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158 Show Affection And Die Fast
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Shen Tian stood up, his bones were crackling.

      The golden thunder light returned to the center of the eyebrows, and the hair that had been erected fell down.

     Turning around, Shen Tian found that the originally huge valley was completely reduced to ruins.

     His whole body was covered with gray smoke and dust, and he looked extremely embarrassed, which made Shen Tian feel very upset.

     "Disperse to Ben Shengzi!"

     The surging spiritual energy turned into a blower and burst out from Shen Tian's body.

     In an instant, all the dust on his body was shaken away, and his clothes were untainted by even a speck of dust.

     At this time, Shen Tian was wearing battle armor and a mask of phoenix feathers, proudly left behind, magnificent style unmatched in his generation!

     He looked at the center of the sunken valley, and for a moment he hesitated: Should he go and take a look at the situation?

     Judging from the opportunity screen above Fang Chang's head, it was this opportunity that Fang Chang encountered, but the time was not right.

     Yes, Shen Tian is here early...

     According to the analysis of the current situation, if Shen Tianwan came for a day or two, he would not encounter the immortal vine siege.

     Of course, with the halo on Shen Tian's head, he may not be able to find this place on his own.

     In general, the old man lost his horse, but it all turned out for the best, it should be worth it for now.

     The spiritual mist in the misty plain has not yet dissipated, and the valley is also covered by spiritual mist at this time.

     However, after swallowing a large amount of Bound Immortal Vine juice, Shen Tian's immunity to Lingwu reached a very high level.

     He could vaguely see there's nothing about it in the valley, and the green lady of the vine should have fallen to ashes under the catastrophe.

     Haha, tell you two to show affection in front of this son.Xiu'enai died fast, cultivated for thousands of years, don't you even understand this truth?

     Of course, even so, Shen Tian still didn't rush directly to the center of Lingwu, but walked around.

     He wants to observe the center of the valley from all angles to ensure that there will be no more problems like before.

     After all, he is a gangster, who knows if there are any other players?

     Shen Tian walked around the valley, suddenly his eyes lit up and he saw good things.

     It was a ball of flame, burning on the withered and rotten remains of the Immortal Devouring Vine, neither expanding nor extinguishing.

     Shen Tian recognized that it was the origin of the Southbright Trigram Fire summoned by Jianzun Qianyang before, and it was smashed and sputtered out.

     This is just one of the fragments of the origin of Southbright Trigram Fire, only a small part of Southbright Trigram Fire in the hands of Qianyang Jianzun, the mighty charm.

     However, the flames appeared crimson, the whole body leaped like young firebirds, and it seemed to possess not weak power.

     And when Shen Tian discovered the flames, that familiar excitement emerged in his body, wanting!

     Yes, it is the energy derived from the Fire Sutra, expressing his desire to Shen Tian.

     Shen Tian is helpless about this, why do you want to swallow everything!

     But his own cultivation's technique can swallow Southbright Trigram Fire, and Shen Tian is naturally happy.

     The only thing that worries Shen Tian is that he already has First Primordial Heavy Water in his kidney, can he hold Southbright Trigram Fire?

     Don't directly conflict in the body and then be incompatible as fire and water, let this son blew himself up on the spot!


     No risk!

     Safety first, cultivating immortals second.

      thought until here, Shen Tian cautious and solemn take out a stone box.It was when he was in Tianshuixian Mansion, he walked along from the palace of Shenshui Lingzun.

     There were three stone boxes, and this was one of them, originally containing the origin of First Primordial Heavy Water.

     Now Shen Tian took it out, cautious and solemn sealed the Southbright Trigram Fire in it.

     Although the body wants it very much, Shen Tian is not a weak person who will be Desire Dominance by the body, he can completely resist not eating!

     Install this group of Southbright Trigram Fire in a stone box, and then put it in the Cangming Ring. Shen Tian continued to circle the middle of the valley to investigate.

     It was not until after making a circle and realizing that it doesn't have any that something was wrong, Shen Tian took out the sword master order and carefully touched it in.

     He held the sword master command in his left hand and the basalt shield in his right hand, with nine Yin Yang Demon Breaking Spears floating behind him.

     At this moment, Shen Tian is armed to the extreme, striving to be surefire.

     Finally, Shen Tian walked step by step to the middle of the valley.

     Here, he saw a small pond.

     It was a silver pond, exuding fairy charm.

     Before Shen Tian touched the water, he felt extremely comfortable.

     That water in the pond exudes extremely abundant vitality, it seems that one drop is enough to kill a person.

     Shen Tian faintly guessed that this should have been transformed by the vine juice essence that has absorbed endless spiritual power for thousands of years.

     The immortal-eaten vine is more than a thousand feet tall, with its roots entrenched in the entire misty valley, and the essence of the body is sacrificed to obtain this pond spirit spring.

     This shows how precious this spiritual fountain is, it is definitely priceless treasure.

     You must know that even if it is Fang Chang of the golden light ring, it is only a small Wang Lingquan...Uh, cough cough, wait a minute! ! !

     Shen Tian was startled, there seems to be something wrong!


     In Fang Chang's chance scene, clearly only a small Wang Lingquan.

     That little Wang Lingquan is only about half a cubic meter at most.

     But at this time, what Shen Tian saw in his eyes was more than half a cube? This is such a small pond!

     Shen Tian glanced at it casually and knew that the small pond was five meters long and wide, and not less than one meter high.

      In other words At this time, the amount of Lingquan in Shen Tian's eyes is exactly ten times or higher when he often encounters Lingquan!

     This did not make Shen Tian feel happy at all, but made him extremely cautious in an instant.

     Where did the dozens of Fang Lingquan disappeared in the chance screen? There are still people in this valley?

     Just when Shen Tian grasped the sword master's order, he was ready to summon the sword spirit at any time.

     Suddenly water splashed out of the small pond, and a small thing appeared.

     It was a small vine about three feet long, with an emerald-like color.

     It twisted its body easily in the spirit spring, shaking the splash, looking very happy.

     At this moment, it drilled out of the water and immediately stared at Xiaoteng with Shen Tian, and the two creatures directly faced each other.

     For a while, the atmosphere became frozen.

     Shen Tian and Xiao Teng froze, staring at each other motionlessly.

     Shen Tian could feel that his own hand was full of cold sweat, and he was really flustered!

     The color of the small vine in front of him is obviously the vine-eating vine, which might have something to do with the green vine.

     Who knows how strong this guy is, if you can sec the Nascent Soul changes into Spirit, won’t you get cold if you start with it?Can't see me, can't see me~!

     Shen Tian kept praying in his heart, but did not succeed.

     This pocket-sized vine-eating vine obviously found Shen Tian, and it attacked!

     But saw that Immortal Devouring Vine shook his body abruptly, shooting a silver spirit spring towards the sky.

     But its own body suddenly plunged into the bottom of Lingquan, and its head crazily burrowed into the soil at the bottom of Lingquan.

     Yes, this pocket-sized immortal-eaten vine was stunned, and it was burrowing towards the ground to escape.

     The well-prepared Shen Tian suddenly supported the defensive cover to its full capacity.

     However, the spirit spring shot on the defensive cover, but did not produce the slightest fluctuation.

     Shen Tian felt a bit, and its impact was at best equivalent to a Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator attack.


     Seeing the continuous drilling into the ground, he was obviously afraid of the miniature fairy-eater vine.

     Shen Tianle: Since you are afraid of me, then I am not afraid of you!

     Little fairy, sing and conquer under the mighty power of this son!
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