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142 Whoops, It Tastes Good!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

At this time, Qin Yundi and others were shocked into the thick spiritual fog because of the aftermath of the explosion.

     Frankly speaking, facing the terrible Bound Immortal Vine alone, Shen Tian was a bit square.

     Looking at the bound fairy vine getting closer and closer, he was terrified.

     And Xianxian Vine seemed to be very excited, it squirmed its roots, step by step approaching Shen Tian.

     Don't worry, you ran! You are struggling! You are called!

     Drops of juice dripped from the wound of Bound Xian Teng, and as more and more juice was secreted, the wound of Bie Xian Teng was also healing.

     Of course, because Shen Tian had just been blasted badly, Bingxianteng's waist almost broke half, so he did not recover quickly at this time.

     But it doesn't matter, the injury can be recovered sooner or later, the first thing to do now is to suck up this presumptuous little bit.

     Bound Immortal Vine Li Shen Tian getting closer and closer, it gradually discovered that this little bit seems to have given up resistance.

     Yes, this is only right!

     Don't resist, let me suck you up to my heart's content!

     Bound Xianteng twisted his body, and a vine with thick arms split from the huge torso, shooting crazy toward Shen Tian.

     At this moment, Shen Tian's sighed saying, a silver token suddenly floated in front of him, and a bright sword light burst out from his body.

     The stalwart figure appeared behind Shen Tian, dressed in linen, and holding a big black sword in his hands was extremely powerful.

     Facing the Bound Immortal Vine attack, this phantom drew out the sword.

     This sword seems to have passed through the space, it seems to be very slow, but it cannot be avoided.

     The sword light came through the air, lightly stroked the body of the immortal vine, and continued to cut along the hideous wound.Cang!

     The black sword was re-sheathed, the phantom dimmed a lot, and it was hidden in the silver token.

     The giant vine, which was nearly one hundred feet long, was suddenly cut into two pieces, and countless sap burst out from the wound.

     Huge vines smashed down from the air, smashing a house into ruins, and smoke and dust filled it for a while.

     "It's terrible Bound Immortal Vine. If it weren't for the sword master, it would be really dangerous this time."

     Shen Tian generals the sword master command into the Cangming Ring, allowing it to absorb the spirit stone frantically to restore it.

     In this situation, only the sword master can give him a sense of security.

     Looking at the immortal binding vine that was still slowly wriggling, Shen Tian filled it with dozens of Yin and Yang armor-piercing thunder.

     Suddenly, Bound Immortal Vine, which had been severely injured, became even more riddled with holes, and was gradually unable to struggle.

     "What a terrible Bound Immortal Vine, among all my enemies, I would like to respect you as the strongest."

     Shen Tian sighed secretly in his heart, when the extremely tenacious Bound Immortal Vine gains the ability to walk freely, it is simply a human cultivator disaster.

     To do not belong to oneself with firm will and desperate resistance, this life-and-death struggle may really be lost to this Yuan Ying-period Bound Immortal Vine.

     Rest in peace, Fujito! Even though you are dead, I will refine you into the best binding immortal cable and let you stay with me.

     You will be my honor medal!

     Shen Tian urged Cangming Ring, trying to squeeze in the huge vine and roots of the immortal vine.

     Fortunately, the Cangming Ring left by Shenshui Lingzun was large enough to fully accommodate it.

     If you want to replace it with the space ring of other monks, even if it is full, I'm afraid it won't fit in one third.Shen Tian's rough estimate includes the Golden Core Bound Immortal Vine cut by Zhang Yunxi and the Yuan Ying Stage Bound Immortal Vine at this time.

     In his Cangming Ring, the number of immortal binding vines at this time has gradually approached ten, and each one is the best.

     In particular, the Nascent Soul Stage’s mutant immortal binding vine is even more precious than Zhang Yunxi’s harvest in the Misty Plains before.

     If it is put on the market, its value is immeasurable.


     After spending time and effort on his nose, Shen Tian finally installed this huge immortal vine into Cangming Ring.

     At this time, the spirit mist has completely filled the city.

     Not to mention that pitch-dark is so exaggerated, but it is also difficult to distinguish between male and female after three steps.

     Suddenly, a vine suddenly stretched out of the fog, and firmly tied the lotus shot gun in Shen Tian's hand.

      At the same time, the other one vine got out of the ground and entangled Shen Tian's thigh with lightning speed.

     The tremendous strength came from the vines, and it directly pulled Shen Tian away, and the center balance could not be controlled for a while.

     Shen Tian complexion slightly changed, hurriedly sprinkled a piece of thunder explosion talisman, and detonated it toward the immortal binding vine.

      At the same time, he crazily flooded his body's spiritual power into the basalt helmet, urging it.

     In an instant, black basalt the size of a bathtub condensed from the top of Shen Tian's head, releasing a touch of coercion.

     And the basalt helmet on his body also exudes a faint luster, and a black defensive cover is condensed on the surface of Shen Tian's body.


     The thunder burst exploded.

     However, the killing effect on the immortal vine is not very impressive.

     After all, this is just the yin and yang thunder explosion talisman, not the yin and yang armor-breaking thunder and the yin and yang demon extinguishing gun.Using it to deal with the golden core binding immortal vine, it is really reluctant.

     On the contrary, the defensive performance of the basalt helmet given by Shengzi Shenxiao gave Shen Tian a surprise that couldn't think.

     Shen Tian could clearly feel that when the defensive cover of the basalt helmet appeared, the vines that bound his hands and feet were loosened a lot.

     But this was far from enough, because at this time there was not only one Golden Core Bound Immortal Vine besieging him, but two whole groups attacked.

     Although the basalt helmet released its power, the two vines could not break through the attack of the Breakthrough the Defense cover for a while.

     But Shen Tian's spiritual power is limited, even if he can absorb the spiritual stone to recover, it is impossible to keep activating the magic weapon.

     What's more, at this moment, these two immortal binding vines wrapped the Shentian defensive cover like a zongzi.

     Even if Shen Tian took out the spirit stone from Cangming Ring to restore consumption, he would only hold it for a while longer.

     If only relying on the basalt helmet, it is absolutely impossible to break free from the shackles of the immortal vine.

     Looking at the vines that were constantly wriggling outside the defensive shield, Shen Tian's brain turned rapidly.

     How to get out, how to get out, or until the rescue arrives.

     This is too difficult~!


     Suddenly, Shen Tian felt the Xin Huo Jing in his body start to agitate.

     He looked at the blue-black immortal binding vine that was constantly wriggling outside the defensive cover, unexpectedly...

     Shock! At this time, Shen Tian looked at the two golden core immortal vines outside the defensive cover, and he was drooling.

     He felt that the two vines outside the defensive cover at this time seemed to have become two fried dough sticks, spicy sticks, and sugar cane.

     They exude a faint fragrance, allowing every cell in Shen Tian's body to release longing thoughts.Shen Tian was shocked when he found this thought in his heart.

     Niang Xipi, I'm a great Chinese foodie, how can I see this kind of food?

     Don’t talk about anything else, you can’t talk about it just because it looks good!

     Wait, why do I think this is an ingredient?

     This is obviously a terrible vine monster!

     The mood in Shen Tian's heart fluctuated wildly, and after a long time, he finally overcame his discomfort.

     Humph, these immortal binding vines can suck the saint child, can't the saint child suck you?

     Anyway, Ben Shengzi has been tied up, and I will kill you if I don’t let me go!

      thought until here, Shen Tian looked at the bound fairy vine outside the defensive cover...

     He closed his eyes, grabbed a vine and bit it hard!


     Shen Tian thought that the juice would be very bitter and disgusting.

     However, at the moment he bit, the plump vine juice exploded in his mouth.


     Shen Tian never thought that the taste of this thing turned out to be Sweet and Sour.

     Suddenly his eyes widened: "Oh, that's not bad!"

     Then Shen Tian began to suck frantically!
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