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127 Hedong For Thirty Years, Hexi For Thirty Years
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

The younger brother said he still likes me better?

     That’s great, this girl also feels completely uncomfortable to dress like this!

     Zhang Yunxi nodded: "Then please wait a while, Junior Brother, I'll change it back."

     After all, Zhang Yunxi lased towards the Saintess Peak again and disappeared in front of everyone.

     Shen Tian helplessly sighed saying, wait!

     But this time, Zhang Yunxi changed clothes much faster.

     After a short while, she changed back to the original white tiger Mingguang armor and appeared.

     The long flowing hair was simply tied behind his head, and the silver armor and white cloak glowed in the sun.

     Zhang Yunxi had a bright smile on her face: "Junior Brother, where are we going to play this time?"

     Shen Tian said helplessly: "Sister, we are going to experience, not to play."

     He recalled the scene of chance he saw above Fang Chang's head.

     The place where it first appeared was a city in the Eastern Desolation.

     That city is called the'Mist City', and it is the capital of the Wuyin Kingdom where the imperial family is located. It is very prosperous.

     Shen Tian's predecessor, the 13th prince, has read many books and has an understanding of the conditions of the eastern famine countries.

     This Wuyin Nation is a rather powerful country in the Eastern Desolation, which is older than the Great Yan Nation.

     With a history of thousands of years in Wuyin Nation, there are no less than ten Yuanying-level sages in the royal family, which can be described as extremely strong.

     It can be said that all the countries in the realm of the command of the gods sacred land, the misty country can be regarded as a powerful country.

     The Misty City is the absolute core capital of the Wuyin Kingdom, and there are many opportunities near the city.

     According to ancient books, there is a misty plain hundreds of miles away from the eastern outskirts of Misty City.This plain is vast and boundless, and it is completely covered by dense spiritual fog all the year round.

     If a cultivator enters the mist, his spiritual consciousness and spiritual consciousness will be completely shielded by the mist.

     And if you just rely on your eyesight to identify the direction, you'll be completely lost if you can't walk 100 meters.

     Therefore, in normal times, the Misty Plain is an absolute forbidden place in the Wuyin Country, and even Venerable Yuan Ying dare not trespass.

     But every twenty years, a rare ‘fog tide period’ occurs on the foggy plain, and the fog will change.

     The circle of spiritual fog that had been pervading for a hundred years will expand and shrink like a tide.

     At high tide, the misty area can even be close to the gates of the misty city, and when the tide is low, many enclosed areas will be exposed.

     There are many rare and exotic plants in those areas that are exposed, which can be used by monks to refine high-grade pill.

     If you are lucky, you can even find the extremely precious Spirit Grass-Bound Immortal Vine in the mist area.

     The so-called immortal vine is an extremely precious auxiliary spiritual grass, not used for refining pills.

     It is extremely tough, and it is one of the main refining materials for the ultimate magic weapon ‘Bound Xian Suo’.

     If you can find a Tier 3 immortal vine and refine it into a ‘bound immortal rope’, you can trap a real person.

     If you can find a Tier 4 bondage cord and refine it into a ‘secret bondage cord’, then even the Venerable can tie it.

     In the process of fighting the enemy, if you can have a ‘fashion rope’ as an aid, it will be of great help.

     After all, if the strong of the same rank fight, they may be born and die in an instant, and being tied up is equal to losing directly.

     As far as Shen Tian knows, the "fog tide period" of this misty plain, which is once in a hundred years, is just recently.Because in the chance scene he saw, Fang Chang was in a great plain.

     And Fang Chang doesn't have any Lingwu around, all scenes are very clear.

      Thought until here, Shen Tiandao: "I heard that the'fog tide period' of the Wuyin Country is just recently."

     "At that time, there will be a lot of cultivators going to Misty City to join in the fun, why don't we go and see?"


     Misty City?

     Zhang Yunxi is looking thoughtful, she knows this place.

     Because his brother Zhang Yunting also went to this place to take risks when he was building the base, and the gain was not small.

     Zhang Yunting, who had just built the foundation at that time, found a Tier 3 pinnacle immortal vine in the misty plain.

     Relying on the special secret treasure given by his father, the god of the sky, to cut off this immortal vine, Zhang Yunting refined a supreme immortal cord.

     After the power of this bondage cord activates to the maximum, even Golden Core Rank 6 can be tightly bound, which is quite difficult.

     Relying on this immortal rope, Zhang Yunting made a reputation in the Young generation of the Eastern Wilderness.

     Many Dongtian and Holy Land Tianjiao have said that fighting with this product is too disgusting.

     If a man doesn't fight head-on in a fight, he knows to dodge and walk around.

     Seeing the opportunity, he released the Xian cable to tie his opponent, and then he controlled it to death.

     Holy Land of Gods a dragon and a tiger In a unicorn, it is recognized that the unicorn is the strongest, the white tiger is the most reckless, and the blue dragon is the most pestering.

     In the original Zhang Yunxi combat style, he didn't like the controlled auxiliary magic weapon of Xiansuo.

     But since Senior Brother Shen Tian wanted it, Zhang Yunxi felt that it was okay to accompany him.

     ...The group checked their luggage again, confirmed the surefire, and set off.

     Fortunately, Wuyin Kingdom is not far from the small world of Shenxiao, only about 3,000 miles.

     Everyone, Controlling Sword Flight, rushed from the small world of Shenxiao to Misty City, the imperial capital of Wuyin Kingdom, within one day.

     This was the first time Shen Tian was afraid of heights and didn't dare to adjust the speed to the fastest.

     Otherwise, the speed of everyone on the road can be much faster than it is now.

     The huge City of Bewildering Fog was already in front of them, and everyone pressed their swords.

     The cities of Xiuxianjie are all equipped with air defense formations to prevent flying monsters from attacking.

     If you fly directly into the city, very possibly might be misjudged to attack by the air defense formation.

     Of course, this formation may also be to prevent someone from sneaking into the city without buying tickets.

     You must know that the entrance fee of the City of Bewildering Fog will directly rise more than ten times during each fog and tide period.

     Relying on the entrance fee for the month of the fog period alone, the GDP of the Wuyin country has to rise sharply.

     Shen Tian and his party came from experience, based on the principle of'being low-key' and did not reveal their identity.

     After paying the entrance fee, everyone entered the City of Bewildering Fog very smoothly and peacefully.

     It is worth mentioning that some women at the gate of the city originally saw Shen Tian and wanted to come forward to strike up a conversation.

     As a result, Zhang Yunxi only glanced at them faintly.

     Suddenly, Shen Tian felt more and more that it was a wise choice to bring Senior Sister Yun Xi out to practice.

     After all, being entangled by a senior sister is better than being surrounded by a group of enchanting women!

     ...After a whole day of Controlling Sword Flight, everyone also felt a bit lackluster.

     Therefore, under Zhang Yunxi's suggestion, they decided to go to Hongyue Tower in the city to stay and rest.

     Hongyue Tower is the largest restaurant in the City of Bewildering Fog, and Shenxiao Holy Land is the largest shareholder of this restaurant.

     Therefore, even if it is close to the fog and tide period, the flow of people in the City of Bewildering Fog is full.

     As long as Zhang Yunxi contacts the person in charge of Hongyue Tower, he can also move in directly.

     In this regard, Shen Tian also had to sigh: a background is a cow!

     Everyone wandered to the Hongyue Tower, and everyone except Zhang Yunxi secretly admired.

     However, the whole body of this restaurant is built of extremely expensive cloud-grain fragrant wood, and the decorations are extremely delicate.

     The top of the restaurant is engraving of a dragon, painting of a phoenix, and is engraved with the mysterious Gathering Spirit Formation, where the spirits gather like a whirlpool.

     A series of spiritual springs gushing in the backyard of the restaurant, and the water vapor shines with colorful light under the sun. nothing more beautiful can be imagined

     Everyone was about to enter the hotel to stay, but saw that the door of the Hongyue Tower opened and a drunk teenager was thrown out.

     His face is haggard, his hair is messy, and his body is full of a strong smell of alcohol.

     "Assholes, you assholes, the young master didn't know how much wine would be rewarded you!"

     "Now because this young master has lost all his cultivation skills, you are not willing to ask you to charge two kilograms of drunk fairy brew?"

     "Damn it, thirty years on the east side of the river thirty years on the west side of the river, there will come a day you will regret it!"

     The boy had just finished speaking, but he heard a sneer from the restaurant.

     "Thirty years on the east side of the river thirty years on the west side of the river? Your kid is just kidding me!""I sell you two catties of wine, so you have to wait sixty years before paying you?"
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