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170 Son Of The Big Dipper, Chen Zhongtian
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Kuduo Buddha explained: "Poor monks always don't like to read Buddhist scriptures, but they cannot condense the Bodhi vision."

     "The visions just now are all the illusions that the master casts the spell, stored in this bodhi buddha."

     "Master said that the poor monks are too casual, and they don't have the grace and grace of a holy land Buddha..."

      Spoke until here, Kuduofozi seems to be unable to think of a suitable word.

     Shen Tian looking thoughtful: "Forcing the grid? Pomp?"

     Kuduofozi nodded quickly: "Yes, it's forced to show up, but what does it mean?"

     "Hey, no matter! In short, the master requires that the poor monk must remember to open the vision when he comes out of the mountain."

     "Otherwise, the poor monks will not be allowed to go out of the mountain, and they will be punished to copy the Buddhist scriptures. It is ruthless!"

     Seeing the grievances on his face, Shen Tian couldn't help but silently mourn.

      It's miserable to have such a holy son on Thunder Sound Holy Land!

     As the Buddha of Thunder Sound Holy Land, isn't it your duty to pretend to be coercive?

     You don't pretend to force me to pretend, who is the reputation of Thunder Sound Holy Land? Dead brother!

     We must know that the way of practice of Buddhism is the method of relic merit, which is different from Taoism.

      Thunder Sound Holy Land is actually an inheritance from the West Desert paradise, it is an alien holy land.

     Since the cultivation technique of relic merit has not yet entered deeply into people's hearts, the inheritance of Buddhism is not easy.

     At this time, being the Buddha of Thunder Sound Holy Land World Traveler is very important!

     Your Buddha's white robe is full of snow, and the holy place has its face.

     But Thunder Sound Holy Land just spread this iron hanhan.

     Walk around behead monsters and eliminate demons, accumulate merit but not pretend to be force.

     With such honest and timid, how can he promote the Dharma for him and strengthen the Buddhist school?The Lord Leiyin was forced to refine special effects of Buddhist artifacts and forced Kuduozi to take it when he went out.

     It can be seen how mad and helpless Thunder Sound Holy Land was driven by this straightforward Buddha.

     But even if Kuduofozi made Lord Leiyin so helpless, the position remains as stable as Mount Tai and no one can shake.

     This also reflects from another aspect that Kuduo Buddha's talent and strength are indeed quite strong.

     Well, the same well-developed limbs and simple mind, the same dislike of reading always face the wall.

     Shen Tianshi is hammered, this guy is definitely a real brother to Fang Chang.


     Shen Tian was complaining about Kuduofozi in his heart!

     The door of Bailian Peak's secret room slowly opened, and several figures walked out of the secret room.

     The head is impressively shrouded in the thunder and celestial light, the stalwart and deep and unmeasurable.

     On the left and right sides of the Holy Lord of Shenxiao, there stood the old Taoist Bilian Tianzun and a dignified woman in white.

     That woman is wearing a white long skirt, like a blue silk of ink, just like Fairy Maiden Jiu Tianxian descends to the world.

     Her face is not more delicate than Zhang Yunxi, but she exudes the glory of holy maternity.

     When people look at her, they feel cordial in their hearts, just like relatives.

     This white-clothed female is the palm vein of Bailian Peak, the Holy Land of Gods: Bailian Tianzun.

     She is the gentlest and most agreeable elder in Shenxiao Holy Land, and the dream lover of countless disciples.

     Compared with other reserved set up on high elders, Bailian Tianzun is almost never angry and has no pretensions.

      At the same time, she majored in "Butterfly Dream Fairy Classic" and "White Feather Medical Classic", and she is also proficient in medicine.Whenever the disciples in the Holy Land of Gods are injured or poisoned, they seek treatment at Bailian Peak.

     It is precisely because of this that Bailian Peak is very holy to Shenxiao disciples.

     Every female disciple in it is highly sought after by her fellow students!

     Seeing several elders coming out, Zhang Yunting and Kudu hurried forward.

     They said together: "Master/Holy Master, Brother/Fang Chang’s injury How is it going?"

     Both of them were full of concern in their words, but they looked at each other not very harmoniously.

     After all, Zhang Yunting has always felt that the reason why Big Brother is so naive is that there is a very large part because proximity to pitch makes you black.

     But Kuduo Fuzi felt that Zhang Yunting was a dull gourd reading ancient books every day.

     He and Fang Chang like each other at first sight, often discussing with each other, and being next to Zhang Yunting is annoying!

     Therefore, every time Zhang Yunting and Kudu meet, they inevitably quarrel.

     But this time, they rarely quarreled again.

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao looked at Kuduo calmly: "It turns out that it is Kuduo Buddha."

     Kuduo Buddha respectfully said: "Kuduo has seen the Lord, turn up without being invited and please forgive me."

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao said: "Wherever, Changer has friends like Buddha, I am very pleased."

     "It's a pity that Chang'er's injury has just barely stabilized, and he is still unable to meet guests. I'm afraid I will neglect Buddha."

     Kuduo Buddha took out a small golden bottle from his arms: "I heard that Brother Fang Chang is in trouble."

     "The poor monk specially asked for the golden body fluid from the master, hoping to be able to help."

     But the moment the golden body fluid appeared, faint chanting sounded in the void.A faint sweet scent scent comes out from the jade bottle, which makes people feel very comfortable.

     This is the most precious golden body fluid of Buddhism, and it is the most precious treasure for practicing Buddhism to condense relics and golden bodies.

     Only when the power of Thunder Sound Holy Land is in Nirvana, can it be condensed by consuming the essence of the golden body.

     For Thunder Sound Holy Land, any bottle of golden body fluid is the core foundation and is extremely precious.

     Even if the core descendants such as Kuduofozi, he can only use a small bottle at most.

     Kuduo Buddha was willing to give Fang Chang a bottle of golden body fluid to heal his injuries.

      has to say, there is indeed true love between these two scumbags!


     The Holy Master of Shenxiao said calmly: "Buddha's mind, this seat has taken care of Chang'er."

     "However, Chang'er's injury is the collapse of the golden core Wound of Great Dao, and the golden body fluid is the treasure of body tempering."

     "So this golden body lotion is not of much use to Chang'er's injury. Buddha should take it back and use it yourself!"

     Kuduo Fuzi's face suddenly collapsed: "Even golden body fluid is useless? Is Fang Chang dying?"

     Listening to the words of Kuduo Buddha, Shen Tian held his forehead, this Buddha was really straightforward.

     Although the truth is such a truth, in the presence of the human saint, you said that his apprentice is about to die?

      Thunder Sound Holy Land stalls you like a World Traveler Buddha, spreading the great cause of Buddhism in the Eastern Wilderness, I am afraid it is a pill!

     Thanks to the indifferent and indifferent spirit of the Holy Master of God, he is very sensible, and he doesn't feel that what he said is wrong.

     He calmly said: "Death will not lead to death, but the golden core is cracked and the repair is very difficult to preserve."

     "If you are lucky, maybe Chang'er can rebuild it in the future.""If you are unlucky, I am afraid that you will not be able to cultivate at all."

     As soon as the words of the Holy Master Shenxiao came out, everyone felt heavy.

     For the cultivators, especially Fang Chang, the top cultivating arrogant of the Eastern Desolation.

     Not being able to practice is like becoming a waste person, so it's better to just fall alive!

     This result is too cruel for Fang Chang who firmly believes in ‘I Am Invincible’!

     For a while, the atmosphere at the golden summit of Bailian Peak was somewhat depressed.


     At this moment, all stars shone on the Bailian Peak.

      in the air maps out the Big Dipper vision, exuding stars.

      The seven stars complement each other, faintly condensed into a huge spoon shape.

     There seems to be the grandeur and supernatural power of "the stars in the sky are thousands of stars, I will scoop them out of one spoon"!

     Yes, at this moment on the White Lotus Peak.

     Another guest is here!
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