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151 How About Let's Make A Golden Body For The Fairy Master!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

In the eastern suburbs of Misty City, in a valley of birdsong and fragrant flowers.

     Zhao Hao knelt before the grave, his face was slightly pale, and his eyes were bloodshot.

     After all, he has completely lost his cultivation. Although Mortal Body Strength is better than ordinary people, he still gets tired.

     At this time, Zhao Hao had already kneeled in front of his mother's grave for one day and one night, and a deep sense of fatigue enveloped him.

     But he still knelt firmly in front of the grave and did not stand up, even if his legs were numb.

     Because in his heart has an obsession, he must restore his own cultivation.

     Zhao Hao wants to prove to those people that he can pull oneself together!

     "Still have two more days, just stick to it for two more days."

     Zhao Hao licked his chapped lips, secretly encouraging himself in his heart.

     At this moment, Sudden Appearance in the night sky suddenly struck a bright meteor across the dark sky.

     Yes, this meteor is the origin of the Southbright Trigram Fire that carries the remnant of Qianyang Jianzun. At this time, it lased by coincidence.


     Zhao Hao was secretly encouraging him!

     Suddenly, he felt like he was being hit hard, and he was smashed to the ground.

     After the terrifying flame contaminated Zhao Hao's body, it almost instantly enveloped him.

     Zhao Hao's whole body's consciousness almost collapsed under this intense temperature, but fortunately the last bit of obsession held it.

     Is this the chance that Brother Shen said? But didn't Brother Shen say that he would come back within three days?

     I understand that Brother Shen is to encourage me so that I can be more combative.

     And I thought it was 3 days, but it happened on the first day.Yes, Brother Shen is going to give me a surprise!

     Although the whole body was burned by the fire and it was extremely painful, Zhao Hao had no fear.

     On the contrary, Zhao Hao is now excited as never before, because he has sensed his spiritual surging again.

     The flame was being absorbed by Zhao Hao's body, and following his movement route, it crazily poured into the Dantian place.

     Zhao Hao not say a word, with gratitude to Shen Tian in his heart, full operation "Burning Heaven Sword Fire Jue" exercise.

     He vaguely felt that the flame was very gentle to him, as if there was a god blessing in the dark.

     Zhao Hao's heart is looking thoughtful: "Brother Zhao must have been here long ago, Brother Zhao is a god!"

     Of course, if his thoughts are heard by Jian Zun Qianyang who is dying at this time, he must clean up the sect.

     God is really a surprise prepared for you by Brother Zhao, this is Lao Tzu using his last strength to save you!

     A little bit of Southbright Trigram Fire origin poured into Zhao Hao under the control of Jianzun Qianyang.

     Zhao Hao felt as if he had broken through a layer of membrane and entered a new world.

     He even felt that he was fuse together with the flame, and he could feel the breathing of the flame.

     In his mind, a familiar voice resounded: "As expected... it is the body of the Nine Suns."

     "When I first met, I felt that your kid was not easy. I didn't expect it to be the legendary Nine Suns Fighting Body."

     Zhao Hao was slightly surprised. He heard the voice's identity: "It's you? Beard, why did you come out?"

     Jianzun Qianyang said helplessly: "This is not important, my soul is very weak now, and I must sleep immediately.""Now the Misty Plain is very dangerous, you should leave this place now and be the farther the better!"

     After speaking, Qianyuan Jianzun's voice disappeared, and Ren Zhao Hao didn't respond to any questions.

     This also made Zhao Hao understand that his bearded master seemed to be in bad condition.

     "No, if the Mist Plain is very dangerous, what about Brother Shen and the others!"

     Zhao Hao has a worried look on his face, no, brother Shen has a kind of reinvention for me.

     Now that there is a big danger nearby, I must go to the City of Bewildering Fog to inform Brother Shen and let him leave!

      Thought until here, Zhao Hao knocked three heads toward the grave: "Mother, my son can no longer guard the grave for you."

     "When the child rescues Brother Shen, I will definitely come back to make up for the remaining two days of the grave guard period!"


      In the City of Bewildering Fog, Mountain Protecting Great Formation covers the entire palace.

     All the monks are taking turns to input their spiritual power into the large array to resist attacks.

     Suddenly, the immortal binding vines that crazily attacked the large array began to wither.

     In just a few breaths, the immortal vines that were still fierce and mighty turned into ashes.

      has to say, everyone hiding in the City of Bewildering Fog Palace was stunned.

     After a moment of silence, the cheers of mortal danger, escape alive erupted from all the monks.

     "Those evil animals are all withered, Master Immortal Master has successfully surrendered the evil spirits in the Mist Plain?"

     "It must be true, Master Immortal is really powerful, and he surrendered such a powerful evildoer so quickly."

     "We can't be the ones who know our kindness and don't repay us. The immortal master saved our lives. We must write down this kindness.""In my opinion, how about we raise some money and give it to the fairy master as a return of graciousness of life-saving!"

     "It's wrong or not, the immortal teacher said that people who are destined don't take the money, he will definitely not collect the money."

     "Well, giving money is too cliché, it's better... let's shape a golden body for the fairy master!"

     "It is extremely, extremely, the fairy master divine strategy and wonderful planning, and has the ability to subdue monsters and defeat demons."

     "He saved all of us in Misty City, and it's not too much to model the fairy master."

     "Go, let's go to His Majesty the Lord, and it is recommended to shape a golden body for the fairy master in the center of the City of Bewildering Fog!"

     "I agree!"

     "I agree too!"

     "And me, so do I!"


      The grandiose team flocking, so scared that the lord of the misty country almost didn't draw his sword and exclaimed the rebellion to protect him.

     But after hearing that these guys wanted to shape the golden body for the immortal master, the lord of the country thought about it and agreed.

     Just kidding, let alone this fairy master, he is profoundly mystery, possessing magical divination.

     Only the attitude of the goddess of the gods towards that fairy master was surprisingly valued.

     Can the saint be so important, even like the people around him?

     Think that ordinary monks like you will slap a fairy? I will too!

     The lord of the country pondered for a while, and said: "The fairy master saved the Misty City and also saved the Wuyin Country."

     "How is a golden body enough? I decided to build a nine-zhang pure gold body for the fairy master in Central City District."

     "In addition, at the four gates of East, West, North, and South, I will build a nine-zhang pure gold body for the fairy master.""From today onwards, the imperial family of Fanwuyin Kingdom needs to establish a longevity card for the immortal teacher at home."

     "Every prince from the imperial family of the Wuyin Kingdom, I must never forget the great grace of the fairy teacher!"

     After speaking, the Lord looked at Zhang Yunxi: "Holy girl, what do you think?"

     Zhang Yunxi secretly wiped a lot of sweat in his heart, and it made sense for this guy to become the throne.

     In the face of real big people, he can completely let go of the face of the lord, and knows to be thankful.

     Rao is Zhang Yunxi until now the one who dislikes smooth whiskers and pat a horse's bottom flattering and fawning the most, and he doesn't feel disgusted at this time.

     Well, of course, there is also the reason why the object of gratitude to the host is Shen Tian.

     After all, it is not a bad thing to have a large number of monks grateful for Dade.

     Even Shen Tian will have benefits!

     "This saint has no opinion, but let's wait for the spiritual fog to dissipate!"

     Zhang Yunxi indifferently looked at the still dense spiritual fog outside the palace: "Before that, don't let everyone go out."

     "Otherwise, in case it is a blinding method used by the monster, it is right to go out at this time."

     After telling everyone in the palace not to go out, Zhang Yunxi meditated on the spot.

     Her mental and mana consumption are too great and need to be repaired.

     "Junior Brother, where are you, you must be safe!"


     Just when everyone was thinking about Shen Tian, Shen Tian himself was not what kind of life.

     He was still hiding behind the stone, holding a suit of women's clothing in his hand.

     At this time, Shen Tian looked tangled.

     Well, very tangled!
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