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136 Two Or Three Things Between The Fairy Master And Me
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Listening to the admiration of shopkeeper Song, Liu Taiyi and others, Shen Tian held his forehead helplessly.

     Although these guys are all talents and they speak nicely, they are too clingy, right?

     It's like a few posts about Dogskin Plaster, wherever I set up a stall, they would follow him.

      What is more important, the top of the heads of shopkeeper Song and these two goods, there is really a chance for the picture, the thief is clear.

     This is no wonder, after all, they are all lucky ones who got part of the origin of the gods in Tianlingxuan, and their luck has greatly increased.

     Now the one with the lowest luck among them is already the dark green light ring, and the shopkeeper Song, who has the highest luck, has erythema.

     Even in the entire misty town, shopkeeper Song is definitely one of the Top Existence of luck.

     With their luck, it is normal to go to the foggy plains to experience treasure hunting, and to obtain opportunities.

     Since the opportunity has been delivered to the doorstep, it is not Shentian's style not to take a while.

     He looked at shopkeeper Song and others, smiled and said, "Chi'er, you fools."

     "Well, it's our fate to meet here today."

     After that, he calmly said: "Song Fugui, come forward."

     Brother Shengzi asked me to come forward, is it to point me to find opportunities?

      Thought until here, shopkeeper Song suppressed his excitement, and quickly stepped forward: "Believers are here!"

     Shen Tian calmly said: "You have a fate with me today, follow the path of the poor and guide you, and you will get a chance."

     After all, Shen Tian slowly extends a finger to the center of the eyebrows of Shopkeeper Song, and a ray of information is transmitted through divine thought.This is a method that can only be used when the foundation is built, and it is also a method used when passing on advanced techniques.

     Just like the magic tones of the sun, the gods, dragons and tigers, all preserve the immortal spirit on the carrier.

     When future generations need to accept the inheritance, touch Divine Consciousness Imprint to inherit.

     Of course, Shen Tian is just building the foundation now, and his spiritual consciousness is still very weak.

     He could only use his divine consciousness to pass on the minimap when he was face to face.

     As long as shopkeeper Song followed the small map given by Shen Tian to search, he could find that opportunity.

     Feeling the message from Shen Tian, shopkeeper Song suddenly showed a look of wild joy: "Thank you, Master!"

     "Master, please rest assured, if the old man finds a chance, he must be grateful and don't forget the great kindness of Master!"

     Shen Tian nodded indifferently: "Pan Dao said that those who are destined don't get a penny, and those who are not destined don't count as ten thousand dollars."

     "You wait for the opportunity to arrive, and leave after you get the opportunity. Don't stay longer."

     "Pandao night watching the stars, here The Big Dipper dragons and snakes raise the land, there may be a big change."

     "The fate is not exhausted, the heart cannot be greedy, the words are limited here, remember."

     Shopkeeper Song nodded earnestly: "Please don't worry, Master Xian, after the old man takes the opportunity, he will stay with Master Xian and let you drive."

     Just kidding, there is a fairy show the right path in the misty town, and you still need to hunt for treasure by yourself?

     Just like the treasure in Shentian's message that Shen Tian had just passed on to shopkeeper Song, that was the vine bound immortal!

     Moreover, it was still a juvenile immortal vine, so lucky it could not be tamed.This kind of immortal binding vine can grow very fast, and it grows very fast. If you can really recognize the Lord, it will have a great effect on the monks!

     Shopkeeper Song had already made a firm resolution in his heart. Once he found this immortal vine, he immediately brought it back to the immortal master.

     As long as I feel comfortable with the fairy fart of the fairy master, will I still worry about not getting a better chance for shocking the world?

      Thought until here, the treasurer Song rushed towards the plain where the tide had begun to ebb with a whistle.

     Shen Tian nodded, looking at the remaining few people: "Xiong Meng, come forward!"

     Xiong leaned forward in front of Shen Tian with excitement, and Majestic's body kept rubbing against him: "I'm here."

     Seeing this man who looks like an iron-eater, Shen Tian said helplessly: "You have a share too."

     After that, Shen Tian reached out his hand to the center of Xiong Meng's brow, and passed away a wisp of Divine Sense.

     Xiong Meng also had a chance, but his chance was not to tie the fairy vine, but to an emery.

     This is one of the main materials for refining'Golden Body Pill' and'Golden Body Liquid', which can greatly strengthen the physical body.

     Xiong Meng is buffed by himself, which is a good material for cultivating God Demon Body Refining technique. Now he is also working hard to practice body technique.

     If he can obtain this diamond grass, it will play a great role in his training "Lei Di Refining Technique".

     Therefore, after receiving the opportunity of Shen Tian's "giving", Xiong Meng almost laughed wildly with the orcs.

     "Thank you Master, long live Master, I will listen to Master everything when I find a chance!"

     After all, Xiong Meng also hurriedly followed in the direction of Shopkeeper Song.

     ...Seeing Shen Tian constantly ‘searching for Bu Tian’ for others, Zhang Yunxi showed a worried look on his face.

     She spoke with divine thoughts: "Junior Brother, you are so frequently calculating secrets for others, you are afraid of being jealous!"

     Zhang Yunxi’s words are not without reason, nor without the Sage Master who practices Way of Divination in the world of cultivation.

     However, the Way of Divination cultivated by these masters has great limitations. If you spy on the secrets of heaven too frequently, you will have to condemn the heavens.

     Shen Tian is now setting up a stall in the misty town with great vigor and fortune.

     In this case, what can Zhang Yunxi do if he really suffers from the backlash of heaven!

     Shen Tian lightly smiled: "It's okay, the poor Dao is born to peep into the eyes of the gods, which can eliminate the backlash of the heavens."

     "As long as the poor road does not forcefully calculate the world-shattering secrets, and do not seize the chances of the air transporters, nothing will happen."

     Shen Tian's words made Zhang Yunxi relaxed, and at the same time he thought of Shen Tian's incident of Dragon and Tiger Pei in Wanling Garden.

     No wonder the Junior Brother obviously didn't check the spider vein mine with divine consciousness, but he could conclude that there was a gods, dragons and tigers.

     It turned out that what Junior Brother used was not the technique of seeking souls and breaking mines at all, but a more advanced technique of peeping into the sky!

     See Shen Tian in the heart has own calculations, Zhang Yunxi no longer insists.

     Shen Tian continued to share the information with the remaining destined people, and let themselves harvest it.

     Anyway, for safety's sake, Shen Tian himself didn't plan to go to the Misty Plain.

     The damp circle of fog will shrink the poison, which makes people uneasy to look at.

     It is worth mentioning that when Shen Tian passed the chance screen to Liu Taiyi, this guy did not go directly to hunt for treasure.According to his thoughts, now that treasurer Song and others are absent, it is an extremely rare opportunity to enjoy fairy farts exclusively.

     He wants to continue to stay in front of the fairy master's booth, and popularize the organization rules to those newly destined.

     Although the Immortal Teacher Education has changed its name to the Tianjuan Organization, the five-fifth canon is still there.

     Liu Taiyi did not allow new believers to destroy this fine tradition.

     Anytime is fine. The opportunity to enjoy the favor of the fairy master is more important.

     With this thought in mind, Liu Taiyi held a bench bold and uninhibited and sat on the alley of the town.

     He is waiting, waiting for the return of the first destined person.


     Finally, after about one hour, the first person to get the chance returned.

     This person is not Liu Taiyi and others, but a new destined person discovered by Shen Tian later.

     His cultivation was only Early Foundation Establishment. This time, he found nearly a hundred Albizia chrysanthemums according to Shen Tian's guidelines!

     These chrysanthemums are all second-order elixir, which can be used to refine the ‘Albizia Yanye’, which is extremely popular with the Taoist priests.

     On the market, a second-order Albizia chrysanthemum can sell at least 100 spirit stones, and nearly a hundred are nearly all spirit stones.

     For the monks of Early Foundation Establishment, this is definitely a considerable wealth, which can support its consumption for a long time.

     After seeing this destined person return to Misty Town, Liu Taiyi's eyes suddenly lit to go up to welcome.

     "Hey, fellow daoist, are you going to put your chance on it and just turn around and go home?"

     "Fuzzy, fellow daoist, you are confused! You are simply Mouse Eye Inch of Light!"

     "Have you forgotten what the fairy master said? Don't be greedy!""Who do you think it's for? It's you!"

     "The fairy master doesn't want it, but we can't help but give it!"

     "The immortal master doesn't want it, it's not asking for anything in return, and having noble morals."

     "If we don't give it, that means we are unable to tell good from bad, knowing that we won't report it!"

     "Daoist, Liu only asks you a word, do you feel uncomfortable following the fairy master?"

     "Do you want to continue your relationship with the immortal master and keep going, or is it enough to be cool once?"

     "Liu is a person who came here, come here, don't be anxious for fellow Taoists, first listen to the story of the fairy master and me."
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