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143 Fuji Mother: You Are Worthy Of This Fairy
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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As Shen Tian began to suck the juice violently, the fire in his body immediately started running at a super fast speed.

     The juice in the abdomen was swallowed before it could fill the stomach, it was quickly refined and absorbed.

     Shen Tian could feel that his whole body's cells and muscles were being supplemented by a stream of pure energy.

     Suddenly, fatigue is gone.

      what is more important After swallowing a lot of vinegar sap, Shen Tian gradually felt that his own body had also changed a lot.

     He felt that the influence of Lingwu's divine mind was slightly reduced, and his vision in the Lingwu had also recovered a lot.

     Originally, Shen Tian couldn't see clearly even ten meters away in the mist, but now he can see about twenty meters.

     Could it be that the juice of the immortal binding vine is the nemesis of Lingwu?

     Shen Tian's one's hearth is happy, and madly sucked the Bound Immortal Vine.

     For a time, the torso of this immortal vine shrank at the speed of visible to the naked eye.

     What's even more amazing is that Shen Tian was madly sucking the juice, but the immortal vine could not escape.

     I can only watch Shen Tian suck up his own body and turn himself into an empty shell.


     After about five minutes, Shen Tian burped.

     A bound immortal vine that was sucked to an empty shell fell to the ground weakly.

     It didn't expect it to die, that it would be sucked dry by one human.

     If God gives it a chance to come back, it will never provoke this monster again!

     "It's so delicious. Among all the enemies, I would like to respect you as the sweetest."

     Shen Tian licked his lips, licking the last drop of juice from the corner of his mouth.Sweet and Sour, with a fragrance of vegetation, tastes a bit like Vegetable Salad.

      has to say The sap of the vines does not look good, but the taste is really good.

     Putting this immortal binding vine skin into the Cangming Ring, Shen Tian looked at the other immortal binding vine faintly.

     The other immortal vine trembles violently, and the root system that spreads the lower body rushes towards the spiritual mist.

     Help, someone is eating vine!

     Shen Tian grinned, joking, just telling you not to provoke Ben Shengzi to listen, you must be bound.

     I want to run now, it's too late!

     Come to Ben Shengzi’s mouth obediently, and dedicate all your essence to Ben Shengzi!

     With a thought in his heart, he took the originally tied Lotus Shot Gun back into his hand.

     Shen Tian coldly snorted, loudly shouted: "The black rhino armor is now!"

     After sucking up the sap of the immortal vine, Shen Tian felt that his condition was unprecedented.

     All the spiritual power that had been consumed before has basically been restored at this time, and his dantian was panicked.

     At this time, Shen Tian desperately needs a one's heart's content battle to vent the abundant and excessive energy in the body.

     The cool black divine thunder armor enveloped Shen Tian's body, making him as mighty as a god to drop from the sky.

     He slowly raised the lotus shot gun in his hand, and the Renshui Xuanwu Shenlei slowly wrapped the lotus shot gun.

     "The Broken Demon is violent, extinct in a wild waterfall, as flat as a mirror water, look at the meteor gun of this holy child!"

     A strong thunderous aura enveloped Shen Tian's body, and at this moment, Shen Tian had an unprecedented brilliance.

     Because the body surface is shrouded in black rhino armor, the shape of the basalt helmet is completely obscured.Apart from Shen Tian himself, no one knew that he was wearing a basalt helmet inside.

     He actually forced Ben Shengzi to use his hole cards, so he has some ability.

     But now, you should also accept your fate!

     Shen Tian walked like the wind, and quickly chased and killed the immortal vine.

     There are basalt helmets and black rhino armor, even if the golden core binds the immortal vines, it can't break the defense.

     Since you can't break my defense, then it's my turn to beat you up, this immortal vine Sage Son will be eaten!

     So a very strange scene appeared in the spiritual fog.

      In other places of the City of Bewildering Fog, monks stayed in the defensive barriers, carefully guarding against the immortal vines hiding in the dark.

     On Shen Tian's side, it was a Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator chasing the Golden Core Stage Bound Immortal Vine, with his eyes still shining.

     The Immortal Bound Vine of the Golden Core Stage was almost frightened. Didn't the Vine Mother say that we should come to hunt?

     Why are there such terrible humans in the City of Bewildering Fog, who dare to suck us back?

     Help, big brother, second brother, third brother, fourth brother, fifth brother, ayahuasca!

     The Binding Xian Vine uses its roots to move enchanting steps, Desperate runaway in front.

     Shen Tian was wearing a black rhino armor, holding a shooting star gun and chasing after him.

     At this moment, Shen Tian felt that he was Avatar, killing monsters like slaughtering dogs at higher levels!

     "Naughty animal, dare to break the law and commit crimes and kill people, today I will sink into the sky..."

     "I have to teach you well, forget it this time, next time whatever happens must not be so bad."

      "Damn it, I said forget it this time, why did you bring a sneak attack? Gang fight! Shameless!""You forced me, Black Rhinoceros armor, disintegrated, Renshui Xuanwu armor, fit!"

     The black thunder light spread all over the body, Shen Tianli was wearing a basalt helmet, and the god thunder outside was condensed into an extremely pure basalt armor.

     The double defense firmly protected the whole body, and Sayazi ran away in the opposite direction.

      Behind him, nine vines with a length of more than ten feet are chasing after him with steps.

     The immortal binding vine that was originally frightened, now the steps are particularly cheerful.


     Shen Tian is really right this time, isn't the Son of Nima clearly bleached?

     Now that the halo above his head is so green, how can he seduce so many wild monsters in one go.

     It stands to reason that I am only building the base period now, and one golden core period binding immortal vine is too much, you come nine?

     Ah hatred system is broken!

     Feeling the nine powerful auras behind him, Shen Tian used his previous glory king-level predictive positioning skills to the extreme.

     Spin, jump, block, look back!

     A minute later, his Xuanwu armor was entangled with immortal vines, tied like a zongzi.

     Shen Tian wanted to continue to bite the immortal vine, soak up all these guys one by one.

     The problem is that these immortal vines seem to have been defensive and will not let him succeed at all.

     As soon as Shen Tian opened his mouth to bite, eight vines aimed at the periphery of the Xuanwu armor.

     As long as Shen Tian dared to stick his head out of the Xuanwu armor defensive cover, they would dare to pull it over.

      has to say, this kind of shameless play makes Shen Tian have no alternative to the extreme.

     Hey, I was too impulsive just now, and I couldn't be cautious when I was tempted by food!This fell well, it was wrapped in three layers inside and outside three layers by the golden core binding immortal vine.

     If there is another time, this son will definitely not waver.

     Gou, refine the spirit stone to protect the shield and work hard to support it.

     When the chance to clear the siege comes, Ben Shengzi will be safe.


     Just when Shen Tian spare no effort refining spirit stones, resisting these immortal vines to strike.

      he suddenly heard a coquettish woman's voice sounded in the bound fairy vine.

     "I didn't expect that City of Bewildering Fog would have such a stunning young man."

     "Hehe, the supernatural coming out of the dust is like an immortal, worthy of this fairy girl."

     "The children brought him back and waited for the immortal Ji to cross the robbery and become holy."

     "I made him a vine slave, took him, flogged him and sucked him dry."

     When he heard the first half, Shen Tian was still relaxed.

     However, after listening to the second half, Shen Tian's face went black.

     This is how you met a handsome man?

     Occupy that's the end of it, what kind of trick is flogging?

     What is even more exaggerated is that after possessing the flogging, do you want to suck up this son?

     It’s too much, it’s completely lacking any feeling or sense of justice!

     Sure enough, the evildoer is the evildoer, without any humanity.

     Come on, help!

     Some thousand-year-old monsters molested underage boys!
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