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157 Shen. Super Saiyan. Sky
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

After listening to the cause and effects of the matter, the Lord Shenxiao looked at Misty City.

     He slowly stretched out his right hand, the fairy light waved gently, and took a wisp of spiritual mist into his hand.

     After feeling for a while, the Holy Master of Shenxiao nodded calmly: "This is a special psychedelic spell."

     "The spellcaster's cultivation base is not weak, half of his feet have been involved in the holy domain, and the strength may not be weaker than the average holy person."

     Zhang Yunxi asked: "Father, Junior Brother Shen Tian still doesn't know where he is. Do you have any means to break this spiritual fog?"

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao said indifferently: "It's just the spiritual fog near this city, it's not difficult to get rid of it."

     Having said that, the Holy Master Shenxiao pinched the seal of the law, and a ray of thunder suddenly appeared in the void, shooting towards the thin spiritual fog.

     Where thunder passed, all the spiritual fog seemed to have evaporated, completely vanish from sight.

     In a short period of time, the mists around the Misty City and Misty Town were cleared.

     In an instant, between Heaven and Earth was clear, and there was no obstruction to sight.

     All the people in the misty city could see the heavenly divine master, leaning over and bowing.

     After all, in the world of cultivating immortals, the strongest as honor, especially the strongest powerhouse in this world.

     Jin Dan is a real person, Yuan Ying is a venerable one, transforming a god into a heavenly veteran, but under the tribulation saints are all ants!

     Seeing the saints and not worshipping is for a great sin, and no one will avenge justice after death.

     At this time, seeing the appearance of the Holy Lord of Shenxiao, Qin Yundi and others also flew into the clouds with their swords.

     "I have seen the Holy Lord!"

      The entire group salutes, and Duke Gui's eyes are full of worry: "Holy Lord!"He kneels down on the ground and kowtowed: "His Royal Highness has been missing for a long time, please save him!"

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao slowly raised his hand, and Lord Gui, who had been kowtowing his head, felt that his whole body was lifted up by a gentle force and could not kneel.

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao nodded: "loyal and devoted, dedicated to protecting the Lord, I am lucky to have an old servant like you in Tianer."

     Next to Zhang Yunxi also asked: "Father, can you sense where Junior Brother Shen Tian is?"

     Seeing Zhang Yunxi's worried expression on his face, the immortal light on the main body of Shenxiao Saint waved gently: "Very good."

     "As a fellow, you should care about brothers like this, you don't have to worry, Tian'er shouldn't have danger now."

     The divine master took out the divine master's order, closes the eyes divine thought urged the induction, it took a long time to open the eyes and the fairy light on the body surface quivered slightly.

     "Sure enough, this seat is correct. The Saint Child Ling's induction breaks into the misty plain. He should have gone deep into the misty plain."

     "But don't worry, there is this seat, in this misty plain, no one can hurt the sky even a single hair!"

     The words of the Lord of God made everyone relaxed, and Father Gui was even more excited about eyes brimming with tears of excitement.

     He was watching Shen Tian walking along the bumpy way through childhood, like a relative.

     Every moment Shen Tian and everyone lost, Gui Gonggong felt extremely tormented in his heart.

     Now he finally waited until the divine master appeared, and he was willing to make every effort to ensure the safety of His Highness.

     Father Gui relaxed: His Royal Highness is so concerned, and if you know about it, you will be very pleased.

     Zhang Yunxi said: "Father, now this misty plain is shrouded in spiritual mist and shields divine consciousness, shall we enter?"The Holy Master of Shenxiao shook his head: "This misty plain has been refined into its own domain by the evildoer, which is very tricky."

     "If you want to enter her domain to save people, you must first completely destroy this enchanting domain."

     "If Tian'er is not in this misty plain, this is not a big problem, it can be dissolved in an instant!"

     "But at this time Tian'er is in this misty plain, this seat can't be too violent, so as not to accidentally hurt Tian'er."

     A series of flags were shot out from the thunder fairy light, and they shot towards the distant sky, firmly inserted in the misty plain all around.

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao said: "This seat uses the banner of the Thunder Emperor of Shenxiao to set up the'Shenxiao Refining Array', and the entire misty plain of the spirit mist is all refined!

     "At that time, without these spiritual fog covering the divine mind, we can quickly find the whereabouts of Tian'er and rescue him safely."

     The words of the Holy Lord of Gods shocked everyone suddenly, refining the spiritual fog of the entire misty plain. Is this really possible?

      It should be noted, the spiritual fog in this misty plain, but it has not cleared for thousands of years!

     Zhang Yunxi worried: "Father, dispelling the mist will not hurt Junior Brother Shen Tian!"

     Holy Master Shenxiao shook his head: "This seat will naturally control the formation to ensure that Tian'er will not be accidentally injured."

     "Although Thus, the mana consumption of this seat will increase many times, and it may even be greatly injured."

     "But a teacher for a day a father for life, as Tianer is a disciple of this seat, this seat will naturally spare no effort protect him thoroughly."

     "This seat will do our best to disperse all the spiritual fog as soon as possible, and when we are rescued to Tian'er, you are not allowed to say anything to Tian'er."The Holy Lord of the Gods dazzled the thunder and celestial light. It seemed that Zhuang Yan was stalwart, and his words contained fearless majesty.

     Suddenly, Liu Taiyi, Song Fugui, Duke Gui, Qin Gao and others all heard be fired up, and their sense of belonging to the Holy Land of Gods sky increased.

     The dignified holy master will not hesitate to hurt the vigor of the disciples. Such enthusiasm and unrequited dedication is too selfless.

     Fallen flowers are not heartless things, into Chunni more quadrangle. Where the leaves fly, the fire is Endless.

     Is this the will of our Divine Heaven Holy Land? It's so touching!

     Not to mention that many disciples from the Holy Land of the Gods listened to the words of the Lord, and were moved eyes brimming with tears of excitement.

     The old Taoist priest on the side rolled his eyes constantly, shamelessly, the dignified Holy Master was so shameless!

     Shente's arrangement of the Shenxiao Refining Array might be very damaging. You are a majestic saint with Lei Di Banner.

     Tell me that cracking the Spiritual Mist Array in the Mist Plain will hurt your vitality. Can you force your face?

     Also spare no effort to disperse the mist and save Shentian, you are not allowed to tell him when you are back.

     With the kid Li Yunfeng, there are ghosts if these people can keep secrets.

     As long as the kid Li Yunfeng uttered these words, it meant that the whole Holy Land knew it.

     Are you still going to pretend to be too ruthless cold outside, warm inside, so that Shen Tian accidentally discovers?

     Then I was so moved, eyes brimming with tears of excitement weeping bitter tears?

     Gee, dirty!

     This holy lord is so dirty!

     Obviously doing shameless things, but no one knows.On the contrary, almost everyone thinks you are a noble saint.

     At this moment, the old Taoist is really sour, he is considering whether he should also read.

     Only by reading a lot of books can we do some shameless things beautifully, so that people can't fault them!

     I'm jealous!


     Just as the holy lord planted the heavenly refining formation of the gods and refining the entire plain, the sun in the valley finally opened his eyes.

      The golden thunder flows on his body surface like running water, and finally fully converges into his body and merges into his forehead.

     His hair also stood upright under the stimulus of the Hunyuan Divine Thunder, and was dyed into brilliant gold by the thunder.

     He felt that his physical body had undergone a powerful transformation, and his Thunder Affinity degree was soaring.

      At the same time, Shen Tian also felt that the Hun Yuan Shen Lei at the center of his forehead became extremely obedient, and he could call it at will.

     He even found that he could use Hunyuan Thunder to stimulate his physical body, resulting in the ultimate body strengthening.

     The Shen Tian in this state looks like a legendary Super Saiyan!

     Not only the speed and power are greatly increased, the attack can also add paralysis effect.

     Shen Tian felt that at this moment he broke out!
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