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128 Brother Zhao, Have You Heard Of Chicken Soup For The Soul?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

That boy seemed quite famous in this foggy city.

     After he was thrown out of the Hongyue Tower, he quickly attracted the attention of passers-by.

     "Isn't this Zhao Hao! This guy ran to the Hongyue Tower again, ready to drink Overlord Wine?"

     "Who else but him? Hey, it was a pity that was also a high-spirited and vigorous young Tianjiao."

     "No way, Path of Cultivation that's it, the former genius may also become a waste, blame him for bad luck."

     "Zhao Hao now looks too miserable! Is this still the original Fen Tianhou prince, our quasi-husband of the misty country?"

     "Don't mention it, if it were not for Fen Tianhou's disappearance in Ancient Battlefield, Zhao Hao might not have lost all his cultivation deviation skills."

     "How can there be any ifs in the world? Now the fact is that he is a useless person, and even his marriage has been retired."

     "I heard that the Zhao family's properties were all taken over by other people in the family, and nothing was left to him."

     "Hehe, maybe he did a crime when he was in the Zhao family's scenery, and he was punished!"


     The passers-by are always indifferent and numb, taking others' Sorrow and Joy Separation and Reunion as the after-dinner fun.

     At this time, the pedestrians on the side of the road looked at the drunk Zhao Hao, pointing the finger discuss spiritedly, but no one helped him.

     Shen Tian sighed saying, walked slowly to Zhao Hao, and reached out to help him: "Brother, don't lie on the ground."

     Zhao Hao opened his drunken eyes and looked at Shen Tian: "Yeah, such a beautiful girl."

     Shen Tian#: "?????!!!"

     Shen Tian vowed that if it weren't for this guy who was already drunk and unconscious, he would have to give him a purple hammer!Ok!

     In fact, the main reason is that this messy boy's luck is quite scary.

      have lost both parents, the cultivation base has been lost, the family property has been taken away, and the princess has retired.

     This proper waste wood begins to flow, and the dick silk counterattacks through the sky every day!

     And Shen Tian looked over this guy's head, Lucky Aura was indeed unusual.

     Lucky Aura on the top of this kid's head is very strange, it turned out to be half black and half golden.

     And Shen Tian could clearly see that the black halo on the top of this guy's head was slowly being covered by gold.

     Shen Tian didn't know what this halo represented, but according to his guess, it should be a bit extreme sorrow turns to joy.

      has to say, this is the first time I have seen Shen Tian with this halo, and it has important research value for him.

     Therefore, the wine that this miserable brother wants to drink, he has taken care of it!

      Thought until here, Shen Tian smiled and said: "Brother, how about I buy you a drink?"


     Hearing Shen Tian's willingness to invite himself to drink, Zhao Hao grinned, "I feel...thank you Fairy for being generous!"

     Shen Tian#: "???"

     Zhang Yunxi on the side really couldn't stand it, walked like a dragon and stepped like a tiger walked to Zhao Hao: "Boy, you are too much!"

     Zhao Hao looked at Zhang Yunxi and waved his hand: "Don't get me wrong, buddy, I haven't molested you."

     "It was the fairy who said he wanted to invite me to drink, or I will fine myself three glasses, all in the wine!"


     After that, Zhao Hao hiccups in eyes narrowing, and his rich alcohol assaults the senses.

     ...Seeing Zhang Yunxi gritted his teeth, Shen Tian reluctantly dragged Zhao Hao into the Hongyue Tower.

     You can’t go if you don’t, let this guy talk to Zhang Yunxi, brothers and brothers, what if the tiger goes crazy?

     These two are a golden halo leftover fighter, a half black and half gold quasi-protagonist, both are the Child of Fate favored by heaven.

     Turning back the celestial beings fight the mortals suffer, no matter what the result is, it will be of no benefit to Shen Tian.

     Zhao Hao lost all his cultivation, and was dragged by Shen Tian and couldn't resist: "Fairy, please respect yourself."

     "Although Zhao... Zhao has retired, but he is not a casual man."

     Shen Tian endured the impulse to irritate this guy with First Primordial Heavy Water and dragged him into the restaurant.

     As for the shopkeeper of the hotel, after seeing Shen Tian quietly revealing the Saint Child Order, where did he dare to stop him?

     He immediately arranged the best box for everyone, located at the top of the Hongyue Tower, overlooking most of the City of Bewildering Fog.

     Gudong Gudong poured Zhao Hao a footbath of sober tea, and this guy finally recovered his wits.

     Of course, it was just a loss, at least this guy still called Zhang Yunxi a buddy.

     After drinking a glass of drunk fairy brew, Zhao Hao said, "Fairy, I am so touched!"

     "Since Zhao lost all his skills, you are still the first woman to invite me to drink."

     Shen Tian said helplessly: "I am a man."

     Zhao Hao eyes narrowing, swaying looked at Shen Tian for a while, then waved his hand and smiled.

     "The fairy joked, you how can it be a man, how can there be a so attractive man in the world?"After talking a while, Zhao Hao's eyes reddened: "Fairy, don't worry, wait for Zhao to rise again in the future."

     "Today's wine money must be given to you exactly. By the way, I don't know what your name is Fairy?"

     Shen Tian corner of the mouth twitches, let the shopkeeper send a footbath of sober tea.

     Another sober tea from the footbath was poured into his stomach, and Zhao Hao's stomach bulged visible to the naked eye.

     Shen Tian suddenly slapped Zhao Hao's stomach, and the latter complexion big change suddenly, ran to the side and bent over.

      huā lā lā lā


     He vomited confused and almost didn't smoke it, Zhao Hao finally recovered some sanity.

     He looked at Shen Tian's delicate face, and after confirming that he was really a man, he wanted to continue to get drunk.

     There is such a handsome man in the world, it's unreasonable!

     Shen Tian said helplessly: "Brother Zhao, there may be too many unsatisfactory you in this world."

     "But life continues despite the ups and downs, you whatever happens must not give up!"

     Zhao Hao shook the head: "No, Xiongtai, you don't understand my suffering."

     Shen Tian calmly said: "Do you want to compare miserable? Zhao Hao, I haven't lost the next."

     Zhao Hao self-depreciating smile: "I know you want to comfort me, and I understand it, but I'm just a cripple."

     Shen Tian said indifferently: "You just lost all your cultivation deviation skills once, and I grew up in cultivation deviation."

     Zhao Hao was stunned: "Is Xiongtai are you serious? How can it be there will be people who have always cultivated deviation."

     Shen Tian nodded: "Frankly, in the sinking sky, it is the Thirteenth Prince of the Great Yan Country."Zhao Hao took a deep breath: "Are you the legendary hapless ghost?"

     Shen Tian's mouth twitched slightly: "Why, have you heard of my name?"

     Zhao Hao said: "My father once went to the Imperial Palace of the Great Yan Kingdom. He has heard of your name, and I am not really miserable compared to you."

     Recalling what his father had said to him about Shen Tian, Zhao Hao suddenly felt better in his heart.

     He was moved and said, "Brother Shen, how did your miserable life endure so many years?"

     "I only know how great you are now, I... I feel that I am too difficult now!"

     Shen Tian shook the head: "I understand, I understand, and I will help you."

     After that, Shen Tian turned around and told Hou the shopkeeper on the side: "Arrange for a pot of chicken soup in the kitchen."

     Zhao Hao puzzled: "Why, can Lingjitang help me?"

     Shen Tian mysteriously nodded: "Brother Zhao, have you heard of chicken soup for the soul?"
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