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152 Can Women's Clothing Be Lucky?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

This set of women's clothing is exactly what was in one of the three stone boxes in Tianshuixian Mansion.

     There were three stone boxes, and the first stone box contained Cangming Ring, which contained a million spirit stones and a large box.

     The third stone box contains First Primordial Heavy Water, which is ranked 11th in the real water list. It has an extremely terrifying weight and is of great help to Shen Tian.

     And the second box contained this set of light blue women's divine water armor, and a light blue leather whip.

     That whip has a very high grade, even though Shen Tian has reached the foundation stage, he still cannot drop the blood to recognize master.

     However, the rank of the light blue battle armor is still at the level of the spirit tool, which belongs to the rare Peak Grade Spirit Tool.

     Its defensive power even surpasses the High Grade Spirit Tool basalt helmet.

     If you wear this armor, the survival ability should be greatly increased.

     The question is how can Shen Tiantang, a seven-foot man, Shenxiao Shengzi, wear women's clothing!

     If this is seen and then spread out, how would he be a man in this Eastern Desolate Immortal Gate?

     Maybe the Holy Master Shenxiao and the elders felt that they had lost the face of the Holy Land and were directly destroyed by humanity.

     One thought until here, Shen Tian couldn't help but shuddered.

     No, this son is not a Woman's Clothes-wearing Bigshot!

     This kind of thing must not be done!

     Even if you die!

     The thought in his heart just arose, but he saw another thunder being defeated by the green vine.

     The shattered thunder suddenly sputtered towards the misty valley, but unfortunately there were several lasing shots coming down into the sky.

     Suddenly, Shen Tian doubted life.

     I suspect that the green halo on my head is fake.It's obviously not a black ring anymore, why is it still so unlucky?


     Thunders hit the ground near Shentian, and then quickly spread through the ground.

     Shen Tian could clearly feel the strong thunder rushing all over his body, the voltage was simply awful!

     Shen Tian's full operation "Fire Sutra" and "Five Thunders Zhengtian Jue" desperately swallowed the thunder energy of these heavenly tribulation gods.

     The Hunyuan God Lei Yuan on the center of his eyebrows seemed to have encountered something like an item of great nourishment, frantically blending thunder, brighter and brigther.

     However, even if it swallows the Heavenly Tribulation Thunder with all its strength, it is still unable to reduce the energy loss of the Heavenly Tribulation.

     Shen Tian felt that if this continued, he might soon become the saint of roasted milk.

     At this moment, the sky rang out from the sky: "Damn it!"

     "It's not 49 Heavenly Tribulations, but 69 Heavenly Tribulation!"

     Yes, Tengmu Lvji is an astonishing cultivator of different species of heaven and earth, and his strength is far more than ordinary peak monk in the transformation stage.

     Therefore, Tiandao feels that her sanctification calamity is not only four ways, but a stronger 69 Heavenly Tribulation!

     At this time, she has borne the four thunders of gold, fire, wood, and water, and the fifth thunder is earth mine.

     This earth-breaking thunder turned into a terrifying unicorn with a height of several hundred feet, which was several times more powerful than the previous divine thunder.

     Each of its scales looks extremely real, shimmering with lustrous luster, and it is completely invisible to manifestation of thunder.

     If it hadn't been in the tribulation at this time, many people would even come into the world as a True God beast.

     "Unexpectedly, the power of 69 Heavenly Tribulation would be so much stronger than the first four ways, the way of heaven is not fair!"The vine mother green Jifeng's eyes were slightly cold, and the emerald-colored giant vine began to twitch frantically and attacked the unicorn.

      has to say, the unicorn born from the fifth god thunder already possesses the strength of a true holy beast and is extremely strong.

     I am afraid that even the weaker human saints will inevitably be defeated in a moment and a half when encountering this thunder.

     But the Immortal Vine is worthy of being the ninth-ranked Lingshi Lingzhi on the Lingmu List, and its Bloodline Innate Skill is extraordinary and refined.

     In addition, the wood in the five elements conquered the soil, so the bloody battle between the vine and the green Ji and the unicorn doesn't fall into a disadvantageous position.

     The giant vines were torn apart by unicorns, and the milky white sap was dripping down the valley like raindrops.

     Shen Tian quietly took in some to refine and absorb it, and his injuries quickly recovered.

     This kind of juice is a superb healing secret medicine, and its value is immeasurable.

     But Green Ji did not suffer, she lashed at Fifth Earth Qilin with one whip and whip.

     Every time you strike, there will be a golden aftermath of thunder falling towards the ground, bombarding them continuously.

     What made Shen Tian helpless was that the conductivity of the Fifth Earth Qilin on the ground seemed too strong.

     Thunders fell on his side, energizing him to break dancing, and now his hair was shining.

     He could feel that he was approaching the limit.

     If this continues, it will be difficult for him to persist.

     At this moment, the vine mother Green Ji slammed a whip and inserted it into the Qilin's throat.

     The Qianzhang lord vine suddenly stirred, and directly chopped off the head of the unicorn and fell towards the valley.

     The thunder unicorn sends out a blood-curdling screech, and the forelimbs suddenly turn into a sharp spear, nailing to the huge main vine of the green vine

     Boom~!The main stem of the huge Immortal Devouring Vine cracked and a terrible wound appeared, and almost the entire Immortal Devouring Vine was nailed off.

     And the head of the unicorn turned into a golden thunderstorm, falling densely packed towards the valley.

     At this moment, Shen Tian's whole person was dumbfounded: the evil spirits died, the heart of the saint son is not dead!

     Feeling the terrible failure of the thunder in the sky, Shen Tianyi gritted his teeth.

     no solution anymore!

     The light blue battle armor was instantly worn on his body, urging him with all his strength.

     In an instant, light blue light curtains appeared in front of Shen Tian.

     At this moment, Shen Tian was wearing a light blue battle armor and standing gracefully wearing a Fengyu mask.

     At this time, he has folded the defense to the thickest, holding the Middle Grade Spirit Tool basalt shield in his hand.

     The basalt shield held up the light curtain, as the first defensive line to resist the aftermath of the thunder, barely able to support it.

     Then the heavy water basalt armor condensed from the "Five Thunders Zhengtian Jue" as the second line of defense against thunder.

     Further inside, is the Peak Grade Spirit Tool Divine Water Battle Armor, which exudes a bright luster and blocks a large number of Divine Thunder.

     If the first three lines of defense are infiltrated, there is the fourth defensive line High Grade Spirit Tool basalt helmet.

     It can be said that the entire world of cultivating immortals cannot find a few monks with such crazy piles of armor.

     Because the spiritual power of a monk is limited, who will use it for defense?

     What's more, defensive spirit weapons are not Chinese cabbage.

     You must know that defense equipment of the same level uses more materials and is more expensive than weapons!

     If there is a mine at home, all defenses are added.

     But in any case, Shen Tian had already broken through the hurdle in his heart and put on his battle armor.

     At this time, he superimposed the defense to the strongest level, and he already had the confidence to face Thunder Tribulation!However, what he contrary to expectation is that the densely packed golden thunder fell on his side.

     Most of Fifth Step Earth Divine [Lightning] are located a few meters away from Shen Tian, and only a few are close to Shen Tian.

     There is no pressure at all for the power of the thunder splash!

     For a while, he felt that his women's clothing had been worn for nothing.

      At the same time, Shen Tian from head to toe was relaxed and ecstatic.

     Nani, it's so cool to wear women's clothing?

     Shen Tian was stunned!

     No, not so!

     Shen Tian reacted, this is not the first time he has experienced this kind of ecstatic feeling.

     He would have this kind of feeling every time his luck increased before.

      Thought until here, Shen Tian quickly took out the mirror from his arms.

     Looking at the halo above his head in the mirror, Shen Tian was stunned for an instant.

      It's not right!

     Previously, Ben Shengzi had calculated the chance for others, didn't he have already raised his halo to dark green?

     Why is it now emerald green again? This son will also lose luck in baffling?

     Suddenly, Shen Tian reacted and made a breakthrough in his own practice.

     It is widely rumored in the cultivating world that "Sinhuo Jing" is a cursed practice, and practitioners will be cursed and become increasingly unlucky.

     Before Shen Tian saw the black halo on the top of Elder Bilian's head, he was only half-believing.

     But today, he has probably believed 70% to 80% of this statement.

     Otherwise, there is no way to explain why his luck fell.

     No wonder Ben Shengzi wanted to return to the city, but Baffling ran into the valley and was forced to squat in the grass.It turned out to have been harmed by this Fire Refining Technique, and the halo became not green enough.


     However, the decline in luck was only one of the reasons for Shen Tian's doubts.

     What made him even more surprised was that the emerald green halo on his head was also changing at this time.

     The original emerald green halo continued to deepen in color, and soon turned back to dark green.

     It has even become richer than before, it can be called dark green, full of infinite vitality.

     Cultivation fires through the loss of luck, the son can understand, but why does the luck rise again?

     Is it possible to have luck in women's clothing?

     ps: I went to other places for business in the past two days, so the update time is not what kind of stable, but we will try our best to ensure the third shift.

     When I came back from the business trip, the author worked hard to add more.
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