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147 Will It Be Struck By Lightning During The Foundation Period?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Facing Shen Tian, who looked extremely arrogant and burning all over his body, the remaining three immortal vines were terrified.

     How do you fight this? The human body in front of me is wearing basalt armor, and their attacks are simply unbreakable.

     Originally devouring essence was the stunt of binding immortal vines, and the first-handed method made the monks fearful.

     The question is, do you dare to stick the vines and roots into Shen Tian's mouth? He dare to bite you!

     What's more nonsense is that the rhizome of Bound Immortal Vine is unparalleled in defense, and even the magic weapon fairy sword is difficult to cut.

     But it fell in Shen Tian's mouth, just like chewing sugarcane, that there was no pressure, baji baji was delicious.

     Can't do it, bite and bite. I could have tied him up with Fujita, but now he can't even be tied.

     This mankind is obviously still in the foundation period, but regardless of speed, strength, and defense, they are all too abnormal.

     There is also a piece of equipment on his body that is more than a cow, and it is open and gold, this is not a bully!

     Seeing that Shen Tian's hair was standing upright now and he was obviously in a state of liver bursting, these immortal vines decided to escape.

     So the three immortal vines swung their tentacles together and slapped the ground, and the branches rushed towards the Shentian like a giant python.

     Shen Tian scream came well, and the purple gold hammer and clear water sword in his hand ran all the mana and gang yuan to welcome these vines.


     The Zijin hammer hit the vines heavily, but Shen Tian didn't feel a trace of resistance, and the three vines that bound the immortal vines were directly broken.

     On the other side, the main body of the three immortal binding vines has fully controlled the roots, and flees into the depths of the spiritual fog with enchanting steps.Alas, damn vine mother, this human is so powerful, it can't be beaten, the immortal is forgiving, and it's dead vine!

     Plant monsters are far less intelligent than humans, and even worse than beast monsters of rank.

     The Bound Immortal Vine of the Golden Core Period is equivalent to a few years old child.

     At this moment, seeing Shen Tian destroying so many of his own companions, how dare they continue to entangle them?

     She opened the girl, and instantly disappeared from Shen Tian's sight.

     Originally these three immortal binding vines escaped, and Shen Tian was going to chase them.

     After all, although they don't look good, they still taste great.

     But Shen Tian thought about the consequences of chasing and killing Bound Xianvine before, and stopped immediately.

     forget it!

     This misty plain is too evil, it's important to go to a safe place first.

     Keep chasing, in case you encounter the Yuanying Stage Bound Xianteng again.

     Shen Tian couldn't guarantee that he could get out of trouble again.

     After all, there are thousands of immortal roads, and safety comes first.

     If you don't take a prudent risk, your loved ones will cry!


     Shen Tian decided to ignore the three sevens are twenty-one and leave the foggy plain.

     As long as he leaves the mist-shrouded area, Shen Tian can use the Saint Child Token to inform the elders of the Holy Land of Shenxiao.

     At that time, the strong of the Shenxiao Holy Land will be dispatched, and Shen Tian will not believe that black hand behind the scenes, no matter how strong it is, it can stop a Holy Land!

     After swallowing a large amount of sap from the immortal vine, Shen Tian found that his consciousness and vision were in the mist, and the impact was further reduced.

     At this time, his vision can be seen hundreds of meters away through the spiritual fog, and his spiritual sense can also control magical instruments and magical charms for simple battle blessings.Controlling Sword Flight can also be used reluctantly, but not too fast. After all, driving at a low speed in foggy weather, otherwise it will be a tragedy if you hit the mountain.

     Stepping on the lotus shot gun, holding the purple gold hammer in his right hand, holding the green water sword in his left hand, and wearing a black god helmet.

     With the basalt shield on his back, eight Yin-Yang Demon Breaking Spears hovered around Shen Tian, ready to shoot at any time.

     At this moment, Shen Tian has been armed to the teeth, as long as the Yuan Ying period does not appear, he will no place to fear.

     The only tangled thing is that although Shen Tian can already see a hundred meters through the spirit mist.

     But the range of this misty plain is too big, far more than 100 meters.

     Shen Tian stepped on the lotus shot gun and flew for hundreds of miles toward the periphery of the foggy plain.

     In the end, he still couldn't fly out of the range covered by the mist, he clearly remembered that the three vines didn't go so far!

     What's more nonsense is that as Shen Tian flew further and further, he found that a thick black cloud appeared above his head.

     You can faintly see thunder lights pulsing in the dark clouds, like violet divine dragons, exuding endless power.

     That kind of power is solemn and solemn, Supreme Existence, carrying the impulse that makes people can't help but bow their heads, extremely powerful.

     Shen Tian cultivated the Five Thunders Zhengtian Secret Art, and he felt very sensitively that it turned out to be the unique power of the Heavenly Tribulation!

     For a while, Shen Tian was shocked, how can it be, why is there a tribulation above his head?

     You should know that monks generally only trigger the catastrophe after reaching the peak of the transformation stage.

     Heavenly Tribulation can wash the body of a monk, temper the roots and bones, and derive immortal energy.But why is there a cloud of robbery in the misty plain, still shrouded on the head of the holy child?

     Could it be said that this saint son is a rarely seen genius in the world of cultivating immortals, who will overcome the catastrophe during the foundation period?

     This setting is too vulgar!

     Is it because my magnificent style unmatched in his generation has an unmatched talent, having extraordinary bearing shocking and stunning talent, he will be discriminated against by heaven?

      Thought until here, Shen Tian silently stopped the lotus shot gun to the side of the road, and all the demon-breaking guns originally suspended around the body were also put away.

     Try to stay away from metal objects when thunder days, try not to stand in open spaces, and try to find suitable shelters.

     This is what the elementary school teacher taught him.

     Shen Tian comforted himself in his heart, don't worry too much, in case this thunder is not the son of the holy son!

     The top priority now is to quickly find a place with shelter, otherwise it will be too dangerous.

     Shen Tian bent over and ran in the spirit mist, and finally faintly saw a valley.

     Suddenly, Shen Tian was overjoyed, and hurriedly ran toward the valley while already wearing a Fengyu mask.

     At this time, the thunderclouds are more dense, and there will be thunder falling at any time. The thicker the defense, the better!


     The valley is huge, with a height of several thousand meters alone, faintly inserted into the clouds.

     Its width is also very amazing, Shen Tian looked east to the west and couldn't see the side at all, it was endless.

     And I don't know if it is due to the influence of the catastrophe, the spiritual fog in this valley is not particularly dense, but very sparse.

     Shen Tian dug a cave halfway up the mountain with a sword, hid in the cave, and then blocked the entrance of the cave with stones.

     After doing this, he was finally relaxed.It's done so safely now, probably not by accident!

     After all, Shen Tian turned over in one's mind, this Lei Jie absolutely impossible was his.

     Just kidding, even if you want to overcome the thunder tribulation during the foundation building, it should be a weaker thunder tribulation.

     Now in the sky, can the intensity of those thunderbolts be borne during the base-building period? What a mess!

     Even if you are the sage of the Yuan Ying stage, if you are smashed by the thunder in the robbery cloud, you have to turn into dust right away!

     Obviously, this thunder disaster should belong to other people, as long as you don't be brought disaster to innocent people.

     Shen Tian lay in the cave and finally relaxed, feeling his body is hollowed out.

     He took out a piece of spirit stone and refilled his state.

     At the same time, cut off a few immortal vines and use them for juice.

     The long-lost comfortable life is so simple.

     But Shen Tian always felt as if he had overlooked something.


     Suddenly, Shen Tian's body was shocked.

     He knew what he had overlooked, oh my god!

     Since this is not his own Thunder Tribulation, whose is it?

     I still remember listening to Mother Teng before that she would take him when she became a saint.

     So... the thunder robbery in the sky is actually the holy thunder robbery against the immortal vine mother?

     But why did it appear on the head of this holy son?


     A terrible guess arose in Shen Tian's heart: Is the Vine Mother nearby?

     Before Ben Shengzi Controlling Sword Flight, he would not pick the wrong direction...

     This advance courageously, it's shot into the fairy den!
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