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137 I Present Chrysanthemums To The Fairy Master
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

The destined person originally planned to ask Shen Tian to thank him, and then took the opportunity to go home and practice peace of mind.

     But after listening to the story told by Liu Taiyi, he had an epiphany.

     His Spiritual Realm was sublimated by Liu Taiyi.

     This man, words extremely so!

     The immortal master Yuan Yu Yuezhi has a dignified appearance, even if he wears a mask, from head to toe still exudes an indescribable charm.

     With such a demeanor, it is Sage Master at first glance.

     What's more, even these Talented Disciples in the Holy Land of Gods are striving to be first and fearing to be last.

     This shows that the immortal master's ability is absolutely to the sky, enough to shock the world!

     People appeals to Buddha for help may not be effective, and they have to offer enough incense money. Now the fairy master has helped me find so many treasures.

     If I leave with the treasure, it doesn't mean that it would be too rude.

     The most important thing is that, as Brother Liu said, you don’t have a chance today, you don’t have any chance for others!

     After all swallowing this opportunity, or showing enough sincerity to continue with the fairy master.

     This choice is definitely not difficult for anyone with IQ.

      Thought until here, the destined person immediately ran to Shen Tian’s booth with three steps and two steps.

     The simple storage bag in his hand emits a ray of light, and dozens of Albizia chrysanthemums fall suddenly.

     The destined person bowed to Shen Tian piously: "The fairy guided me to find the opportunity, and I can't thank sb enough."

     "I heard from Brother Liu in the next section that the fairy master with great virtue one can take charge of the world does not ask for anything in return, but in the next step, the fairy master cannot be for nothing.""The younger generation found 96 Albizia chrysanthemums according to the result of the fairy master's instructions. I would like to donate half of them to the fairy master."

     Looking at the Hehuan Lingju that the destined person fell on the table, Shen Tian said helplessly: "Why is this?"

     Albizia Julibrissin has weak psychedelic and paralyzing properties, and can be used to refine ‘Albizia Yanye’.

     The problem is that this kind of medicine is used by Taoists who are living in an unbalanced life. What do you mean by sending so much of this holy child in one breath?

      Thought until here, the face under Shen Tian's mask was dark, and he calmly said: "These Lingjus don't need it."

     The destined person couldn't see Shen Tian's face, and thought he was shitting, "Master, there's no need for excessive courtesy."

     "If it weren't for the fairy master, you would never get so many chrysanthemums, you deserve it."

     Shen Tian's face became darker. He suspected that this guy was insulting himself: "I really don't want to be poor."

     The destined person persuaded: "Master, with a little heart, don't be embarrassed."

     Shen Tian#(╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻: "……"

     To be clear, who is embarrassed?

     Ben Shengzi needs this?

     You are funny!


     "Well, if it's your intention, the poor way will accept it."

     Shen Tian indifferently took half of the Lingju into Cangming Ring, planning to find a chance to sell it in the future.

     The destined person was also relaxed, and finally sent these chrysanthemums to the fairy master according to Brother Liu's instructions.

     According to Brother Liu, this should be able to successfully renew the relationship and continue to hold the thigh of the immortal master!

      Thought until here, he asked Shen Tian expectantly: "Master, can you continue to show the right path?"Listening to the question from a predestined person, Shen Tian looked at the spiritual fog surging in the distance, and then looked over his head.

     This predestined person was originally just a light green halo. Under Shen Tian's prompt, he got the chance and upgraded to dark green.

     With this level of luck, Shen Tian doesn't think staying in the misty town is a wise choice.

     Look at the Albizia Julibrissin that this guy gave, although the flower's usefulness made Shen Tiandan hurt.

     And Shen Tian knew that this guy's purpose for offering chrysanthemums was not pure.

     But has to say, Shen Tian is still softened.

     After all, he is a good boy who has received quality education.

      Thought until here, Shen Tian looked at the destined person indifferently: "Do you really want to hear?"

     The eyes shined of the destined person hurriedly said: "Please show the right path, please listen carefully."

     Shen Tian sighed: "Never mind, this seat will suffer the backlash of the heavens and reveal a trace of heaven. You, listen carefully."

     The destined person quickly raised his ears, his eyes full of expectation.

     Shen Tiandao: "The power is inexhaustible, the fate is inexhaustible, your blessing is still shallow, and this opportunity is enough."

     "If it is avaricious and insatiable, if you continue to hunt for treasure in the Misty Plain, you may encounter catastrophe.

     "This place may change drastically. If you believe in the poor way, you can leave after collecting Lingju!"

     Shen Tian finished speaking, but the expression on the face of the destined person changed slightly.

     The fairy said that my good fortune is still shallow now, this is What does it mean?

     Could it be that the chrysanthemums I gave to the fairy master were not enough?

     Or is the quality of those chrysanthemums not good enough?

      has to say, this young destined person is tangled.

     Shen Tian's emotional intelligence is very high, and he can understand this person's expression in seconds.Also, the temptation of opportunity in the world of cultivating immortals is so great, how can it be easily let go?

     They all say ‘the cultivator must fight against the sky’, and it’s normal that the person is reluctant to leave directly.

     Forget it, who made you a destined person of this saint son, and knowing how to return gifts!

     Shen Tian sighed softly, and took out ten thunder explosion symbols from the Cangming Ring: "Chi'er, Chi'er, nothing!"

     "Since you are reluctant to bear the chance on the plain, go on your own! Keep these thunder symbols on you."

     With that, Shen Tian drew one out of ten thunder talisman to sacrifice it into the sky, and then detonated it in the air.

     "If you encounter the danger of unable to resist, these thunder symbols may help you fight a slim chance of survival."


     The strong explosion made the destined person complexion big change: "It's so powerful."

     You must know that he is no more than Early Foundation Establishment, but the power of this thunder burst is comparable to the later period.

      In other words, the destructive power of each of these thunder explosion talisman is enough to blow up several of him.

     The destined person is not a fool, he knows that there are very few such top thunder charms on the market and the price is extremely high.

     Even if you entrust someone with a relationship to the powerful immortal door to purchase, it will cost more than 300 or even more spirit stones.

     If there is no background and backing, it will even cost 400 or even 500 spiritual stones to buy on the regular market.

      In other words, the ten thunder talismans that the fairy master took out at this time to buy the flower spirit stones would cost as much as three to five thousand spirit stones.

     Suddenly, in the hearts of destined people, the credibility of Shen Tian's words instantly increased quite high.

     After all, the immortal master is extraordinary, and he can throw ten top thunder charms at his fingertips.With this level of existence, why lie to me a little Early Foundation Establishment!

     The chrysanthemums I presented to the fairy master may not have the value of thunder symbols.


     The destined person nodded: "The immortal master teaches me, remember, I will not enter the plains in the next few days."

     He made up his mind that after selling chrysanthemums these days, he would stay in the misty city to practice.

     On the one hand, we will retreat and prepare to break through the Middle Foundation Establishment. On the other hand, we will also look at the follow-up development.

     The fairy said that there might be a big change here, but he doesn't know what exactly is it.

     Curiosity is human nature, he decided to stay in the foggy city to see the excitement.

     Anyway, the defenses of the Mist City are extremely powerful, and even Venerable Yuanying has no less than ten.

     As long as Gou is in the Mist City, it doesn't matter if there is any danger in the Mist Plain!

     With this thought in mind, the destined person flew towards the Misty City after offering chrysanthemums to Shen Tian.

     Seeing the back of that Sao Nian leaving, Shen Tian smiled with satisfaction.

     This foggy plain must be weird, but he is destined to be unable to convince everyone.

     Forget it, let it happen!

     If you are separated from me, just mention something.

     If you don’t listen to persuasion, giving ten thunder explosion talisman protection is also considered extreme benevolence, utmost duty.


     Speaking of which, if that guy is in danger, he successfully escapes with the Shenxiao Lei Talisman.

     The promotion and sales of Shenxiao Lei Explosive Talisman can also have a good effect!

      Thought until here, Shen Tian couldn't help but clicked a like for himself.

     Ben Shengzi is really a witty boy.
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