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138 Ruler Of Southern Xinjiang, Queen Of The Immortal Phoenix
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Southern Xinjiang, Tianpengling.

     "Damn human beings, dare to kill my son, damn it!"

     The sharp roar resounded thousands of miles around, and an extremely large golden dragon stood straight.

     Its wings spread out to be as big as a thousand feet, the whole body is like a god of gold, shiny in the sun, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

     This is an extremely terrifying fierce bird, burning Golden Divine Flame all over, the void around the claws is cracking, unable to withstand its power.

     This is the three elders of Heavenly Peng Clan, and one of the absolute rulers of Tianpengling, and belongs to the peerless power in the entire southern Xinjiang!

     It should be understood that the elders of the Monster Race are different from the elders of the Human Holy Land. They are life-long elders.

     As long as they are still alive and no clansmen are stronger than them, they will always be in power in the clan.

     This system is not the same as the one in the holy land of the human race, which has a thousand-year power exchange system, but it also makes the monster race stronger.

     It can be said that this Shenpeng can serve as the high position of the three elders in the Peng clan, so his strength can definitely rank in the top five in the Peng clan.

     Except for the clan king, the great elder and the second elder of the Shenpeng clan, it is the strongest among the Peng clan.

     Back then, he even fought fiercely, tearing up a Supreme Elder in a certain holy place, and feasting on it.

     It can be said that this is definitely a master regardless of the law and of natural morality, and will not endure any grievances!

     He was angry when he heard that his son was killed by Bilian Tianzun, and he even baked it in public.

     Dang Even spread its giant wings, to rush to the Holy Land of the Eastern Desolation Gods, and use the flesh and blood of the many elders of Gods to pay tribute to the dead son.

     Boom~!Thousands of feet of golden wings flapped, creating a terrible wind, wherever one goes, even the earth was plowed into a deep chasm.

     The three elders of the Peng clan have Heavenly Peng Race's extreme speed, and as soon as their wings expand, they can shoot far away, like a golden sun passing by.

     In a short moment, it has already flown past the Endless Territory and is heading towards the Eastern Wilderness.

     However, at this moment, a red flame barrier suddenly appeared and stood in front of it.

     The eyes of the three elders of the Peng clan showed grief and indignation: "Holy Empress, this honor wants to avenge her son, please don't stop it!"

     In the void, the red flames condensed into an incomparable gigantic flame phoenix, surrounded by rich fairy light, like an immortal phoenix.


     A woman's voice came from the flames of fairy light, graceful and noble, indifferent and full of majesty, which makes people in the heart cannot help raise the idea of prostrate oneself in worship.

     This blazing Phoenix Avatar belongs to the Supreme Demon Emperor of Southern Xinjiang, the Phoenix Family Number One Powerhouse that controls the entire Nirvana Forest-the Immortal Queen.

     She was born in antiquity before ten thousand years ago, and rose up in the holy war in the sky before ten thousand years ago, and became sacred without death in a hundred battles.

     In that holy war, countless forces were badly injured, but Undying Phoenix Clan was under her leadership stronger with each battle.

     Until now, the jihad has passed for thousands of years, and the Forest of Nirvana has even developed into the strongest force in the entire Southern Xinjiang Monster Race.

     The Immortal Phoenix has also become the Uncrowned King of the entire Southern Xinjiang Monster Clan, commander-in-chief Undying Phoenix Clan, and controls most of Southern Xinjiang.

     Don't say it is the three elders of Heavenly Peng Clan, even if it is the patriarch of Heavenly Peng Clan, the Seven Tribulations Saint Peng is behind the Phoenix, and he dare not make a mistake.Her voice was cold: "The palace said that within ten thousand years to recuperate, the saints of southern Xinjiang cannot leave the territory. Are you questioning this palace?"

     The words of the Immortal Phoenix didn't fluctuate in the slightest, but the three elders who were originally so angry shuddered.

     He quickly said: "This honor has no meaning to disobey the decree of the Holy Queen, but the enmity of murder is unable to coexist under the same sky."

     The Queen of Undead Phoenix said indifferently: "Your son bully the weak shot at the goddess, and was killed by Bilian's servant at the same level. Why is he unwilling?"

     "Now that you go to the Eastern Wilderness alone to seek revenge, do you think you can destroy the Holy Land of the Gods and Heavens with your meager actions?"

     "Don't forget, the human race is not without the supreme, the demon race will cultivate forever, and will not hurt your vitality again because of you."

     The pupils of the three elders flashed with a deep hatred: "But the holy queen, this honor is not reconciled!"

     "The enmity of murder must be avenged, and the queen will forgive the sins. After this honor returns with revenge, I will go to the Forest of Nirvana to plead."

     After a word, the huge Jinpeng suddenly turned into a bright golden rainbow, lasing towards the East Wasteland.

     The three elders of the Shenpeng clan were actually prepared to directly disobey the imperial order of the Immortal Queen, and forcibly break through the border into the Eastern Desolation.

     In the Endless Territory of Southern Xinjiang, gazes hidden in the dark came one after another, and their eyes were full of excited look.

     For thousands of years to recuperate, the overall strength of the Monster Race in Southern Xinjiang has increased all too many times compared to the time when the Zongtian Holy War just ended.

     The long years of stable life has made many top monsters of the monster race unable to hold back their desire to kill in their blood.They want to disobey the order of the Queen of the Undead, and let the forces in other realms see the strength of the monster race!

     And the three elders of the Peng clan broke the territory this time, and they also upheld the willingness of many monster clan powerhouses to support.

     When necessary, they will help!

      Otherwise, in the early stage of the tribulation, will you disobey the immortal Phoenix?

     At this time, the speed of Elder Peng San's use of the Tianpeng secret method increased sharply, and it was already close to the eastern famine territory.

     As long as he successfully rushed out of southern Xinjiang and broke into the East Wasteland, the authority of the Queen of the Immortal Phoenix would be greatly impacted.

     At that time, the power of the main battle faction of the Monster Race and various races hiding in the dark will swarm out to threaten the Phoenix Race to break the oath.

     After all, in the strongest as honor Yaozu, exposing the weak state is equivalent to inviting strong enemies to siege.

     Looking at the three elders of the Peng clan who fluttered their wings for a hundred thousand miles, the flames of the Phoenix suddenly shined brightly.

     "It seems that this palace has not taken action for thousands of years, and you have ignored the authority of this palace."


     The indifferent voice sounded, and the blazing phoenix suddenly turned into a large red flame web.

     When the flame web appeared, even the void was trembling, being cut into a space crack.

     The figure of the three elders of the Peng clan has jumped to the edge of southern Xinjiang, and can directly cross the border and enter the eastern wilderness in the next second.

     However, the next moment, the scarlet flame god net suddenly appeared in front of the huge Jin Peng, completely covering Jin Peng's body.

     "Holy Queen, I refuse to accept this honor. Human Race deceives me so much. Why can't I wait for revenge?"

     The huge Jinpeng kept struggling, and the claws cut desperately towards the big net, but it didn't have any effect.The immortal Phoenix's indifferent voice sounded: "Holy is immovable, it is a covenant between humans and monsters. How can you break the oath to lead the war?"

     "If you want to take revenge, the strong below the Peng Clan's holy rank can take action, the god of war Xiaodongtian of the same rank human race, life and death are safe."

     "If the strong human race bully the weak, bully you, etc., even if the human race emerges from the emperor, the palace will also have a bloody battle."

     "But now that you violate the Yaozu forbidden law, this honor will punish you to seal the repair for thousands of years, face the wall and think about one’s mistakes!"

     As soon as the voice fell, the huge flames of God's net suddenly locked, and it gradually turned into a birdcage, shrinking rapidly.

     And the Golden-winged Great Peng eagle, which was originally a thousand-meter-large eagle, became only the size of a canary.

     The red bird cage cut through the void and shot towards the deepest part of the Nirvana Forest in Southern Xinjiang.

     At this moment, the entire Southern Xinjiang lost its voice, and no one dared to stand up and stop it.

     An incarnation instantly suppressed Sheng Peng, like a chicken cub.

     After thousands of years, the methods used by Queen Huang have become more and more powerful.

     She, in the end still, the master of southern Xinjiang!
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