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155 What Happened To Tianer? This Seat Will Be Here Soon!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Eastern Wilderness, City of Bewildering Fog, Royal Palace.

     At this time, the immortal vine riot had passed one day and one night.

     Shenxiao Mountain Protecting Great Formation continues to be maintained, and everyone is full of hope.

     Because they found that the spiritual fog of Misty City began to disperse slowly, and it was no longer as dense as before.

     Although the divine consciousness will still be affected, it is much stronger than before, and the visual range has also been doubled.

     At this moment, the hearts of all the monks were extremely happy. For how happy they are, you can refer to the recovery after the cell phone signal is blocked.

     The Lord of Wuyin has already greeted all the monks and will use his national power to shape Shen Tian's golden body when the spiritual fog is gone.

     The entire palace was full of joy, but Zhang Yunxi's face was always full of worry.

     Because only she knew that Shen Tian did not go to the misty plain to drop any demon.

     Every additional moment of time is consumed, the younger brother will be more dangerous.

     No, can't wait any longer!

      Thought until here, Zhang Yunxi resolutely said to the master of Wuyin: "All the strong, stable formations, don't mess."

     "This saint will go out and explore to see if all the immortal vines have been removed."

     "Before I come back, no one can leave the palace without authorization."

     After all, Zhang Yunxi's body is shiny.

     She takes a deep breath stood straight, rushing out of the range covered by the mist.

     As Zhang Yunxi rushed into the range of the spiritual mist faster, the impact on his divine consciousness was also magnified.

     For a moment, Zhang Yunxi only felt the divine consciousness was constantly shaken and affected, she was a little confused, and her eyes were turning.She knows that the Special Ability of Lingmist can affect the six senses of the monk who is enveloped in it, otherwise it cannot trap the monk.

     However, at this time the concentration of the mist has been greatly reduced, Zhang Yunxi gritted his teeth, in the end still bearing the influence.


     The white tiger roaring sky vision emerged behind Zhang Yunxi, dispersing the spiritual fog around her a little more.

     Finally, Zhang Yunxi's long sword came out of her back and split a slim chance of survival from the spiritual mist.

     Yes, she rushed out of the range of the city covered by spiritual mist.

     The sun from the sky fell on her body, and Zhang Yunxi was like a new life at this moment.

     But she hadn't had time to rejoice, because at this time the whereabouts of Junior Brother Shen Tian was still completely unknown.

     Although Zhang Yunxi is extremely strong, she also knows that what happened in the Misty City at this time cannot be solved by herself.

     She took out a token from her arms and poured divine thought and magic power into it: "Father, can you hear me? Xi'er has something to tell."


     The small world of Shenxiao, the main hall of the holy.

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao sat on the holy seat, his whole body still shrouded in fairy light.

     In the center of the main hall, the old Taoist priest with white haired babyface divine poise and sagelike features stands proudly, full of anger.

     The old Taoist snorted: "Junior brother, I feel that you have calculated me, why did I suddenly lose the memory of one day?"

     The thunder celestial light fluctuated slightly, and the god master said indifferently: "Brother lose memory what has that to do with me?"

     The old Taoist curled his lips: "You come here, pretend to be confused with me?"

     "Brother, I checked my memory, and the day it disappeared was the day I brought that kid Shen Tian.""And I've asked Senior Brother, Senior Sister Jin Lian happened to be at the Holy Main Peak that day, you must have done something!"

     As if thinking of something, the irritation on the old Taoist's face grew stronger and stronger: "Oh, brother understands!"

     "That divine thunder that reverses Yin and Yang, isn't it invented by the old way!"

     "Say, are you guys seeing riches provokes evil designs, Teaming up blacked out brother's invention?"

     "Okay Zhang Longyuan, brother I didn't think you are this kind of person, but I still treat you as my own brother, eh~"

     In the end, the old Taoist priest was full of grief and weeping, as if he was betrayed.

     The thunder celestial light on the main body of Shenxiao Sheng began to fluctuate wildly.

     He knew that his senior didn't want to force his face, but he didn't expect that he could not force his face to such an extent.

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao said indifferently: "Brother, you must have evidence for everything. How can you defile people's innocence out of thin air?"

     The old Taoist snorted: "The old way is out of thin air to innocent people? Are you Chinese cabbage when you are the fifth-order Ji Yi Dan?"

     "It can make me amnesia, at least it is a pseudo sixth-order Ji Yi Dan."

     "In our holy land, besides you, who would carry this stuff with me? Tell me!"

     "Also, brother fuck off, why did the old way lose the gods? The old way also believes in your evil!"

     "I deliberately checked the memory, if it is not surprisingly, Longhupei was also lost that day!"

     "Okay Zhang Longyuan, I treat you as a brother, you actually yin to me!"

     "You completely broke my heart, brother, there are no ten and eight spiritual peaks in this matter, it is unable to pass!"Looking at the righteous indignation fills one's breast veteran Taoist who extorted benefits, the celestial light on the surface of the main body of the gods and goddess slowly recovered calm.

     The Holy Master Shenxiao said indifferently: "Well, since the brother insists on retrieving the memory of that day."

     "That seat satisfies brother, let you see what happened that day."

     After a word, the Holy Master of Shenxiao patted the holy seat lightly, and a clear celestial light appeared when it was steep.

     The fairy light gradually condensed into a 3D picture, which was reflected in the main hall of the holy, and it was Shen Tian, the old Taoist and others.

     Yes, the Holy Master of Shenxiao is recreating the scene of that day, so that the old Taoist priest can see the truth.

     Of course, the screen about the principle of the yin and yang thunder burst has been deleted.

     What happened in the main hall that day is repeating itself.

     The mentality of the old Taoist is exploding!


     "If I regret it, I am your grandson!"

     "First call grandpa to listen to it!"


     "It can be divided, but you must promise three conditions."

     "Senior brother, if you refuse to teach Tian'er physical training, you will be deemed to have given up the transaction."

     "Brother, I don't want to teach him any exercises right now."

     "If I regret it, I am your grandson!"

     "This seat did not violate the oath, hē hē hē hē hē ~"

     At the end, the screen with a grunting sound it stops seemed a bit rushed.

     The main body of Shenxiao Saint's surface is fluctuating with unprecedented violent amplitude.

     His voice even trembled: "Look, brother, I didn't violate the oath."At this moment, no matter how good the mentality of the old Taoist priest is, his face flushed red: "I'm fighting with you!"

     Just when the old Taoist priests bare fangs and brandish claws were preparing to come to blows, the Holy Lord of Gods was taken aback.

     The Holy Master Order in his arms slowly floated out, and a phantom appeared on the surface of the token.

     That was Zhang Yunxi's figure: "Father, Xi'er has something to report."

     The Lord of the Gods takes a deep breath, and the thunder and celestial light on the body slowly restores calm.


     Although the veteran Taoist was angry, he knew that he had to save face for his junior when discussing business affairs.

     To otherwise, the younger brother will really beat him.

     The token’s message was connected, and the Holy Master Shenxiao calmly said: "Xi'er, what happened?"

     Zhang Yunxi said: "Father, the foggy plain has changed, and a large number of Yuanying stage bound immortal vines besieged the main city."

     Sage Lord of Shenxiao looking thoughtful: "Does the Yuanying stage bind the fairy vine? I will inform Fang Chang and Yun Ting to support you!"

     Zhang Yunxi shook the head: "I'm afraid it's not enough. The change this time is very tricky. My daughter feels that it is not easy. At this time Junior Brother Yundi and those who have Hunyuan Divine Thunder are trapped in the Mist City."

     The Holy Master Shenxiao said indifferently: "Are you all trapped? No matter, I will let Senior Brother Bi Lian go there later."

     Zhang Yunxi added: "More than that, Junior Brother Shen Tian is also in Misty City, and has already lost his way with us one day one night."

     When it was steep, the Lightning Celestial Light fluctuated violently and almost collapsed.

     Shenxiao Shengzhu#: "Mist City, right?"

     "Wait, this seat will be here soon!"

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