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139 Upheaval In The Misty Plains
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

The East Desolation, the Holy Land of Shenxiao.

     Papers full of crooked small print were scattered all over the floor.

     Fang Chang wears a red Golden Armour and holds a wolf hair brush in his right hand.

     In the middle of this wolf hair brush, a small wooden stick is surprisingly tied, and a pen is tied to the front and back.

     Yes, this is a peerless secret method that Fang Chang has researched over the years to punish and copy the door rules.

     Using this secret technique to punish the door rules, copying once is equivalent to copying three times, which can save a lot of effort.

     Of course, even so, 5,000 times of penalties are absolutely terrible.

     After all, the gate rules of the Holy Land of Gods... are too many!

     "Second Junior Brother, I really can't copy anymore!"

     Fang Chang paralyzed falls to the ground, soulless eyes feel tired of not loving.

     Zhang Yunting helplessly said, "Brother, don't stop, continue, it's not enough!"

     Fang Chang shook his head. He felt that if he continued to copy, he would not cultivate deviation.

     This copying of the door rules or something is simply harder than fighting with Yuan Yingqi Venerable, and it makes people's mentality explode!

     By the way, although Master punished me to copy the door rules, he did not stipulate when I would finish the copy!

     Fang Chang suddenly a bright idea suddenly occurs, and finds himself as if caught blind spot.

      thought until here, he could not help to get agitated, yes!

     After three days of copying, the copying is completed, three years of copying is completed, and 30 years of copying is completed!

     The longer the cycle, the fewer words you need to copy every day!

     Moreover, if I can successfully break through to the realm of Jindan Nine Turns, Master will be very pleased.

     If the time comes, the master will show mercy, and I will save the number of penalties that I have left.Then I have copied the door rules so many times, and soon I have copied them completely for nothing.

     Fang Chang patted his thigh, "Junior Brother, let's go and practice in retreat first!"

     "When I successfully break through the ninth rank of Jindan, I will come back and copy these rules and precepts."

     "Brother feels that the current state is stronger than ever, and he will definitely break through that layer of membrane!"

     Looking at Fang Chang with a look of anticipation, Zhang Yunting brows slightly wrinkled and felt that things were not simple.


     The words are divided into two ends, the City of Bewildering Fog side.

     Shopkeeper Song and others returned with a chance to see Liu Taiyi open a small stove.

     Is this okay? They striving to be first and fearing to be last hurriedly, and began to promote the Tianjuan organization.

     Under the brainwashing of these few goods diligent and never slacking, more and more people join the big family who believe in immortals.

     And the elixir that these people picked from the misty plains, such as fog grass, acacia chrysanthemum, etc., were also divided into half for Shen Tian.

     Of course, this time Shen Tian didn't take advantage of these people in vain. Basically, they gave them some lightning Explosive Talisman gifts at market prices.

     Anyway, as far as Shen Tian is concerned, the cost of these Lightning Explosion Talisman is really low, and a piece of spirit stone can be made.

     Moreover, he felt that the Misty Plains might soon have variables, and these thunder bursts might be able to save lives.

     If the effect is really good, this is also an opportunity to promote the yin and yang thunder burst.

     But Shen Tian doesn't care, it doesn't mean that those who are destined will think so.

     In their opinion, the immortal master is really too noble.

     Not only guides us to find opportunities, but also presents such a precious thunder burst.

     This kind of thunder-explosive charm is definitely the best charm in the market, and ordinary people have to buy it at a high price.If calculated according to the market price, the Thunder Explosion Talisman presented by Shen Tian is even half the value of chance.

     Suddenly, Shen Tian's popularity in this misty town became unprecedentedly high.

     At the same time, everyone is more and more curious about the real face behind the fairy mask.

     Especially those female cultivators.


     Of course, if someone worships, someone will not understand it.

     Shen Tian gives advice to those who are destined, and those who are not destined are naturally uncomfortable.

     Especially those who had been affirmed by Shen Tian that they had no chance, after breaking into the foggy plain for a whole day, they found that they really didn't find any chance.

     I didn't get any chance, but other people made a lot of money, and they could also get the top-quality Thunder Explosion Talisman.

     This powerful sense of gap makes many unfavored people feel the lemon flavor, and their mentality is gradually unbalanced.

     With the disciples guarding Shenxiao Holy Land nearby, these guys naturally didn't dare to ask for trouble.

     But this does not prevent them from slandering Shen Tian in the dark and pour dirty water on Shen Tian!

     "What fairy master, if you have said that if you are destined, you will not get a penny, and you will also charge a fee!"

     "That's right, the opening is divided into half, otherwise it will not give directions, it is too dark."

     "It is said that there are big changes in the foggy plain, how can it be, for thousands of years, nothing has changed."

     "In my opinion, this immortal master is not a fake, so he wants to trick us out of the misty plain to take advantage of our chance!"


     And those who really benefited, naturally strongly supported Shen Tian, and worked hard to defend and explain for Shen Tian."The immortal master at what time requires that it must be divided into half, otherwise I won't give directions? It's blood loss!"

     "We are divided into the immortal master, it is completely voluntary! The immortal master repeatedly refuses each time."

     "Precisely, and the immortal master gave us so many top-grade thunder burst talismans in return."

     "Master immortal spied the secret of heaven and reminded us to be careful. It is obviously a good intention. You are simply saving the belly of the immortal master with a petty heart of villain."

     "The fairy master worked so hard and was so kind, you actually shamelessly blacked him, did your conscience was eaten by a dog?"


     Suddenly, in the misty town and misty city, the name of Shen Tian became unprecedentedly loud.

     At the same time, in the course of such regular and thorough opportunities, Shen weather luck is also growing rapidly.

     The halo on his head was originally light green, but after a day's calculation, it gradually turned dark green.

     This kind of body slowly became lighter and lighter and more comfortable, which made Shen Tian enjoy it very much.

      has to say, watching the halo above my head get greener and greener is indeed a wonderful experience.

     When the sunset gradually fell, the Lingwu on the Misty Plain gradually approached the periphery of Misty Town.

     But no one in Misty Town is worried.

     Because looking at every fog tide period for thousands of years, the spiritual fog will not spread to the edge of the main city.

     Before the Misty Town was built, the monks had already considered an absolutely safe range.

     The fact is indeed so, when Lingwu was still a few miles away from Misty Town, it stopped directly.The thick white mist is like a barrier, completely covering the mysterious misty plain.

     Even a cultivator could not see anything on the plain through that layer of mist.

     Seeing the surging spiritual fog, but no longer moving forward half a step, Shen Tian always felt a little palpitation.

     He took Zhang Yunxi and others towards the City of Bewildering Fog, while many monks who were reluctant to pay for the city fee remained in the town.

     For them, the entrance fee that they have to pay every day to enter the city is really not worth it, it is better to stay outside the city to save money.

     As for what the immortal master said, the Misty Plain may change drastically, and only some people who are predestined choose to believe it.

     Most of the monks who did not benefit from Shen Tian, in the end still choose to believe in experience.

     But they don’t know that sometimes what kills people is often the so-called experience!


     This night is the second night of the fog and tide period.

     In this foggy period, far more people have gotten chances than ever before.

     It is precisely because of this that an unprecedented number of monks have gathered in Misty Town and City of Bewildering Fog.

     When the moon rose to the middle of the sky, the brilliance of the full moon looked extremely cold.

     The stars flicker, the light is shining, and there is a silence between Heaven and Earth.

     No one noticed that the spiritual fog that was no longer spreading began to surge again.

     And it becomes faster and more noiselessly than before.

     In an instant, it wrapped the entire misty town!

     Then, like a big wave, towards the City of Bewildering Fog...

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