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144 Carry To The Fairy Master And Turn The Tide
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

City of Bewildering Fog, the imperial palace of the country of fog hidden.

      The Massive Array enveloped the entire court, shaking constantly.

     Around the formation, more than a dozen immortal vines of nearly a hundred meters were lashing frantically.

     Inside the formation, the monk standing with a desperate face looked up at the trembling Bie Xianteng.

     When going to hunt for treasures in the Misty Plain, these monks felt that the immortal vines were a great opportunity given by heaven.

     After all, every immortal binding vine can be regarded as the ultimate treasure of the same level, and it can sell extremely high value after being refined into immortal rope.

      what is more important If you encounter Xianxian Veng in the wild, it doesn’t matter if you are not in enemy. Just leave the Attack Range of Xianxian Veng.

     However, today, these immortal vines that suddenly smashed into the City of Bewildering Fog with seeds have subverted everyone's imagination.

     In the past hundreds of years, it was difficult to see the Nascent Infant Grade Bound Immortal Vine, but this time there were more than a dozen plants.

     Moreover, the strength of each plant is very powerful, even stronger than the average Yuanying stage monk.

     Facing them, those offerings in the Palace of Wuyin Kingdom feel beyond one's reach.

     If it weren't for the help of the goddess at a critical time, I am afraid that the palace is already in danger.

     At this time, the lord of the Wuyin Kingdom was also standing in the crowd, his body trembling unconsciously: "Holy...saint."

     "This misty plain has been stable and normal for thousands of years. Why is there such a terrible change in this misty period?"

     Zhang Yunxi shook her head indifferently: "I don't know, but it is certain that someone behind these immortal vines must be manipulating."

     As she said, her eyes solemnly looked into the thick spiritual fog: I don't know if Junior Brother has escaped safely.The lord of the Wuyin Kingdom was about to ask again, but Zhang Yunxi directly interrupts: "The Wuyin National Formation will not last long."

     She took out a piece of array disk from the space ring: "I need the full cooperation of all the real people."

     "Only when we gather the power of everyone to deploy the "Shenxiao Protecting Mountain Thunder Array", we can have a slim chance of survival."

     Zhang Yunxi quickly placed the formations in every corner of the palace, guiding many venerables and real people to join forces in the formation.

      At the same time, she also cheered Shen Tian silently in her heart: Junior Brother, must hold on, I will come to you soon!


     On the other side, Qin Yundi, Qin Gao and others had already fled into the palace at this time.

     Because there were a large number of Thunder Explosive Talisman and Demon Breaking Spear opening the way, everyone was not seriously injured.

     At this time they stand together with many monks who are mortal danger, escape alive, absorbing the spirit stone and adjusting their breath.

     Many of those monks are weeping bitter tears, feeling excited about their mortal danger, escape alive.

     Although immortal cultivators are indifferent, they are only aimed at mortals, just like a lion ignoring the emotions of a rabbit.

     But when the test of life and death fell on him, few cultivators could take it lightly, and most of them were indistinguishable from mortals.

     At this time escaped alive, many people think of the speech in the city these past two days.

     Yes, the fairy master who can spy on the secrets in the legend has already predicted it.

     He said that the City of Bewildering Fog would change drastically soon, and he persuaded everyone who was destined to leave here.

     It's a pity that everyone is blinded by the so-called ‘opportunity’ and basically they have not stayed away.Even if a part of them was dubious, they just left the misty town and retreated to the misty city.

     Many people even spread rumors about the immortal master because of this, saying that the immortal master is trying to monopolize the great opportunity.

     It turns out that a terrible catastrophe has indeed occurred in the Misty Plain.

     Those monks who stayed in the misty town have completely defeated an army.

     Even those who stayed in the Mist City are now surrounded.

     Suddenly, countless people are too late for regrets in their hearts.

     In the crowd, several monks looked at the remaining thunder burst in their hands, eyes brimming with tears of excitement.

     They were all destined to listen to Shen Tian's persuasion, and replaced half of their chances with thunder and explosion symbols.

     As a result, in the previous great turmoil, facing the immortal vine, they exploded out a slim chance of survival with the thunder explosion.

     Although the immortal binding vines could not be blown up, a large number of thunder explosion talisman blocking still delayed the urgent pursuit of bound immortal vines.

     It is this short period of time that is becoming more and more important for people on the run.

     In the end, these destined people managed to escape into the Wuyin Palace and survived safely temporarily.

     For them at this time, the immortal master is almost their savior!

     At the same time, the fairy master of mystical became their last hope.

     "Thank the immortal master for giving the talisman, if it weren't for the immortal master's reminder, I already died at this time."

     "In order to save our lives, the immortal master spied on the secret to persuade us, but we did not believe him."

     "We damn it! The immortal master does not hesitate to endure the backlash of the heavens, seeking a slim chance of survival for all living beings, and moving heaven!"Master, we are wrong, please hurry up and take away these evildoers! I still have eighty old mothers in my house!"

     "Brother Song, Brother Liu, Brother Zhen, Brother Xiong, aren't you seniors in our organization? Do you know where the fairy master has gone?"


     Listening to the inquiries of the people, shopkeeper Song and others tingling sensation.

     Can they tell these guys that the immortal master has separated from them?

     At this moment, Zhang Yunxi, wearing a white tiger bright armor, walked indifferently holding a white tiger sword.

     She exuded a powerful aura, calmly said: "The fairy master has gone to the depths of the misty plain alone."

     "Presumably you can see that there must be a black hand behind this riot, and the immortal master has already gone to fight with it."

     "At this time, we must choose to believe in the immortal master, while maintaining the final position of the imperial palace."

     "Now, all the people who don't want to die pull yourself together and cooperate with me in the formation!"

      has to say, Zhang Yunxi is indeed a woman to compare favorably with men in terms of ability, bravery etc.

     Not only is strong, but also proficient in the secrets of commanders.

     When encountering a terrible crisis, the most important thing is always to stabilize the military's morale first.

     Only by stabilizing the military's mind can everyone's strength be consolidated into a miracle.

     Otherwise, once a riot occurs under despair and fear, everyone will be dead end.

     Although Zhang Yunxi doesn't know where Shen Tian is, she must take Shen Tian as her backbone and let everyone pull oneself together.

     And her words really made many monks who were shiver coldly fearful to pull oneself together again.They forgot the tragic situation of the cultivators who had been sucked up and the fear of death.

     Yes, the immortal master had no need to take risks, and he was fighting bloody battles at this time.

     How can they give up resistance directly!

     You must hold on to it and never be breached!

     As long as the immortal master kills the evildoers hidden behind, we can survive!

     After the desire for survival rose in his heart, all the cultivators returned, and even more powerful force burst out.

     This is the potential of life!


     What they didn't know was that the immortal master they were thinking of was indeed heading to the depths of the misty plain at this time.

     But it's not about asking for life for the common people, going to punish some shocking evildoer.

     Rather, it is tied up by nine immortal vines like rice dumplings...

     Dedicated to the vine mother fairy fairy as a male favorite.

     Now he is always nervous!
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