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133 Gengjin White Tiger Fighting Giant Vine
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

On the vast and boundless plain, Shen Tian and others ran fast, and could jump several feet away when they landed on the ground with one step.

     Although it is impossible to imperial sword flying immortal due to the influence of the special energy field, the physical fitness of the cultivator is still far surpasses ordinary person.

     Among the crowd, Shen Tian took the lead, following the scene of the chance scene above Fang Chang's head, rushing forward with a clear goal.

     As for Zhang Yunxi and his group, they followed Shen Tian, and the group faintly headed by Shen Tian.

     Zhang Yunxi said, "Junior brother just let Zhao Hao kneel in front of the grave, is there really a chance?"

     Shen Tian nodded slightly "According to the results of the calculation, there should be nothing wrong."

     After thinking about it, Shen Tian said again, "In fact, if I'm not wrong, if the senior sister keeps going southeast, there should be a chance."

     According to the chance Shen Tian saw on Zhang Yunxi's head, if she walked straight to the southeast, she would encounter a Tier 4 immortal vine.

     With the strength of Zhang Yunxi now, it is enough to slay that immortal vine and make it his own magic weapon.

     But when she heard Shen Tian's words, Zhang Yunxi shook the head, "It's only a minor chance."

     "Junior Brother is too dangerous to go deep into the foggy plain, I'll stay by your side to protect it!"


      Although it sounds very touched, how come I always feel a little not enough man!

     Shen Tian wanted to raise his chest aggressively and say "Do I need you to protect it?"

     But after another thought, he if he really needed Zhang Yunxi's protection.

     After all, as far as the current situation is concerned, this time the fog tide period in the Misty Plain is unusual everywhere.He first saw the mysterious Qianyang Sword Sovereign fall and turned into a bolide in Zhao Hao's chance scene.

     Then on Zhang Yunxi's head, he saw the chance of a fourth-order immortal vine, and even the chances appeared on the heads of Duke Gui and others.

     Shen Tian saw more than one vine on the top of everyone's heads alone, which was incredible.

     It should be known that throughout the past fog and tide periods, the number of immortal binding vines found by the monks rarely exceeds ten.

     This time just above the heads of Father Gui, Qin Gao, Zhang Yunxi, and Qin Yundi, I saw four immortal binding vines.

     And when he was in Misty Town before, Shen Tian also saw the chance scene of binding immortal vines on the heads of other adventurers.

     Even though it was only calculated, Shen Tian has seen more than twenty occasions about the chance scenes about the bound fairy vine.

     Not to mention that there are still many adventurers who are not in the misty town now and have not been observed by Shen Tian.

     If you count those who have already entered treasure hunting in the Misty Plain, I am afraid that there will be more than 50 immortal vines that appeared during the fog.

     As a die-hard fan of reading countless fantasy books in his previous life, Shen Tianshen knows that there must be demons if something goes wrong, and this is by no means simple.

     Maybe there is some danger in this fog and tide period, if there is no Zhang Yunxi by his side, Shen Tian is really a little bit empty.

     Well, a blitzkrieg strategy.

     After finding the opportunity above Fang Chang's head, Sa Yazi immediately left the misty plain and walked the farther the better.

     The gentleman does not stand under the dangerous wall, safety first.

     With many thoughts in their hearts, Shen Tian and the others quickly marched eight hundred miles on the misty plain.At this time, everyone is close to the hinterland of the Misty Plain, and a half of the City of Bewildering Fog has disappeared under the horizon.

     However, in Shen Tian's impression, the chance scene above Fang Chang's head was still in a deeper mist.

     To obtain that opportunity, one must venture into a forbidden area shrouded in mist.

     Or continue to wait and wait for the fog to compress to deeper plains.

     But at this time it was past noon, the scope of the mist had been compressed to its limit, and it began to slowly release back.

     If you don't return in time, it will become very dangerous if you get wrapped in mist.

      Thought until here, Shen Tian could only helplessly lead everyone back along the same path.

     "My chance is not here yet, let's take you to find the chance first!"


     Shen Tian made up his mind, if it doesn't work, just don't take advantage of Fang Chang's chance.

     This wave directly took advantage of Zhang Yunxi and the others, and then hid in the misty city to watch.

     Once they found something was wrong in the Misty Valley, they immediately pulled up Zhang Yunxi and the father-in-law Gui and the others.

     Although chance is important, it can't help Fang Chang, and it's a big deal later.

     There is only one small fate, and it's not worthwhile to fight with fate.

     After confirming his thoughts, Shen Tian began to take Zhang Yunxi and others to wipe out their respective opportunities.

     The speed of the spiritual fog tide returning was not fast, and Shen Tian and others soon found the immortal binding vine that belonged to Zhang Yunxi.

     The immortal vine is located in a canyon more than seven hundred miles away from the City of Bewildering Fog. The vine is nearly one hundred feet long, and the whole body is blue-black.On the surface of this immortal binding vine, there are still very fierce spikes, shining with a faint luster, like thorns, making people cold all over the body.

     The top of the spikes seeped a green oily liquid, which was obviously not weakly toxic. If you were entangled in this immortal vine, you would definitely not feel good.

     This immortal binding vine is quite not weak, even if the Nascent Soul Stage’s cultivator encounters it, I am afraid that one will be entangled and fall by accident.

     However, Zhang Yunxi did not have the slightest look of fear in her eyes. She slowly pulled out the white tiger sword behind her.


     The divine sword came out of its sheath, and the silver streamer poured out like a waterfall.

     There was a faint sound of thunder in the void, as if a Hanging Eyes White Tiger jumped out of the forest.

     Zhang Yunxi's figure suddenly rises into the sky, turning into a silver light and tangling with the immortal vine. It doesn't fall into a disadvantageous position.

     Shen Tian led the crowd to retreat beyond the Attack Range of the Immortal Vine, and calmly said, "Yundi, Xiaogao, and Bo Gui, long-range attack its roots!"

     At this time Zhang Yunxi completely blocked the Bound Xianteng's attack, and Shen Tian manipulated the lotus shot gun and started shooting frantically at the Bound Xianteng roots.

     Qin Gao and Duke Gui also not to be outdone, controlling the Yin Yang Demon Breaking Gun and flexibly approaching the immortal vine to shoot out.

     The most brilliant person is Qin Yundi. As a Demolition Specialist, he is best at remote fixed-point blasting.

     At this time, he formed hand seals and 36 shots of Yin and Yang Demon Breaking Spears burst out wildly at the Bound Immortal Vine.

     More than that, the silver yin-yang armor-piercing thunder also greeted the roots of the immortal vines frantically.

     Soon, the roots of this fourth-order immortal binding vine were riddled with scars, and the green-black juice spurted.If this continues, everyone will be able to cut it under the sword without any damage or one hour.

     However, at this time Lingwu was already approaching, and according to its spreading speed, it would envelop Shen Tian and others in at most half an hour.

     Zhang Yunxi's eyes showed a cold light, and the golden lightning mark on the center of her eyebrows burst into incomparable brilliance, spreading all over her body.

     At this moment, she completely merged with the white tiger roaring sky vision behind her, and she seemed to transform into a huge white golden god tiger.


     The roar of the tiger shook the entire misty plain, and the Gengjin White Tiger rushed towards the bound fairy vine.

     Regardless of the scars on its body being strangled by thorns, it suddenly bit at the root of the immortal binding vine.

     At this moment, unprecedented amounts of juice gush out.

     The root of the immortal vine is broken!
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