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    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Shen Tian has studied before that he can improve his luck by sharing opportunities with others or pointing others to obtain opportunities.

     The more opportunities to share with others, the greater the improvement of each other's luck, and the five become the dividing line.

     But Shen Tian never thought that wearing women's clothing can improve luck. This is totally unscientific!

     Why, can it be said that Tiandao is a women's wearer who likes to watch this Shengzi women's clothing?

     Shen Tian refines the Fifth Step Earth Divine [Lightning] that escapes to his side and integrates it into the source of the divine thunder while thinking.

     Suddenly, he a thought flashed through the mind.

     The increase in luck this time, not because of wearing women's clothing.

     If he guessed right, Zhao Hao should have recovered.

     Zhao Hao is a Child of Fate of half black and half gold, with a halo of unusually extraordinary.

     And his biggest chance in the near future is that the remnant soul of the sword sovereign of Qianyang carries the origin of Southbright Trigram Fire to restore him to his awakened physique.

     Fangcai Qianyang Jianzun has been blasted by the Green Lady of the Vine, a strand of a broken soul was taken away by the Southbright Trigram Fire.

     In terms of time, Zhao Hao should have almost met this cheap master now.

      As a result, Shen Tian asked Zhao Hao to go to the valley in advance to wait, and the good fate was successful.

     Therefore, given chance feedback, Shen Tian and Zhao Hao's luck will naturally increase.

     After a so big chance, it is normal for her luck to rise to dark green.

      Thought until here, Shen Tian couldn't help but relax for himself.

     Fortunately, this increase in luck is not due to women's clothing.

      Otherwise, wouldn't he have to wear women's clothing often in the future?Shen Tian secretly made a firm resolution in his heart, and immediately changed the women's clothing after he got out.

     This is a dark history that no one knows. It was the first and last time he wore women's clothing in his life.

     What a shame!

     It can't happen a second time!

     Not to mention that Shen Tian was very entangled there, and the tragedy of Fujimu Luji continued.

     After losing his head, Qilin Shenlei's fierce and prestige dropped a lot and was completely defeated before long.

     The shattered thunder scattered across the world, filling the entire Misty Valley with thunder energy and extremely active.

     The figure of Vine Mother Luji reappeared, the vine armor cracked and the spring light was faintly revealed, and his face was pale.

     She was covered with wounds, and there were a lot of thunder light flashes in the wound, which contained Strength of Principle.

     This also made the recovery of the vine mother green Ji's wounds more difficult than ever.

     She has continuously survived the five powerful divine thunders of Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, and her consumption is too great.

     Coupled with the previous confrontation with Qianyang Jianzun, although Fujimoluji won, it was not without injuries.

     Jianzun Qianyang’s sword aura contains the power of Southbright Trigram Fire, and it also contains the power of Solar True Fire of extremely firm and fierce.

     That sword aura penetrated the main vine of the Immortal Vine, and at this time, a rush of Southbright Trigram Fire sword aura was raging crazily in the body of the green vine.

     She is not at the peak period, and even an arrow at the end of its flight.

     But the tribulation is still not ended, the strongest sixth tribulation has begun to condense.

     All the thunderous energy in the void seemed to be mobilized, and the robbery cloud in the sky began to continuously roll and surge.The aura of thousands of miles is being drawn, and five terrifying thunder sacred beast phantoms are derived from the robbery cloud, and the power is over the world.

     Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Suzaku, Xuanwu, Qilin, the five-element beasts roar, gallop, and even merge.

     A giant seal of a hundred feet tall appeared in the sky, exuding majestic majesty.

     This big seal has five sides, each is branded with the gods and beasts, commanding the five elements of heaven.

     The five energies circulate endlessly in the Great Seal.

     The five colors of white, blue, black, red and yellow thunder are merging, and finally condensed into a brilliant golden color.

     That color was somewhat similar to the color of the Hunyuan Divine Thunder on Shen Tian's eyebrows, but it seemed more noble and vast.

      The "Five Thunders Zhengtian Seal" in looks at the sky, Shen Tian couldn't help but a trace of enlightenment rose in his heart.

     In his mind, the last chapter of "Shen Xiao Lei Di Jing" emerged.

     That is the taboo chapter "Transforming Calamity by Body", which focuses on understanding the fundamental mystery of thunder law from the calamity.

     This technique is also the ultimate core of the Lei Di Sutra, allowing the cultivators of the "Five Thunders Zhengtian Jue" to gather the Hunyuan Divine Thunder.

     "So the Supreme Inheritance "Shen Xiao Lei Di Jing" is actually a practice learned from the catastrophe?"

     Feeling the majesty of the sky, Shen Tian couldn't help but confuse his tongue secretly, admiring Shen Xiao Lei Di.

     He dared to take the Heavenly Tribulation as a teacher in a vain attempt to master the criminal law of the Heavenly Dao, and it was actually successful.

     The genius and talent of the Emperor Shenxiao Lei really can be called unparalleled.

     No wonder tens of thousands of years ago, the Holy Land of Gods was also at the top among many holy places.

     This heritage is indeed terribly powerful!Run the secret method to watch in the sky's Lei Yin, Shen Tian knows this is a rare and excellent opportunity.

      It should be noted, not every monk during the Tribulation Period can encounter the "Primordial Five Elements Thunder Tribulation", which is extremely rare.

     Shen Tian is now in the foundation building stage, and what he needs to do is to build his own way into the most stable and practical state of mind.

     Coincidentally, Shen Tian trained as Five Elements Divine Thunder. His Daoji also corresponds to the Five Elements Divine Thunder, which is very similar to the Five Elements Divine Thunder in the sky.

     In this regard, Shen Tian said: No copy, no copy!

      Thought until here, Shen Tian began to mobilize the mana in his body to forge Daoji.

     Divine patterns similar to the five thunder seals in the sky were engraved on his foundation.

     These god patterns are extremely mysterious and obscure, and Shen Tian can't fully understand the profound meaning even when he cultivates the Five Thunders Zhengtian Secret Art.

     But like an exam, I can’t understand the question, what if I can’t understand the answer?

     Of course, when branding those god patterns, Shen Tian's mental power has never been more concentrated.

     After all, imprinting the god pattern on the road foundation is not something like a clay figure pinching a sand sculpture.

     In case it fails, Shen Tian doesn't want to experience the cultivation deviation experience anymore.

     But perhaps the secret method of "Incarnation of the Body" is indeed very mysterious.

     Shen Tian kept branding the god pattern on the Daoji, but there was no accident.

     On the contrary, his Daoji began to slowly reveal a mysterious charm, faintly matching with Lei Yin.

     The thunder and lightning disappeared on the body surface, and the smoked hair and scorched face were gradually returning to normal.Shen Tian even faintly felt that his body and Heavenly Tribulation Thunder had a trace of affinity, as if they were of the same origin.


     Shen Tian hid beside him secretly operating the secret method of "Incarnation of the Tribulation", branding the god pattern of the Tribulation, and tempering Daoji.

     Wretched development~

     While looking at the five thunder seals that are constantly brewing, the face of Fujimu Luji is extremely desperate.

     In this five thunder seal, the strength of every beast is comparable to the previous Fifth Earth Qilin.

     Now that the Five Thunder Seals have fallen, even if she is at the peak period, she may not be able to contend.

     Not to mention that nowadays Fujimoru Luji has already been hit hard by five thunders.

     The chance of her passing this sixth thunder calamity is almost zero.

     Looking up at the thunderous robbery in the sky, Lime Luji gritted her teeth and said: "Heaven is not fair!"

     "Never mind, this time this fairy fairy is defeated, but the sky will destroy me, it will never be that easy!"


     At this moment, the entire misty valley began to collapse, and the huge fairy-eater vine hidden deep underground was completely revealed.

     The emerald-like roots and emerald-like vines shone with incomparably beautiful luster.

     However, at this moment, all the roots and vines are tangled together and begin to decay.

     They lose all their luster, condensing drops of crystal clear liquid, in the sky shiny.

     When he saw this drop of liquid appeared, Shen Tian was moved to tears.

     Yes, this is exactly what he saw above Fang Chang's head before.

     Fang Chang just wandered around the foggy plain and found it.

     Why is it that the son of this saint almost lost his life?

     At this moment, only has one thought in Shen Tian's heart.Damn it!
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