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122 I Am Willing To Compete With You On A Fair Basis!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Feeling the enthusiasm of many disciples under Shengzi Peak, and then looking at Fang Chang with a grudge on his face, Shen Tian wiped his sweat helplessly.

     The saint son wanted to stay peacefully on the mountain, waiting for the Mahayana period to practice before going out.

     Why do people come to make trouble at every turn? The halo on his head is already green!

     And the Holy Master, can you be lighter when you play disciples?

     Also hope that Young Supreme Being will condense to the strong road base belt holy land rise?

     Why don't you want me to condense the supreme bones and upgrade the holy ground to heaven!

     How to do how to do?

     Shen Tian's eyes wandered around the crowd, thinking about ways to reduce his sense of existence.

     The holy lord has blown his talents to the heavens and the earth, what if someone kicks the restaurant?

     At that time, when he, the "rare and unparalleled son of the ancient well," he was beaten by other geniuses every minute?


     You can first greatly increase the strength of other True Disciples in the Holy Land of Gods, and let them meet dangers and challenges later!

     What, you have to challenge this son?

     First go with the one who has suffered defeat (at my hands) Fang Chang.

     If you can't even fight Fang Chang, you are not qualified to challenge me.

      Thought until here, Shen Tian felt that he had to promote Fang Chang and the others.

     After all, what if the challenger really defeats Fang Chang, and then continues to challenge Ben Shengzi?

      Thought until here, Shen Tian slowly walked out of Shengzifeng and bowed to the Lord of Shenxiao: "Master."

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao nodded: "Tian'er, your improved Thunder Burst Talisman made a great contribution to this school, what do you want to say?"Shen Tian calmly said: "Enlighten Master, the disciple does have a request, and I hope Master can agree."

     The Lord’s voice from the Lightning Celestial Light rang out: "there is no harm in saying what one thinks, for the teacher."

     Before hearing what Shen Tian's request was, the Holy Master Shenxiao directly agreed.

     This kind of preference made Fang Chang's mentality split.

     Why should I practice so hard, Master has always been dissatisfied with me.

     The new saint son had just worshipped in the holy land, but the master loved him so much.

     Is it because this guy has a majestic appearance, heroic and dashing, personable, and peerless appearance?

     This is not fair!

     At this moment, Fang was sour.

     He sneered at Shen Tian and sneered.

     Others often want to see what the new saint son has requested.

     Under the gaze of everyone, Fang Chang finally said, "Master thinks that what is the most important thing for this school to grow?"

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao said calmly: "Cultivation of immortals can't be done by law, companionship, wealth, and land, and the cultivation method is the first."

     Fang Chang nodded: "My school has been declining for thousands of years because of the loss of taboos."

     "The loss of the final chapter of the Lei Di Sutra has prevented all the tianjiaos of this family from the Lei Fa Supreme boundary.

     "As a result, the genius who was able to impact the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill can only aggravate himself to reside in the Eighth Rank Golden Pill."

     "The Heavenly Lord, who had hoped to successfully survive the thunder tribulation and become a world-shattering saint, was only one step away from falling under the tribulation."

     "Now that the forbidden chapter of the Godly Emperor Lei Di Sutra has been found, the disciples courageously plead with Master to give full play to this method!"Fang Chang's words haven't been finished yet, the immortal light on the main body of Shenxiao Sheng has clearly fluctuated: "Do you know what are you saying?"

     "The supreme taboo chapter of the Lei Di Sutra of this door is transformed into a robbery, and only the Son and the Saint are qualified to practice."

     "This is the ancestral precept, do you mean that you want this seat to violate the ancestral precept and spread the taboo?"

     Fang Chang put a bold face on it and said: "It's not spreading, but choosing the arrogant and the strong."

     "Master, among the thirty-six spiritual peaks of the main gate, there are many masters who are close to the Shouyuan who hang their lives on the spiritual peak."

     "Although the qi of the spiritual veins can barely delay the aging of the masters, it only treats the symptoms but not the root cause."

     "These ancestors dedicated their lives to the Holy Land, they are the most loyal elders of the school, if they can teach them the Supreme Dharma."

     "They are likely to make another breakthrough, so that their lifespan will be greatly increased to protect their own family for thousands of years, and their strength will also grow rapidly."

     "There are also some talented princes like Junior Brother Fang Chang and Junior Brother Yun Ting, but due to an unexpected turn of events, they haven't been able to ascend the position of Saint Child."

     "If they weren't born at the same age as their disciples, their talents and talents would definitely be qualified to be the saints of this sect."

     "But just because the holy land does not know the rules set thousands of years ago, it missed the Supreme Inheritance."

     "This undoubtedly makes their immortal foundations impossible to build to the level of perfection."

     "The embankment of a thousand miles was destroyed by an ant's nest, maybe it will be a little bit worse in the future on Emperor Lu Xiantu!"

     "Therefore, the disciples feel that the ancestral instruction is the instruction of the ancient ancestors, not necessarily suitable for the current status of the holy land.""The disciple dared to ask the respected master to pass on the Dharma in an unusual way. If it violates the ancestral precepts, the disciple is willing to resign from the position of saint son to show his rebellious punishment!

     After hearing Shen Tian's words, the Holy Master of Shenxiao said: "Chi'er, you know that this request is not good for you."

     The reason why there is a taboo in the Holy Land that the Supreme Law does not pass on people other than the Son is to check and balance.

     The cultivation method of the Holy Son is completely superior to that of the same generation, and he can always be unique.

     In this way, the other disciples in the Holy Land will be delighted to (do sth, idiom) and submit cheerfully.

     If everyone's Cultivation Technique is the same, then other disciples may have a great chance to surpass the holy son.

     By then, the authority and the right to speak of that saint son in these hundred years may be greatly challenged.

     Although Shen Tian's proposal could indeed increase the strength of the Holy Land in a short period of time, it would only hurt him.

     For a while, everyone's eyes focused on Shen Tian, shocked and incomprehensible.

     And Shen Tian thought for a while, and slowly said, "The disciple doesn't want to be the phoenix in the chicken coop."

     "If possible, I hope that everyone in the holy land is like a dragon, and everyone can prove the way of immortality."

     "If Brother Fangchang cultivates the taboo after practicing the taboo, he will be invincible among the same rank."

     "That disciple is willing to transfer the position of the holy son to him, no regrets!"


     Shen Tian proudly stands on the Shengzi Peak, word by word if thrown on the floor, it will make a sound resounding powerful.

     For a while, Qin Yundi was dumbfounded, Zhang Yunting was dumbfounded, and Fang Chang was even more dumbfounded.

     All the disciples under Shengzi Peak were dumbfounded, they looked up at the Shen Tian reflected by the thunder light.At this moment, Shen Tian's whole body seemed to be radiating light, a light that made them feel ashamed of one's inferiority!

     Qin Yundi's face was full of admiration and admiration, Zhang Yunting secretly admired, and Fang Chang was stunned.

     Frankly speaking, Fang Chang has a peculiar talent, and since he worshiped in the Holy Land of Gods, he has not served a few people.

     Holy Master Master counts one, Master Bilian counts one, and there is no one else in addition.

     However, today, that form on Shengzi Peak came into his mind.

     In Fang Chang's heart, his thoughts seemed to be overturning seas and rivers and generally unstable.

     "He actually suggested that Master teach me the taboo chapters of the Lei Di Sutra, could it not be worried about threatening his status after I break through?"

     "If my strength surpasses him after practicing the taboo method, I am willing to give up the position of the saint child, so arrogant and confident!"

     "Finally, he said unwilling to do the phoenix in the chicken coop, he prefers the holy land to be like a dragon!"

     "Okay! What a holy land of hope, everyone is like a dragon, with great and great vigor!".

     "Shen Tian, you guy is worthy of my approved rival in love!"

     "From now on, I am willing to compete fairly with you junior sister!"
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