really envy the saint, such a Taoist couple must feel safe!"


     Yes, if you say you can do it, you can do it or not.

     In just a few words, the Holy Master Shenxiao directly took the building crooked.

     After the disciples of these gods and holy land, they all firmly believed that Shen Tian could build a foundation to fight Yuan Ying.

     Shen Tian wanted to laugh at this, are you kidding Ben Shengzi? This how can it be!

     During the foundation building period, I was asked to fight Yuanying. When I reach the golden core period, will I go to fight the fairy king?

     It's ridiculous, now I can only play Late Stage Golden Core at best!

     For the worship of everyone, Shen Tian was not at all triumphant.

     On the contrary, he felt unprecedented malice.

     I was originally a weak chicken in the foundation construction period, and I did it well.

     In the future, some people really want to be disadvantageous to themselves, and they may send a golden pill.

      In that case, Shen Tian took a set of black rhino armor and mixed yuan purple gold hammer directly.

     But after today, I am afraid that everyone will know that he Shen Tianzhu will be invincible in battle.

     If someone tries to attack him in the future, even if he doesn't send a god transformation stage, he still has to be the best in the soul!

     At that time, how would he develop wretchedly and steadfastly continue in this immortal cultivation world?

     Holy Master Master, this bad old man, is simply too bad, you have no conscience!The Lord Shenxiao didn't know the resentment in Shen Tian's heart, he said.

     "In addition, I will announce another important news today."

     "That's Shen Tian, the holy son of this sect, who instructs Jin Lianfeng Chief Discipline Qin Yundi to improve the refining method of Thunder Burst Talisman."

     "As a result, the school developed a new type of Yin-Yang Thunder Explosive Talisman, which is several times more powerful than ordinary Thunder Explosive Talisman."

     "The price is only half of the price of the previous Thunder Explosion Talisman, and the 20% discount is still on sale recently."

     "If you need it, you can buy it at Jinlianfeng starting tomorrow."


     If you say something about the Lord Shenxiao, it was a boulder dropped in the pond.

     Then the news of the yin and yang thunder exploding talisman is like dropping a nuclear bomb into that pond and detonating it.

     Suddenly, all the disciples outside Shengzifeng boiled, and the conversation and discussion made the atmosphere instantly hot.

     "Let me go, the power is several times stronger than the ordinary thunderbolt? Isn't that equivalent to the Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator's full shot?"

     "Is there really such a thunder explosion? The price is only half the market price, plus 20% off, isn't it equivalent to a 40% discount?"

     "If our Holy Land's Thunder Explosion Talisman are so cheap, we can go out to practice hunting monsters in the future, it will be much safer."

     "The new saint son is truly gifted, and Brother Yundi can only increase his power by a few percent after studying So many years."

     "Shengzi has just started, and he can directly help Senior Brother Yundi to increase the power of the Thunderburst Talisman several times."

     "It seems that the Holy Lord is right. Brother Shengzi must be the legendary Young Supreme Being!"

     "It doesn't matter to us who is the saint son, but it is so useful to improve the thunder burst!""Senior Brother Shengzi is great. Not only is he handsome, he is also so wise!"

     "Too envious of Senior Sister Yun Xi, it really takes advantage of the ancestral training!"

     "Brother serving as the son of the saint is simply fully deserving, without any reservations!"

     "Support Brother Shengzi, long live Brother Shengzi!"


     If the Holy Master said that Shen Tian had supreme talent before, it just shocked everyone and barely recognized Shen Tian.

     So at this time, the news of the yin and yang thunder bursting symbol was officially exposed by the holy master, which made everyone eager.

     After all, no matter how talented your holy child is, no matter how strong your cultivation base is, it will not benefit my ordinary disciple.

     But you can reduce the cost of killing monsters through experience and let the disciples be better armed.

     Then disciples will be safer and practice better when they go out for trials.

     In this case, even if this holy son has no cultivation skills, so what?

      at all times and in all places The people who win the hearts of the people win the world, why not!


     At this moment, Shen Tian was stunned.

     He felt like he hadn't done anything, so why did he suddenly become an idol of the whole family?

     At this moment, Gui Bo was happy.

     His Royal Highness has only become a saint son, and he is supported by so many brothers, which is great!

     At this moment, Bi Lian was stupid.

     As soon as he arrived at Jinlian Peak, he heard the second brother announce the heavy news.

     What, this kid just improved the Thunder Explosion Talisman when he entered the Holy Land?

     I go, how much money can that holy land give him!

     So old, did I miss something?
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