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148 The Bloody Love Of Man And Demon
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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This thought arose in his mind, and Shen Tian was stunned.

     Yaoshou, isn't this son of God already whitewashed?

     Why is it so unlucky!

     No, you have to slip away as soon as possible before being found.

      Thought until here, Shen Tianding opened the stone at the entrance of the cave and slipped out of the cave.

     He didn't dare to Controlling Sword Flight anymore, because these spirit mists obviously couldn't stop the Immortal Vine.

     If Shen Tian directly Controlling Sword Flight, very possibly might be pulled down from midair by the bound fairy vine.

     If this is really the base camp of the immortal vine, then it would be quite miserable to be bound by the immortal vine here.

     Shen Tian tied the Feng Yu mask on his face closer, tightening the pores and acupoints all over his body.

     Try not to show any human aura, leave quietly, not to shoot.

     Arched, Shen Tian quickly slipped out of the valley, the thief was steady.

     But at this moment, a joking voice sounded.

     "Hehe, you are finally here."

     The voice was soft and charming, ecstasy.

     She sounded in every corner of the valley, echoing clearly.

     Yes, this is the voice of the vine mother, exactly the same as what Shen Tian heard before.

     Shen Tian was stunned at once, this saint son is so careful, how could he still be discovered, are you a dog?

     Is it really going to be bound, possessed, and sucked dry by these thousands of years old witches?

     Deeply unwilling to rise in the mind, Shen Tian decided to vow to die rather than obey!

     However, at this moment, an extremely bright sun rose in this Lingwu Valley.Its light is extremely bright, emitting magnificent light and heat, so that people can't even look at its shape directly.

     An angry voice came from Da Ri: "Lu Ji, you violated our agreement, do you want to fight this honor?"

     Hearing the voice coming from Da Rizhong, Shen Tian relaxed, it turned out that the old witch was not talking to him.

     Also, Shen Tian's cultivation base was as weak as an ant compared to Tengmu.

     Coupled with the Feng Yu mask's astringent mechanism, it is difficult to find.

     But at this time the two powerhouses oppose each other with equal harshness, and powerful aura swept the entire valley.

     Shen Tian didn't dare to continue act blindly without thinking, otherwise it would be a disaster if discovered.

     He carefully hid behind a stone, constricted his energy with all his strength, and muttered silently: I am a stone and I am a stone.

     Then, he felt the ground shaking, and the whole valley seemed to have giant pythons squirming.

     Clear vibrations sounded throughout the valley, and countless rubble fell from the valley.

     Shen Tian could even feel that there was a Behemoth(s) twitching under him.

     His body heaves up and down as the huge vine twitches.

     Obviously, the entire valley below has been covered by the body of the vine mother.

     Her vines have occupied the entire ground, almost refining this Lingwu Valley into zettai ryōiki.

     The coquettish voice resounded in the valley again: "Dian Yang, why bother to be so angry! It's really unnecessary."

     As soon as the voice fell, a huge black rattan pillar with a length of one hundred feet rose from the middle of the valley, on which stood a stunning woman.The woman wore black vine armor, which could cover hidden parts, and her fair skin was almost entirely bare.

     Her figure is very sexy, and her waist is thin and boneless, shaking gently, like a fairy.

     Oh, she this was originally so fairy.

     This is a peerless stunner, which makes people even feel willing to be sucked up.

     She stood on the cane pole lightly, and cast a wink at the big day: "It's all about your old friend, don't make trouble."

     A wooden table was slowly raised on the rattan column, and two cups of milky white liquid were placed on the wooden table, exuding a strong fragrance.

     "This is the fairy juice wine that I refined and refined over five hundred years. I know you're the best."

     Lu Ji gently picked up two glasses of wine, drank one of them, and threw the other.

     The glass filled with fine wine pierced the sky and flew towards the majestic day.

     However, before the cup could get close to the Haoran Day, he set himself on fire in the sky.

     The raging fire burned the wine into nothingness, and the sun slowly converged and sank into a stalwart man.

     He was wearing a black cloth, a square face, a beard, and a four-foot-long broad sword on his back.

     At this moment he danced wildly, his face was full of anger and indifference: "Lv Ji, don't use this kind of thing to buy me!"

     Lu Jiyou looked at Qianyuan Jianzun with a glance: "Oh, that's not what a stinky man said at the beginning."

     "When that little Jianxiu saw others, he said that the sap was the best to drink, and he would never drink enough."

     "Why, now the adult clan is powerful, he thinks he is a monster, and he wants to get rid of the monster?"Qianyuan Jianzun's face turned red, his tone softened: "Lv Ji, those things are over."

     "The human monk breaks into the foggy plain and explores. If you are greedy and cause death cannot wipe out the crimes, this honor will not stop you."

     "But today, why do you release so many mutated immortal vines to besiege the City of Bewildering Fog? Could it be that you really want to be an enemy of the human race?

     The green vine girl smile on face slowly converged, and his gaze towards Qianyuan Jianzun gradually became indifferent: "Oh?"

     "If you allow your human race to break into the misty plain to hunt the immortal vine, will you not allow me to kill?"

     "Today, Fairy Fairy is going to suck up everyone in Misty City, what can you do to me!"

     Qianyuan Jianzun takes a deep breath: "putting it that way, can we talk about it?"

     Green Ji smiled coquettishly: "Who said there is nothing to talk about? Today is the day when this fairy Ji crossed the catastrophe and became a holy."

     "After this fairy girl has passed 49 Heavenly Tribulations, she can truly transform to human, and she will be happy in the world from now on."

     "Qianyuan, didn't you like Ben Fairy before? After Ben Fairy transforms into form, how about befriending you?"

     "At that time, the fairy fairy will make wine for you, walk with you through the deserts of the east and the west, the southern borders and the North Sea, and travel the world wouldn't it be beautiful?

     Shen Tian hid behind the stone, and his whole body trembled.

     Yaoshou, I did not expect Brother Zhao's cheap master to be so heavy on taste.

     When I was young, I actually fell in love with a mother vine, and kept in mind constantly.

     Saying that these two people really want to be together, won't they be tempted to suck when they fight kiss?

     Well, Shen Tian knows such a tense environment now, thinking that some of these are not inappropriate.But he is indeed in a very embarrassing situation now, and he can't leave.

     Feeling the emotions in the words of Fujimu Luji did not seem to be false, Qianyuan Jianzun's eyes also showed struggle.

     Obviously, these two old guys definitely have adultery.

     However, he in the end still shook his head firmly: "Impossible. Your hand is stained with human blood debt, this honor can never accept you."

     Fujimo Luji sneered: "Oh? Just because I killed some avaricious and insatiable people, do you look down on me?"

     "Don't forget, you humans yourself massacre one another, why can't you accept it when you come to me?"

     "Hehe, after all, it's just Not the same race. The heart must be different. You can't see the difference between races."

     As he talked, the body of the vine mother green Ji slowly dissipated: "Dian Yang, you are so stupid."

     "Since you don't like Ben Xianji killing people, then I want to kill it for you!"

     "Today, this fairy girl crossed the robbery to become a holy, and must take the human race as a sacrifice!"

     "I'd like to see, how do you stop me today!"

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