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150 Take Me As A Sacrifice
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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The huge Jade Vine stood straight with a height of a thousand feet, branching into the air.

     In an instant, streams of extremely pure essence poured into the Immortal Devouring Vine from the void, and were refined by it.

      At the same time, the immortal vines slowly withered in Misty City, completely deactivated and turned into withered vines.

     Obviously, these immortal binding vines are just the puppets of the vine mother Green Ji, and they are the controllable tools she uses to absorb the human essence.

     Now that the vine mother is about to cross the catastrophe, all the human essence absorbed by the puppets are directly recovered and used to cross the catastrophe to become a holy.

     After absorbing a large amount of Bound Xian Vine and human essence, the thousand-foot-high Jade Vine became more glittering and translucent.

     And the phantom of that stunning woman became more solid, just like a real human race.

     She stands proudly between Heaven and Earth, and the wound hit by the thunder is rapidly healed and restored.

     Obviously, as an immortal vine, her Healing Ability is stronger than the immortal vine!

     Green vines waved the vines, looking at in the sky's Jieyun.

     "You human monks keep on saying that you want to enforce justice on behalf of the Heaven behead monsters and eliminate demons."

     "Today, I want to see if the Heavenly Dao Lei Jie can take my life!"

     Vine Mother Green Ji's huge body suddenly rises from the ground, and the whole vine pulls towards the sky like a huge whip.

     She didn't even intend to wait for the thunder robbery to fall one after another, but to dispel the thunder robbery directly and destroy the robbery fundamentally.

     Seeing Fujimu Greenji's domineering operation, Shen Tian expressed shock.

     I'm going, are you sure that this holy child has not traveled to a female channel?Even if you are the Immortal Eater, what if you dare to directly swing the whip and take the initiative to take the initiative?

     This strong dragon and proud style, this sense of sight of "I cannot control my life", is it sure to be serious?

     In fact, even Shen Tian was stunned, let alone Heavenly Tribulation.

     After the giant vine flogged through the robbery cloud, the sky full of thunder stopped for a moment.

     But what followed was an even more violent outburst of thunder, as if being enraged.

     The second thunder descended, like a dazzling fire Suzaku, dyeing the entire sky crimson.

     That is the Innate Bing Fire Suzaku divine thunder in the Innate Five Elements Divine Thunder, which is extremely restrained against the spirit wood fairy like the fairy vine.

     Moreover, it seems to be offended by the vine mother Lu Ji, at this time the power of the second thunder calamity is stronger than that of the white tiger robbery.

     That thunder has even condensed a real Vermillion Bird body, as if a real beast came to the world.

     It carried the terrible thunder fire down violently, and shot towards the vine and green girl.

     The fog in the entire misty valley seemed to scatter.

     There was no trace of fear in Lu Ji's eyes: "Hehe, come on!"

     After a word, painful faces appeared on the surface of the huge vine.

     The overwhelming majority of those people are monks who fall into the misty plains because of greed.

     Their essence was swallowed up by the Immortal Devouring Vine, and their souls were imprisoned in the Immortal Devouring Vine without being able to survive.

     At this time, Fujimoluji rushed to Binghuo Suzaku with the souls of these people, and wanted to let these people die in the thunder and fire.

     "Lv Ji, you are too much."The Qianyang Jianzun sighed saying was originally Vine Binding.

     His body began to burn with a raging flame, and the vines that originally tied him broke instantly.

     A dazzling flame appeared on the body of the Qianyang Sword Sovereign, condensing into a long sword that kept burning.

     He sighed: "You only know that you are the ninth-ranked Immortal Devouring Vine on the Lingmu List. Start off leniently to me many times."

     "As everyone knows, this honor has already controlled Southbright Trigram Fire, which is ranked tenth on the different fire list, and has never killed you."

     "Well, now that you have reached this point, there is no right or wrong between you and me, it's just a fight."

     "Today, you die, I live, if there is an afterlife, you will be reincarnated as a human, or this honor will become a monster!"

     "In this way, the cause and effect are eliminated, or the front edge can be continued."

     Sword Sovereign Qianyang, who was burning with flames, suddenly burst into a bright light.

     Immediately afterwards, that in the sky's Jie Yun became more dense, like thick ink rolling.

     Sword Sovereign Qianyang realized his own body and stepped out of the final step.

     He burned the brilliant Southbright Trigram Fire all over, igniting the whole person.

     At this moment, he even touched the threshold of crossing the robbery.

     "The sky does not give birth to a bright sun, and the ages are like a long night."

     "The sun shines in the nine skies, and the sword fire burns ten thousand demons."

     "Take me as a sacrifice, the sword shines on the universe!"

     After a word, Qianyang Jianzun turned into a red soaring sword, and the sword's edge was faintly surrounded by the nine-wheel red Golden Sun.

     That is the vision of the Golden Crow Ling Jiuxiao, and it is rumored that the "Sun Emperor Sutra" can be cultivated to the Dacheng realm to condense.However, at this time, the essence of the body was burned by Jian Zun Qianyang, condensing it in advance.

     He transformed himself into a sword, and with an advance courageously momentum, he decisively slashed towards the green vine.

     Facing the Qianyang Sword Sovereign who sacrificed herself with the forbidden law and wanted to Perish Together with her, Fujimoluji sneered.

     "The coward who dare not face it, this fairy girl only cultivates this life and not the next life, who will continue with you?"

     "The strong flame of Southbright Trigram Fire falls in the hands of people like you, and it is a shame for the treasure."

     "Well, today this fairy girl will completely cut off the front line with you, and prove my holy way!"

     The huge jade vines soaring into the sky continue to spiral and condense into a sharp cone.

     The tip of the awl pierced towards the divine sword made by Qianyang Jianzun.


     The giant emerald vine shattered in an instant, but the Southbright Trigram Fire sword also shattered in an instant.

     Balls of flames in the sky spread out, lasing everywhere like a meteor.

     Yes, the cultivation base of Qianyang Jianzun in the end still is inferior to the green vine and mother green Ji, and can't truly make a sword.

     It's not as good as the foundation, plus the sword is not cut advance courageously, so naturally you can't like a hot knife through butter.

     Compared with the seemingly coquettish but firm and determined Vine Mother Green Princess, Qianyang Jianzun is weak after all.

     He seems to be as powerful as fire, but he doesn't understand his own way at all, and he doesn't understand his heart.

     This approach can't be said wrong, but as a swordsman, if the will is not firm enough, kendo naturally cannot reach its peak.

     In the battle with the Green Princess, Qianyang Jianzun in the end still failed and wiped over the floor.

     ...After the Southbright Trigram Fire sword shattered, the origin of the fire spattered into every corner of the valley, burning fiercely.

     One of them, Lihuo Yuanyuan, even carried the remnant soul of Qianyuan Jianzun who was already severely wounded and fell into the direction of Mist City.

     And the body of Immortal Lady Vine also undefendedly carried the second Binghuo Suzaku Thunder!

     Since there was no resistance, that divine thunder directly penetrated the body of the Immortal Devouring Vine.

     Then, the shattered thunder shot towards the valley in an instant.

     Unfortunately, several shots happened to be beside Shen Tian.

     You know that is the thunder that the powerhouse of the transformation stage is facing!

     Even if it has been broken into pieces, and it just falls by the side, it is absolutely terrifying.

     Shen Tian only felt the extremely hot and powerful thunder rushing all over his body, and his whole body became numb.

      The power of thunder and lightning crazily destroyed Shen Tian's body and severely injured his body.

     His hair began to stand up frantically, and his face turned black in an instant.

      After a long time, he breathed out a black breath.

     This day, the robbery thunder is really exciting!

     And this is just the beginning, because the thunder calamity of Immortal Tengmu is still going on!

     Thunder sputtered to Shen Tian's side, it was inevitable.

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