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146 Eat You Little Fairies!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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The bottleneck in the underworld burst open, to have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly.

     Shen Tian from head to toe seems to have endless potential release, surging.

     More and more crimson body-broken Qi and Blood Gang Yuan radiated from Shen Tian's body, burning like flames.

     That is the power of Shen Tian's internal blood qi is too turbulent and too powerful.

     This body-breaking vitality and blood are condensed, and the cultivator God Demon Body Refining can also control long-range combat methods.

     Although it is not as good as Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator to control the flying sword, it can kill the enemy a hundred steps away.

     But it can also one's every movement Qi and blood transforms the dragon, I Am Invincible within three feet!

     This is the truly extraordinary means of God Demon Body Refining!

     The blood and divine flames on the surface of Shen Tian's body are constantly becoming thicker and higher.

     Like a real flame, it rises up against the wind, reaching several feet in an instant!

      In general, when the ordinary God Demon Body Refining monk breaks through to the transcendent stage, his blood is about ten feet.

     Those body-refining geniuses with profound background may be able to reach about two feet or three feet.

     Among those great forces in the Hollow Heaven and Holy Land, the true training disciples of Intensive Training can reach more than five zhang yuan.

     The height of qi and blood that was condensed for the first time when he broke through to the transcendent realm also reflected his talent to some extent.

     The higher the qi and blood, the stronger the foundation laid by God Demon Body Refining during the body training period.

     In the future, it will be easier to temper the five internal organs with Qi, Blood and Gang Yuan.

     On the contrary, it means that the foundation is unstable and it is difficult to achieve success!

     At this time, the broken body qi and blood emanating from the surface of Shen Tian's body had reached about five feet, and it was still rising rapidly.While condensing the gang yuan, he took out the immortal vine from the Cangming Ring, eating baji baji like sugarcane.

     Seeing that the four immortal vines underneath were not in the right posture, Sa Yazi became more anxious.

     You have to quickly hand over this human to the vine mother, otherwise you will always feel like it will be eaten by him!


     Feeling the speed of the four immortal binding vines under him speeding up, Shen Tian condensed and broke his body faster.

     The so-called broken body is actually the highly compressed body of Power of Blood Energy in the monk's body, with extremely firm and fierce power.

     Used in combat, it allows God Demon Body Refining to possess the ability similar to the release of qi, and use methods such as ‘big mudra of qi’.

     Used for cultivation, it can penetrate into the monk's body in a targeted manner, and directly refine the monk's five solid organs and six hollow organs.

     The five solid organs and six hollow organs of the monks will be greatly strengthened through the tempering and nurturing of Qi and Blood Gang Yuan.

     Not only in the fight, the five solid organs and six hollow organs have greatly increased their fighting ability and are less likely to be injured.

     It can fundamentally supplement the five elements of the human body and further strengthen the monk's body!

     The main goal of Transcendent Realm is to refine five solid organs and six hollow organs with qi and blood.

     Only when five solid organs and six hollow organs are refined to the level of Vajra Indestructible, can Internal and External Cultivation using force to overcome the principle.

     More and more spirit stones turned into debris, and more and more immortal vines were absorbed by Shen Tian, leaving only a layer of skin.

     Finally, Shen Tian felt that his hungry body was temporarily saturated and could no longer eat anymore.

     At this time, the turbulent burst of tears and blood on his body had reached nine feet and five feet!The qi and blood on his body are dark crimson, which is extremely deep and restrained.

     When these Gang Yuan touched the immortal vines, the surface of the immortal vines began to smoke.

     The immortal vines were also struggling violently, obviously disliked this kind of Qi and Blood Gang Yuan very much.

     Shen Tian opened his eyes, and there seemed to be flames burning in his pupils.

     He felt that he was full of power now, and he could blast his spirits with one punch.

     Of course, if there is really a big boss in the transformation stage, then treat him as saying nothing.

     Shen Tian slowly stretched out his right hand, and the heavy silver water lingered at his fingertips, like a dance.

     At this time, Shen Tian could clearly feel that his control of First Primordial Heavy Water in his body had improved a lot.

     Originally, he could only barely cover the First Primordial Heavy Water on his fist, or borrow Renshui Divine Thunder to damage the enemy.

     But at this time, as long as Shen Tian is willing, he can easily control First Primordial Heavy Water.

     He pulled it gently, and the heavy water was suddenly drawn into a slender water line with silver light.

     Although it collapsed quickly after the thickness reached the critical point, it was much more stable than before!

     Shen Tian even felt that if he broke through again, he could even directly use heavy water to condense weapons.

     "Don't want that much, get out of trouble first!"

     Shen Tian takes a deep breath and slowly pulls out the Bishui Sword.

     The light of the sword glowed like water, shimmering with a faint luster, and it was a good sword at first glance.

     Shen Tian held the Jade Water Sword in his right hand, and gently painted First Primordial Heavy Water on the sword with his left hand.

     When it is steep, a layer of silver white liquid is attached to the edge of the clear water sword, making it more sharp and striking.Shen Tian's eyes were slightly cold, and his whole body's vitality suddenly burned, releasing infinite strength.

     That is a method recorded in the "Xin Huo Jing", which can burn own's qi blood gang yuan and double the strength.

     This is also the unique desperate tactics of God Demon Body Refining Transcendent Realm, once it is used, it will inevitably be severely injured.

     After all, those are all Life Primordial Essence, venting too much in one breath will inevitably lose their roots.

     But facing the crisis of death at this time, Shen Tian is naturally a better choice without other.

     Can only burn Qi and blood Gang Yuan, battle to the death with this monster playing with whip!



     Shen Tian's whole body of Qi and Blood Gang Yuan was collected into his body, releasing infinite power.

     At this moment, his muscles swelled up instantly, and his hair stood upside-down.

     Crimson light shone from his body, making the Black Tortoise Battle Armor shiny on him.

     At this moment, Shen Tian raised up the clear water sword in his hand, red blood and silver heavy water both blessed the blade.

     He severely chopped off the crazily twisting immortal vines on his body, and the Bishui Sword suddenly shot out several feet of swords.


     At this moment, Blessed By God sharp and unable to withstand.

      The incomparably tenacious bound fairy vine, under the edge of the sword of clear water as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

     They were like pieces of paper, cut by the Bishui Sword in Shen Tian's hand, and the juice splashed everywhere.

     With a long roar, Shen Tian shot out from the huge immortal vine cage like a tiger descending from the mountain.

     The power of the blood burning made him feel as if he had been knocked out of medicine. He didn't feel fatigue at all, he just wanted to vent constantly.

     Boom~!The huge purple gold hammer was also summoned by Shen Tian and held it in his right hand.

     Leading the hammer to the sky, the black thunder condensed into a huge basalt shadow in an instant, and moved toward a suppression immortal vine.


     Xuanwu is among the ten great beasts, this was originally so the existence characterized by suppression.

     At this moment, the anomaly of Xuanwu Town's Jiangshan Mountain became clearer, stabilizing the immortal vine.

     The purple golden hammer that was as big as a thousand feet crashed on the bound fairy vine, smashing it directly to the ground, bewildered.

     In the next second, Shen Tian slashed down with the Bishui sword in his left hand, slicing this immortal vine into two, splashing green juice.

     The Binding Immortal Vine, comparable to the monks of the Golden Core Stage of Human Race, did not last for three minutes in the explosive state of Shen Tian's burning Qi and blood!

     "Feel the anger of Ben Shengzi!"

     Shen Tian grabbed half of the immortal vine and held it in his mouth.

      gūlū gūlū guru~

      The juice of Sweet and Sour was swallowed by Shen Tian, and it was quickly refined into the purest energy, which flooded his body.

     The arrogance that had been dimmed on the surface of Shen Tian's body seemed to be fueled, and it became vigorous again.

     His eyes are like electricity, and the surrounding spiritual fog can no longer affect his spirituality and vision.

     "Tie Ben Shengzi, and play for so long in the bondage, so happy!"

     "I want to eat all of you little fairies!"
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