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160 Shen. Wisteria. Tentacles. Heaven
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!

     One by one spirit iron bead bullets swept toward the stone, and instantly smashed the stone.

     The remaining bullets swept densely on the ground, shooting deep into the ground.

     Of course, the more powerful is the sword spirit attack of the sword master.

     At this time, the sword master has absorbed enough spirit stones, and can launch the strongest attack.

     This time the attack, the sword master command directly consumed nearly 5000 spiritual stones energy, and the attack power was simply extraordinary!

     Even if it is a weaker Nascent Soul Master, he will be in a hurry to face this sword.

     When the endless sword energy fell on the ground, it almost plowed the ground from start to finish thoroughly, and in an instant only smoke and dust overflowed.

     "The basalt armor fits together, the basalt shield opens!"

     Shen Tian filled up the defense again, and walked cautious and solemnly in that direction: "Jiu'er, is there any resentment?"

     Jiu'er's voice came from her arms: "The feeling is not clear, it seems to have disappeared, and it seems to have escaped."

     Shen Tian, looking thoughtful, came to the place where the Immortal Devouring Vine was originally, and blew away the smoke.

     However, he saw a huge dirt pit directly hit by his attack just now.

     In the center of this pit, is a small vine about three inches long.

     However, this small vine is now full of holes, and it is flowing milky white juice.

     The milky white juice exudes a strong fragrance, which makes Shen Tian's desire more intense.

     Shen Tian cautious and solemn controlled the lotus gun to poke the small rattan to make sure that there was no movement.At this time, he let go of his heart and put the truncated vine into his hands: "Making evil, why do you want to come back!"

     Frankly speaking, Shen Tian has nothing about it hatred for the Green Lady, because from the standpoint of the Lady Green, she by no means is wrong.

     But it is unreasonable to talk about right and wrong in the realm of cultivating immortals, and Green Princess is a demon, and also a cannibal fairy.

     Shen Tian didn't know whether this small vine was her Nirvana rebirth or a descendant of her condensed blood.

     But now Shen Tian has inadvertently broken into the valley, and has formed cause and effect with it.

      This time, he has only one choice left: try to bear the cause and effect.

     If you can't settle the cause and effect, try to kill the immortal vine.

     After all, Not the same race, his heart must be different, Shen Tian will not joke about his life!

     Looking at the fragrant vine in his hand, Shen Tian hesitated whether to eat or not.

     This thing looks very fragrant, and the energy of the Fire Sutra is also very eager for this vine.

     The most important thing is that Shen Tian had ingested a lot of Xianxianvine juice before, which seemed to be completely without poison.

     Therefore, it can be seen that the vines that eat the vines are also non-toxic!

      Thought until here, Shen Tian decided to eat a bit of it and try it, and then eat more if there is no problem.

     He gently twisted a small drop of milky white juice from the wound of the Immortal Eater, and sent it into his mouth.

     Well, it's sour, sweet, and has a faint milk flavor, much like vanilla nutrition express.

      what is more important As this drop of milky white juice swallowed into his abdomen, a burst of surging energy burst out in Shen Tian's body.That is the aura energy belonging to the wood family, which contains rich and pure vitality, making him feel comfortable.

     Although Shen Tian had already been able to cultivate, his predecessor 88 cultivation deviations still left a dark wound.

     In fact, both Shen Tian's body and Dantian suffered internal injuries to varying degrees.

     This kind of dark injury is very troublesome, and it is difficult to treat with medicated stones.

     But at this time, after swallowing this drop of vine juice, Shen Tian felt that these dark injuries were being repaired.

     These vine juices are like the most original Life Energy, flooding every hole in Shen Tian's body.

     Where this energy passes, all the hidden injuries are slowly being repaired, but the amount is too small and not enough.

     Shen Tian felt it carefully for a long time, and found that this kind of juice really doesn't have any harm to him, but it has great benefits.

     So he takes a deep breath and began to slowly swallow the vines that eat the fairy vine, very carefully.

     But let's not say, the taste of this pocket-sized immortal vine is much more delicious than those bound immortal vines.

     Gently bite the vine, the milky white sweet juice burst out in the mouth.

     Immediately afterwards, ample energy rushed all over the body, which was almost tonic.

     For a time, Shen Tian felt ecstatic!


     Soon, the three-inch-long Immortal Devouring Vine was completely eaten by Shen Tian.

     Shen Tian took a closer look and found that within own body doesn't have any adverse reactions.

     On the contrary, Shen Tian felt that his body was more relaxed and refreshed than ever, without any discomfort.

     And faint energy gathered towards his liver after walking through his body, as if to gush out!This kind of feeling is very similar to when Shen Tian swallowed First Primordial Heavy Water before, but it was much softer.

     Shen Tian finally let go of his heart and sat cross-legged in the valley, taking out the previous vine.

     Then, Shen Tian took out some spirit fruit platter, monster meat and so on from Cangming Ring.

     Take out the stone box, open the lid to reveal the origin of Southbright Trigram Fire, slowly and carefully grill the animal meat.

     Control the distance from the flame and adjust the temperature, and soon drops of golden grease will seep on the surface of the beast meat.

     Shen Tian sprinkled cumin, chili powder and other seasonings on the roasted animal meat again, and suddenly the rich meat aroma appeared.

     Then Shen Tian attached First Primordial Heavy Water to the sword of clear water, and cut the Spirit Fruits and vines apart.

     Plates of exquisite fruit and vegetable platter appeared in front of Shen Tian, looking full of appetite.

     There are meat and vegetables, vegetables and fruits, this is the top-grade cuisine!

     Shen Tian took out a table from Cangming Ring and put all the food on the table.

     To be honest, Shen Tian is also tired after having been busy for so long. The next step is to enjoy the fruit of victory moment.

     Take a bite of barbecue, bite of fruit vine, and occasionally squeeze some juice drinks with Yuan Ying Bin Xian Vine.

      has to say this is a Gluttonous Grand Feast. If someone else in Cultivation World’s sees it, his jaw will fall in shock.

     After all, that is the immortal vine, and people have exhausted their efforts to find one. Who is not to be a treasure?

     Even if you really want to eat it, you have to combine various wordly treasures to make Best Quality Medicine Pill.

     Such as Shen Tian directly eat sweet potato kudzu root, or even squeeze the juice directly as a drink.It is simply a super prodigal behavior, and the venerable will be hurt by it!


     As all the Immortal-Eater Vine was completely consumed, Shen Tian felt the energy accumulated in his body to the extreme.

     An extremely pure and surging Energy Convergence, his liver exploded centered on his liver.

     In an instant, a bright emerald-colored vine shot out from Shen Tian's right wrist and shot towards the ground.


     A clear hole appeared in the ground, and the vine plunged deeply into the ground like a sharp gun.

     Shen Tian could feel that his inadvertent blow was comparable to the peak foundation stage.

     And this was only Shen Tian's unconscious attack, not a full-blown explosion.

     He can be sure that the energy within own body is very obedient at this time, as the arm moves the finger.

     Shen Tian began to explore the energy usage carefully, and soon he had a certain experience.

      takes a deep breath, Shen Tian stretched out his right hand, and the emerald-colored vine shot out suddenly, like a whip.

     Its body surface is covered with silver white layer brilliance, which is the luster belonging to First Primordial Heavy Water.

     The aquatic wood, at this moment, the Immortal Devouring Vine seems to become harder, like a whip like a gun!

     It slammed towards the ground, and the whole ground was shaking in an instant.

     This kind of power made Shen Tian feel shocked and inexplicable. .

     Because he felt that this flat A hit was enough...

     Injure or even kill the Gold Core Daoist Master!
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