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154 Little Five Elements Yang Thunder God Body
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

The huge body of the Immortal Devouring Vine is rapidly withering and decayed.

     Its life essence turns into a little silvery white luster, constantly converging.

     Soon, those silver white color brilliance gathered into droplets of silvery-white unknown liquid.

     In terms of color, these liquids are somewhat similar to First Primordial Heavy Water, but the properties are completely different.

      Before First Primordial Heavy Water was absorbing and refining by Shen Tian, the whole body exudes a powerful field of oppressive force, which is extremely strong.

     This liquid exudes extremely pure Life Force, which makes people feel eagerly and eagerly all over the body when looking at it from a distance.

     When this kind of liquid appeared, Shen Tian's body had unprecedented intense agitation. It wanted it!

     This desire is not weaker than when Shen Tian met First Primordial Heavy Water, or even stronger.

     Of course, this time Shen Tian was not lusted to be muddled in the brain, he forcibly held it back.

     Just kidding, now the vine mother green is not dead, you ran to grab the treasure?

     People don't need to cast spells, you can sit to death with one butt.

     The more critical the time, the less impulsive and nervous, and must be calm!

     Shen Tian steadily hid behind the stone and worked hard Aura Restrain in the collapsed valley.

     There is a mask of Feng Yu to hide the energy, and at this time, Green Princess does not have the mind to explore the surroundings.

     Therefore, Shen Tian has not been exposed, but instead buried with the help of the collapsed soil, becoming more secretive than before.

     Finally, almost all the fairy-eater vines had withered, and only the last piece of the fairy-eater vine was left, and the light became brighter.

     The emerald-like torso of the vine-biting fairy vine began to slowly change, and gradually fuse together with the primordial spirit of the vine mother green girl.At this moment, the vine mother green Ji is truly transformed, and from head to toe exudes an aura of desire to be higher than the sky!

     She stepped on the ground suddenly, and her whole body rushed towards the five thunder seals like a moth darting into a flame.

     The ground under my feet split instantly, and the ground in a radius of ten meters collapsed in an instant.


     In the smoke and dust, the green figure rushed into the sky like a divine sword.

     Her figure collided with the Five Thunder Seal, and then in Instantaneous Explosion.

     Yes, Fujimoru Green chose to blew herself up.

     At the cost of the destruction of the true body after transformation, she wants to fight for justice with the heavens!

     Vine Mother Green Ji's self-destructive power is too powerful, and everything in the world is eclipsed at this moment.

     Only the emerald brilliance burst into the sky that day, even in a flash suppressing the color of thunder.

     Terrible cracks appeared on the imprint of the vast five thunders, and pieces of mixed element thunder fell like stones and turned into thunder.

     The misty valley that had collapsed into ruins suddenly turned into Thunder Purgatory, and there were golden thunder light everywhere.

     "If heaven and earth are ruthless, with all things being ruthless dogs, why do you prefer to love human races? Heaven is not fair!"

     "Ben Xian Ji refuses to accept, even if I live and die today, I will definitely return!"

     "At that time, the extreme state of Nirvana To achieve the Dao and become Immortal, what can God do for me!"

     The arrogant and unruly voice of Fujimu Luji reverberated in the collapsed valley, gradually degenerating into extinction.

     As for Shen Tian, he has no time to eat melon now.

     Because when the Five Thunder Seal broke, he sensed more.

     Originally, the five thunder seals revolve around each other, mysterious and introverted, very obscure and difficult to understand.

     But Vine Miluji blew her real body and shattered the five thunder seals, making her appear flawed for a moment.Through the flaws in this short moment, Shen Tian completely integrated into it with the secret method of "Incarnation of the Body".

     At this moment, Shen Tian felt as if he had become part of the catastrophe.

     The Daoji in his body resonated with the five-element thunder seal in the sky, and the Dao Dao god pattern appeared.

     Behind Shen Tian, four visions of Qinglong, White Tiger, Suzaku, Xuanwu and Qilin appeared faintly.

     At this time, Shen Tian felt that the thunder factor escaping in the sky was very close to him, and it would not hurt him at all.

     He even had an intuition that he seemed to...can borrow part of the power of Heavenly Tribulation.

     This kind of epiphany felt very strange, and Shen Tian was a little fascinated for a while.

     Sitting in the ruins, his eyes were slightly closed, and he had forgotten everything around him.

     The robbery cloud in the sky gradually dissipated, but the golden thunder factor did not dissipate so quickly.

     At this moment, Shen Tian's body suddenly exuded a powerful attraction, swallowing a large number of surrounding thunder factors.

     As more and more thunder factors were swallowed, the golden lightning mark on Shen Tian's eyebrows became brighter and brigther.

     Gradually, the mark on Shen Tian's eyebrows became as bright as Golden Sun.

     A series of mysterious lines spread out from the mark and gradually spread all over Shen Tian's body.

     Those lines are also golden, exuding shining brilliance, condensed into substance, just like golden holy armor.

     With the appearance of these lines, Shen Tian's physical body was slowly transformed by the Hunyuan Divine Thunder, and he jumped to a higher place.


     In addition to a large number of basics, superior cultivation techniques, and magic techniques, the "Shenxiao Lei Di Jing" has only three core inheritance.The first is the Five Thunders Zhengtian Secret Art, which is mainly for technical training and specializes in condensing the gods of thunder for long-range lightning attacks.

     Second, Lei Di's physical training tactics are mainly for physical training and specialization, focusing on strengthening physical melee attacks.

     But these two inheritances are not as rivers Jing and Wei separate clearly, but complement one another to promote each other.

     Cultivating the Thunder Emperor's Body Refining Art is successful, and can condense the Five Elements Thunder Spirit Body.

     These ten kinds of spirit bodies can double the power of the cultivator when he uses the corresponding thunder method.

     Just like Zhang Yunxi's Gengjin Thunder spirit body, Zhang Yunting's Jiamu Thunder spirit body, both powerful.

     Especially the elder brother Fang Chang, with unparalleled physique, he condensed two spirit bodies, Wutu and Binghuo from his young age.

     It is precisely because of this that Fang Chang's combat effectiveness is extremely strong in the Young generation, and he even suppressed all his colleagues at one point.

     But Yin Yang and the Five Elements Thunder Spirit Body is not the highest physique of "Lei Di Refining Jue", it is just the foundation.

     Only by practicing the third taboo inheritance "Incarnation of Tribulation with Body", the Hun Yuan Shen Lei was condensed in the body.

     Then, the "Lei Di Refining Jue" can be cultivated to a more extreme state.

     Based on this, condense the small five-element yang thunder body and the small five-element yin thunder body.

     And Supreme Existence's Big Five Elements Hunyuan Thunder God Body.

     If you can really train into the Big Five Elements Thunder God Body, and derive it to perfection.

     Then I am the Thunder Emperor, I am the Heavenly Tribulation, I am the Lord of Thunder!

      The thunder between Heaven and Earth can no longer hurt me, the thunder of the world will be my master.

     According to legend, when the Emperor of God Xiao Lei conquered the highest fruit status, his will was the will of thunder, almost punishes on behalf of heaven!Of course, it would be difficult to achieve the Great Five Elements Thunder God Body, let alone to reach Consummation.

     Even in the heyday of tens of thousands of years ago, it was difficult for the Big Five Elements Thunder Body to appear.

     Not to mention the previous divine heaven holy land, even the taboo chapters have been lost.

     Without "Body Transformation", even the small five-element Thunder God body would be rare in a thousand years.

     Zhang Longyuan only attained the Little Five Elements Yang Thunder God Body, and he almost overpowered the same generation and became the Holy Lord.

     This shows how extraordinary and powerful the Hunyuan Thunder God Body is!


     Shen Tian had absorbed many of the big five elements of the Hunyuan God Thunder from the Dragon and Tiger Pei.

     Now it resonates with the tribulation of Five Elements Divine Thunder, and absorbs a large amount of five thunder energy from the sun under the tribulation.

     Suddenly, his body refining technique in his body resonated with the secret technique of "Incarnation of the Body", imitating the mystery of the Thunder Emperor's refining technique.

     His physique... is actually evolving towards the Little Five Elements Yang Thunder God Body!
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