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168 Father, Big Brother Is Going To Die
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Shen Tian was thinking about what excuses he would use to push him out.

     At this time, a stalwart man appeared in the Void Portal.

     He looked at Zhao Hao, and the light on his body slowly fluctuated: "Nine Suns Battle Body?"

     The Holy Lord of Shenxiao is not an ignorant ordinary person, he has read many ancient books, which can be called knowledgeable.

     Regarding the physique of the Nine Suns Battle Body, the Holy Master Shenxiao had also read the record in an ancient book.

     The Nine Sun War Body is in the same vein as the legendary Sun Holy Body, and is one of the derived physiques of the Sun Holy Body.

     Although this system is not as powerful as Sun Holy Body, it is enough to suppress most of the spirit bodies in the world.

     It can be said that even Fang Chang's fire-earth twin thunder spirit body may not be comparable to it!

     If such a physique can be included in the Holy Land, it is definitely another Peerless Supreme Talent!

      If given time, you will definitely become one of the strongest guardians of the Holy Land!

      Thought until here, the Holy Master of Shenxiao spoke slowly and calmly said "Tian'er, is this?"

     Shen Tian said helplessly: "This is Brother Zhao Hao, a friend the disciple met in Misty City."

     Zhao Hao also hurriedly said: "Brother Shen has a kindness to rebuild Zhao, and I hope he can give me a chance to repay me!"

     Listening to Zhao Hao's firm words, the Holy Master of Shenxiao was secretly speechless, Tian'er deserves to be the legendary Child of Fate.

     Just like this, just come to the Misty City and find a spiritual stone mine, two great wonders that's the end of it.

     He actually found a little fan with the Nine Suns body for nothing, and he can be called a quasi Peerless Supreme Talent.

     And listening to Zhao Hao's statement, Shen Tian just pointed him a position at will.

     As a result, when Zhao Hao baffling the ground, he encountered an opportunity to restore his cultivation.This kind of luck is simply the son of God!

     Sure enough, Tian'er is the blessed general of Shenxiao Holy Land!

      Thought until here, the Holy Master of Shenxiao said calmly: "Never mind!"

     "Zhao Hao, I think you have a predestined relationship with this holy place, you can enter this door."

     "Would you like to worship this seat as your teacher and become the fifth True Disciple in this seat?"

     Listening to the words of the Lord of God, Zhao Hao was slightly surprised, and hesitated involuntarily.

     After all, in the world of cultivating immortals, the master is like a father, and one can no longer recognize a master without the consent of the previous master.

     Zhao Hao had already worshiped Jianzun Qianyang as his teacher before, and it was really hard to worship the new master at this time.

     But the opponent is too strong...

     At this moment, a weak voice rang in Zhao Hao's mind: "Promise him."

     Yes, that was the voice of Jianzun Qianyang, and he was responding to Zhao Hao.

     The gaze of the Holy Lord of Shenxiao fell on Zhao Hao, looking thoughtful.

     He calmly said: "There are only a few remnant souls left by the daoists. If you don't dislike it, you can enter the temple of soul cultivation and cultivate the soul."

     "When the soul grows, it may not be impossible to switch to the ghost road or find another suitable body to seek a slim chance of survival."

     Of course, these few words of him sounded directly in Zhao Hao, speaking to Jian Zun.

     The two big bosses talked with their spirits, maybe they are making some special transactions.

     In the end, the two seemed to have negotiated a price.

     Zhao Hao was sold by Qianyang Jianzun...hehe, sent to the Holy Land.

     He will worship the Holy Master of Gods as a teacher outside Qianyang Jianzun and practice thunder method.

     To be able to stay in the same sect with Shen Tian in the future, repay his brother Shen wait hand and foot.Zhao Hao was very excited, he couldn't even bear to live in front of Xue Wuxian, crouching arrogantly.

      Ha Ha Ha Ha, thirty years on the east side of the river thirty years on the west side of the river, you with the surname Xue in the end still passed by Zhao!

     Zhao, I can study art in the same school as the fairy master, and I'm still a brother, envy it!

     In fact, Xue Wuxian is indeed envious of a group, the whole person is lemon-like!

     Of course, the lemon is not only her one person, but also the old Taoist next to her.

     Seeing that the Holy Master Shenxiao accepts another genius apprentice, he feels sour.

     He suspected that he was a fake Shenxiao elder.

     I really admire the filial piety of so many compelling disciples!

     After getting old, tired, and failing to cross the robbery, the apprentice will take care of it.

     Unlike the old-fashioned penniless with only four bare walls for a home, there is no choice but to become a fairy. It's too miserable!


     Here, after Zhao Hao respectfully paid an apprenticeship with the Lord Shenxiao, he followed Shen Tian.

     But the Lord of Wuyin Nation came to Shen Tian nervously, wanting to solicit Shen Tian's wishes and give him a golden body.

     Shen Tian naturally rejected this. Just kidding, this saint son is only now building the foundation period, shaping the golden body?

     I always feel that my luck is still uncontrollable. What if I anger the gods and Buddhas in the sky and think I grab the incense?

     Shen Tianzheng wanted to refuse, but saw the Holy Master Shenxiao calmly said: "Tian'er, promise!"

     "According to ancient records, if you can accept the incense from a hundred schools, it will be of great benefit."

     In the eyes of the Lord of Shenxiao, as a Child of Fate, Shen Tian is completely stress-free to shape a golden body.In this regard, Shen Tian have no alternative: "Well, let's say first, remember to engrave the mask, and try to keep a low profile."

     The Lord of Wuyin Kingdom looked at the Feng Yu mask that Shen Tian took out, and nodded.

     "Okay, the immortal master is fine, I will let the best sculptor carve."

     Well, I will definitely try my best to restore the essence, demeanor, and appearance of the fairy master.

     There is also a mask of Fengyu, which is held in his hand, demonstrating the immortal master's transcendence without seeking fame and fortune.

     After knowing the identities of Shen Tian and the Holy Lord of Shenxiao, the Lord of Wuyin Kingdom was really anxious to mold Shen Tian's golden body into hundreds.

     Just kidding, gold is really not worth a few dollars in the world of immortality, but it is hard to find the backer of the Holy Land.

     If there is a chance to shoot the fairy fart of the fairy master, and therefore get the blessing of the fairy master, what is the money?


     Everything has been settled the dust has settled, at this moment the divine master order of the gods rang again.

     Zhang Yunting's voice came from the order: "Father respects the father, I am Yunting, can you hear the father?"

     Holy Master Shenxiao calmly said: "What's the matter? Didn't you send Chang'er to Sister Bai Lian?"

     Zhang Yunxi worried: "It has been sent, but Senior Uncle Bai Lian said that Senior Brother was hurt too badly."

     "She has spare no effort, and she can barely stabilize her injury from worsening and cannot cure her."

     "Father, when can you come back? Brother is vomiting blood now, it looks so miserable, it's going to be dying."

     The Holy Master Shenxiao said calmly: "Don't be anxious, impatient and unable to solve anything, remember to calm down."

     "This seat is already on the way back, and I will arrive at Bailian Peak immediately. Be sure to stay steady!"After that, the Holy Master Shenxiao put away the token and looked at the Wuyin Kingdom indifferently.

     "I'm leaving now, and Tian'er's golden body will be handed over to you."

     The lord of the Wuyin Kingdom overwhelmed by favor from superior, hastily promised to complete it with all his strength.

     Only then did the Holy Lord of God cast a spell to reopen the Space Channel and bring everyone back to the Holy Land.

     After returning to the Holy Land, the Lord of God Implanted a spiritual stone mine into Shengzifeng and left in a hurry.

     Although he played down Seven Emotions Six Desires, he was very worried about Fang Chang and was anxious to help with treatment.


     For a while, many True Disciples were surrounded by Bailian Peak.

     After all, although Fang Chang is quite arrogant, he is generally popular in the Holy Land.

     But Jindan Nine Turns failed cultivation deviation, which is also very rare big news.

     The disciples in the holy land are paying attention and want to know the latest trend of this matter.

     At this time, Shen Tian was sitting entangled on the Shengzifeng Enlightenment Stone.

     Holding a chrysanthemum in his hand, he was counting the petals.

     "It has nothing to do with me, it has nothing to do with me, it has nothing to do with me."

     Yes, Shen Tian is thinking about one thing: that is Fang Chang's sudden cultivation deviation.

     In the end, I took Fang Chang's chance with him, it doesn’t matter.

     Sizzle, suddenly there is something weak~

     Cloud Hall
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