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123 This Great Opportunity Is Not Easy!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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words exceede 5100However, when the Holy Master of Shenxiao said, ‘I want to call the elders for discussion’, his attitude was clear.

     Because now in the Holy Land, there are only three people including the Holy Lord, the Holy Woman and Shen Tian.

     They are vested interests, and other elders and Supreme Elder are not qualified to practice.

     If Sect Elder is really called for discussion, this proposal will most likely be passed.

     It's hard to say by then, at least the taboo chapters will be made public for hundreds of years.

     If this is the case, then the strength of Core Disciple, the Holy Land of Gods in recent generations, will increase step by step.

     But at the same time, the authority of the Holy Lord among the elders and the authority of the Holy Son among the disciples will also be challenged.

     It can be said that if it is not for a leader with grandeur and great confidence, he would not dare to make such a decision.

     Holy Master Shenxiao considers himself this kind of leader, and his disciple Shen Tian is also.

     Coupled with the cultivation of the Taoist Sutra, he is indeed not a pedantic person.

     Therefore, he decided to try to promote some reforms!

     Even others can practice the Supreme Dharma so what?

     The power of this seat made you become a holy master, and you will be able to do so in the future.

     The disciple of this seat is the Child of Fate, and he will not be weaker than anyone!


     At this moment, looking at the holy lord floating in void like a thunder god, and the Shen Tian standing proudly on the peak of the holy child like an immortal.

     Many disciples under the mountain gradually became fascinated. They seemed to see a brand-new New Era, and the curtain was opened here.

     Fang Chang slowly squeezed his fists: "Wait for the ninth revolution of my golden core, I will definitely defeat you!"At this moment, a huge white tiger vision condensed in the distant sky.


     The sound shake heaven and earth, as if the sky is shaking violently.

     A beautiful shadow suddenly appeared from the distant sky.

     Wearing a white tiger bright armor and a cloak on her shoulders, she hunted and hunted like a goddess of war.

     Yes, this person is Zhang Yunxi, but she sees her figure and vision fuse together, lasing like a streamer.

     "Zhang Yunting, Fang Chang, who made you run to Shengzifeng to make trouble? How can this be so?!"

     After a word, Zhang Yunxi's body has already rushed to the front of Shengzi Peak with a monstrous force.

     She was a little calmer until she saw the presence of the Holy Master Shenxiao: "My daughter has seen the father."

     The god of the heavens is nodded, the voice in the thunder light does not fluctuate: "Golden Core Eight? Pretty good."

     Zhang Yunxi smiled and said: "Thanks to Junior Brother Shen Tian for retrieving the taboo chapter, she also allowed her daughter to absorb a lot of the origin of the gods."

     "Otherwise, if I want to successfully complete the Eighth Rank of Golden Core, I will need to practice hard for a few years before trying."

     Fang Jian on the side saw Zhang Yunxi appear, and said quickly: "Congratulations, Junior Sister!"

     Zhang Yunxi snorted coldly: "Big brother, why did you run to Shengzifeng to make trouble?"

     Fang Chang's strong features face showed an angry look: "Brother I heard that this kid Shen Tian bullied you!"

     "Junior sister, don't worry. I checked it out. The ancestors just said that if you have an affinity with each other, you can marry a saint."

     "Although this kid has a great appetite for me, if he is really bullying and bullying you, brother, I will never agree!"Shen Tian was slightly surprised, his face suddenly turned weird: "Zu Xun really said that?"

     Fang Chang hummed, "Of course, so don't expect to use the ancestral precepts to tell things!"

     Fang Chang was talking rightly, but didn't notice that Zhang Yunxi's face was getting darker and darker next to him.

     Shen Tian is relaxed: "In that case, you don't have to worry, I and Sister Sister are innocent!"

     Fang Chang snorted coldly: "Shen Tian, you are going to fool me, I obviously heard Junior Brother Yunfeng say that you have already doubled cultivation with Junior Sister!"

     "I warn you, I am willing to compete fairly with you, but if you dare to seduce and then abandon the younger sister."

     "Even if you are the saint son of this sect, our Fang Chang will never agree and will definitely beat you!"


     Listening to Fang Chang's baffling, Shen Tian's whole body was completely split.

     Sister Yunxi and I have already doubled cultivation.

     Is that nonsense called Yunfeng again?

     Where is that guy?

     Ben Shengzi has 20 shots of lotus guns for him to taste!

     Even Shen Tian's mentality collapsed, let alone Zhang Yunxi standing on the side.

     She tried not to look at Shen Tian's weird expression, and walked slowly to Fang Chang's side.

     "Big brother, Yun Xi has just successfully completed the eighth rank of the Golden Core, can you discuss one or two with you?"

     Fang Chang smiled triumphantly: "You see, when the juniors are going to discuss, they still think of me first!"

     "Sister sister, don't worry, brother, I am not that kind of pedantic man. I don't care if you are a virgin."

     "Senior brother, I will compete fairly with Shen Tian, if the younger sister thinks... eh?"

     Before Fang Chang had finished speaking, Zhang Yunxi directly cast a forbidden curse.A smile squeezed out of her face: "Brother, don't say anything, okay?"

     Fang Chang was stunned, innocently nodded.

     Zhang Yunxi smiled comfortingly, and then looked down the mountain.

     Among the crowd, there was a black clothed male with a long sword and a beautiful appearance.

     At this time, the man was quietly preparing to slip away, but was directly stopped by Zhang Yunxi.

     "Junior Brother Yunfeng is in such a hurry to go and behave, and I miss it for many days, so why don't you learn about it?"

     Zhang Yunxi bowed to the Lord Shenxiao: "Father, my daughter has retired now."

     After that, Zhang Yunxi, who had just left the pass and went straight to Shengzi Peak.

     Dragging Fang Chang and Li Yunfeng, flying away like a sword.

     I can see Shen Tian on Shengzi Peak a confused face.

     The elder sister just came, so why left.

     She left as soon as she left, why did she take Junior Brother Fang Chang away?

     Shen Tian also said that he would soothe Fang Chang, and see if he can go with the experience together!


     Yes, Shen Tian wanted to accompany Fang Chang to experience the experience, because the gold ring on the top of the goods was also.

     Although its luster is not as bright as Zhang Yunxi, it is also quite bright, typical fortune favors fools.

      What is more important, when Shen Tian often played bundled play, he carefully saw pictures on his halo.

     This means that this elder brother of the gods and holy land will have a good chance for a period of time recently.

      It should be noted, the last time I met Zhang Yunxi’s golden ring opportunity, he drove out Longhupei!

     It was precisely this opportunity that made Shen Tian go directly from leucorrhea black to green on his head.This kind of opportunity, Shen Tian how can it be allow yourself to miss it?

     However, Shen Tian was considering a question, that is, if he really went to experience with Fang Chang.

     Will this stupid and unrequited Zhang Yunxi man be chopped off?

     Think about it, although the probability is not high, it is not without this kind of possibility! !

     For a while, Shen Tian felt a little tangled in his heart.

     This big brothel is not easy!
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