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171 Yi Bo Yuntian, Qi Shaoxuan
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

In various visions, a man wearing Silver Battle Armor appeared.

     He swordlike eyebrows starry eyes with 7 Stars Treasure Sword on his back, he is surrounded by Light of Stars.

     When he appeared, Big Dipper's vision skyrocketed, like a star god descending to the world.

     This man looked as old as Zhang Yunting and the others, but his breath was extremely powerful.

     Its momentum is even faintly above Kuduo Buddha.

     This man appeared at the Bailian Peak and saluted the Lord Shenxiao: "Beidou Holy Land Chenzhongtian, visit the Lord Shenxiao!"

     Although he was saluting, the aura on Zhongtian's body was still compelling at the time of saluting, and he did not abate at all.

     Obviously, when this guy came to Shenxiao Cave Sky this time, he didn't appear to be so kind on the surface.

     The Lord Shenxiao looked at Chen Zhongtian indifferently: "Yes, it has already reached the Nascent Soul Stage."

     His words shocked everyone around him and secretly increased their vigilance.

     Chen Zhongtian, the son of Beidou, was originally ranked 4th on the Jindan list.

     His genius is only under Qi Shaoxuan, Kuduo Buddhism and Fang Chang.

     But now Chen Zhongtian did not continue to polish on the Rank 8 Golden Core like others.

     Rather, he resolutely used the eighth rank golden pill foundation, breaking the pill into an infant, breaking through to the primordial infant stage.

      As a result, Chen Zhongtian's strength will surely grow exponentially, and it is even no weaker than the previous Tianjiao.

     I am afraid that even if Kuduo Buddha made his full effort at this time, he might not be able to match Chen Zhongtian, and might even suffer a big loss.

     The Big Dipper turned around and looked at the bitter Buddha, and smiled: "Unexpectedly, Brother Kuduo came here."Kuduo Buddha said ill-humoredly: "Why, you can come here to stir the muddy water, can't the poor monks come?"

     Beidou Shengzi sneered: "Chen is not here to make trouble, Monk Hua is going to talk nonsense!"

     With that said, the Big Dipper took out a small jade bottle from the ring and handed it respectfully to the Lord of God.

     He introduced: "It is really heartbreaking to hear that Brother Fang Chang's attack on Jindan's ninth turn failed and his life was dying."

     "The bottle contained in this bottle was sent by Brother Shaoxuan to treat Brother Fang Chang's wounds, the sacred liquid of Nirvana."

     "This kind of treasure contains immeasurable vitality. Even the Wound of Great Dao can be repaired. Brother Fang Chang may be able to use it."

     As soon as the words of the Beidou Sage came out, a cold breath sounded from the Bailian Peak, and it was Li Yunfeng.

     Feeling the puzzled gaze of the people around him, Li Yunfeng explained: "Really a big deal!"

     Zhao Hao asked curiously: "What? Brother Yunfeng has heard of this thing?"

     Li Yunfeng nodded: "This is natural, I am a goddess Baixiaosheng!"

     "Do you know what this Nirvana holy liquid is? How precious is it?"

     Seeing everyone's expression of "start your performance", Li Yunfeng began to talk.

     "Nirvana Sacred Liquid is the treasure that plant monsters can condense by voluntarily sacrificing and refining their own essence."

     When some powerful plant demon kings are dying, they may choose to hibernate in Nirvana and wait for resuscitation.

     They will refine their huge body into the purest energy source for Nirvana supply.

      In general, only plant monsters above the peak of the transformation stage can Nirvana.Moreover, the sacred liquid of Nirvana Condensing must be planted voluntarily in order to have a good effect.

      Otherwise, you go to intimidate the plant fairy to Nirvana, how can it be?

      In other words, three conditions must be met in order to form the sacred liquid of Nirvana.

     First, I found a plant monster with profound cultivation.

     Second, this monster must voluntarily Nirvana and refine the body into a holy liquid.

     Third, within a short period of time when the sacred liquid of Nirvana is formed, the sacred liquid of Nirvana is found and collected.

     If one of these three is not satisfied, it is impossible to obtain the sacred liquid of Nirvana, which can be called harsh.

     After listening to Li Yunfeng's description of the sacred liquid of Nirvana, Shen Tian's whole expression was subtle.

     He looked at the gods of the heavens and the big dipper who were standing next to them, quietly watching.

     However, I saw the Holy Master of Shenxiao opening the bottle containing Nirvana Holy Liquid.

     Suddenly, the rich fragrance of Lingcao diffused.

     This fragrance is very familiar, but it is a little different.

     Shen Tian could vaguely see that the bottle in the Holy Master's hand was filled with liquid.

     But the liquid was not silvery white, but pink, very psychedelic.

     God Lord nodded slightly: "This Nirvana holy liquid should be transformed by the great demon at the peak of the god transformation stage."

     "If this holy lord is right, this should be the sacred liquid transformed by the peony flower demon's Nirvana, it's also rare."

     Chen Zhongtian's eyes narrowed slightly: "As expected to be the Holy Lord, I am indeed experienced and knowledgeable, Zhongtian really admires it."

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao said: "This Nirvana holy liquid is useful for Chang'er, the two holy sons have a heart."Beidou Shengzi said: "Zhongtian is just running a leg. This Unsurpassed Supreme Treasure is not presentable."

     "Frankly, this sacred liquid of Nirvana was actually given to junior sister Yunxi by Brother Shaoxuan."

     "A gentle lady and gentleman are so beautiful, Brother Shaoxuan has always admired..."

     Before he finished speaking, Saint Son of the Big Dipper was interrupted by the Lord of God: "What does Saint Son mean?"

     The Lord Shenxiao looked at Chen Zhongtian indifferently: "Why didn't Qi Shaoxuan come over and say this in person?"

     Saint Child of the Big Dipper respectfully said: "The Holy Lord calms down his anger, Brother Shaoxuan is preparing for the tenth revolution of the golden core during the burning incense fast!

     "He heard that Brother Fang Chang Jindan Nine Turns cultivation deviation, and worried that junior sister Yunxi was worried about it."

     "So I immediately asked the younger generation to come with this bottle of Nirvana holy liquid to treat Brother Fang Chang."

     "When Brother Shaoxuan succeeds in the tenth revolution of the golden core, he will definitely come to propose marriage in person."

     The words of Beidou Shengzi are refined and courteous, and there is nothing wrong with it.

     However, after careful analysis, it is not difficult to see hidden swordsmen.

     The Holy Land of Gods belongs to one of the oldest Dao Temples in the Holy Land.

     The Beidou Holy Land and Purple Mansion Holy Land, relatively speaking, belong to the new holy land.

     The powers of the holy places are side-by-side, and those who are close to each other naturally have contradictions.

     Shenxiao Holy Land and Purple Mansion Holy Land have not dealt much with each other, and secretly riveted their feet.

     Now the Purple Mansion Holy Land has a worldly arrogant Qi Shaoxuan, who is known as the blessing of heaven and has the talent of the Ancient Great Emperor.

     While Fang Chang, the original Number One Powerhouse of the Holy Land of Gods, cultivated deviation during the ninth revolution of Jindan.One was about to achieve beyond the limit at the tenth turn, and the other failed at the ninth turn.

     As one trades down, Purple Mansion Holy Land will naturally not miss the opportunity to demonstrate.

     The so-called marrying Zhang Yunxi may really mean Qi Shaoxuan.

     But more, deliberately humiliating the Holy Land!


     The Holy Master of Shenxiao held Nirvana Essence indifferently, and thunder light shot from his palm.

     In an instant the jade bottle shattered, and a fist-sized pink liquid suspended in the sky.

     The rich aromatic flavor spreads throughout the Bailian Peak, making countless people aroused desire.

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao said indifferently: "It is said that Qi Shaoxuan is a Child of Fate. According to this seat, it is merely this."

     "With such a little bit of nirvana holy liquid, I want to marry the daughter of this seat? Have the two holy sons never seen chance?"

     Beidou Shengzi explained: "The Lord is joking, this is the legendary nirvana holy liquid."

     "It only takes a drop to save lives, such a bottle is already priceless treasure!"

     "Except for Brother Shaoxuan, who else has such a morality reaching up to the clouds?"

     "Can you give this priceless treasure freely?"

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