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172 Beauty Blessing, Aura Suppression
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

The Beidou Shengzi is obviously Qi Shaoxuan's loyal fan, and when he talks about Qi Shaoxuan, he immediately radiant with delight.

     "These holy liquids are enough to stabilize Brother Fang Chang's Wound of Great Dao, and no matter how bad they are, they are enough to save their lives."

     "Senior Brother Shaoxuan said, these nirvana holy liquids are the meeting gifts he gave to junior sister Yunxi."

     "If junior sister Yunxi is willing to follow him, and become a Taoist couple with him, more holy liquid is nothing difficult."

     "Even if Brother Fang Chang is completely restored to Wound of Great Dao by then, it will not be impossible for Broken Pill to become an infant."

     The Big Dipper has a confident smile on his face.

     It was Zhang Yunxi's blessing to be seen by Senior Brother Shaoxuan.

     In his opinion, Zhang Yunxi was nothing but Zhang Yunxi, and was not worthy of Senior Brother Shaoxuan.

     However, since Qi Shaoxuan ordered him to come to the Holy Land of Gods for a marriage, he would not violate his order.

     After all, even though they are both saints, Qi Shaoxuan, who possesses the ‘Capital of the Great’, is not at the same level as him.

     He is the first saint son who chooses to follow Qi Shaoxuan, and if Qi Shaoxuan becomes an invincible emperor in the future.

     Then he will be Qi Shaoxuan's most respected follower, so there are few chances?

     Aside from anything else, it was just the holy liquid given to Shenxiao Dongtian.

     In fact, Qi Shaoxuan has more than one bottle in his hand.

     In fact, Qi Shaoxuan obtained hundreds of catties of Nirvana Sacred Liquid during a certain experience.

     The bottle sent to Shenxiao Dongtian was just a jin.

     And Beidou Shengzi Chen Zhongtian also got a catty from Qi Shaoxuan.

     It was also relying on that pound of Nirvana Holy Liquid that Chen Zhongtian completed the eighth turn of the golden core and ranked fourth on the golden core list.If it weren't for the help of that Jin Nirvana holy liquid, his true strength could only be in the top ten of the Golden Core.

     It is precisely because of this that Chen Zhongtian no longer hopes to break through to the ninth turn of Jindan.

     After consolidating the Rank 8 Golden Pill, he decisively chose Broken Pill to become an infant.

     In his opinion, as long as he firmly hugs Senior Brother Shaoxuan's thighs, he is enough to become an immortal!


     Listening to Chen Zhongtian's words, Zhang Yunting brows tightly frowns: "Chen Zhongtian is too insidious."

     "Each Great Holy Land's core successor in the Eastern Wilderness knows that the big brother has a deep love for Xi'er."

     "The big brother is self-defeating. The loss of his cultivation has made him very uncomfortable, let alone relying on Xi'er to save his life."

     "If Xi'er is willing to form a Daoist companion with Qi Shaoxuan, he can get more Nirvana Holy Liquid."

     "But if you really rely on Qi Shaoxuan's Nirvana Sacred Liquid, even if you restore your cultivation base or even Golden Core Nine Ranks."

     "Big brother will inevitably be obsessed with obsession, when the heart is entangled, senior brother will be abandoned!"

      In the Young generation, Zhang Yunting inherited the habit of "love to read and read good books" from the Lord Shenxiao.

     He also saw the plans of the Beidou Saint Chen Zhongtian and the Purple Mansion Saint Qi Shaoxuan best.

     But even if he knew that these two guys didn't hold their farts, he couldn't turn his face at this time, but he was kindly thankful.

     Because no matter from the etiquette or the human relationship, the Beidou Shengzi did nothing wrong.

     This is Hong Guoguo's plan, you either ignore Fang Chang's life and death, don't collect this Nirvana holy liquid.

     As long as you want to save Fang Chang, you have to hold your nose obediently and stand at attention.As for those elders in the transformation stage, they directly started to teach Chen Zhongtian?

     Haha, that didn't help save the face of the Holy Land.

     On the contrary, it will only appear even more shameless.

     After all, people behave properly, are you bully the weak?

     Suddenly, the entire Bailian Peak Golden Summit, everyone righteous indignation fills one's breast.

     Um, only the unsentimental gods and the shameless old Taoist priests are still calm.

     The Holy Lord of the Gods calmly put away the sacred liquid of Nirvana: "Although it is not enough, I still thank you."

     "As for the matter between Xi'er and the Son of the Purple Mansion, let Xi'er decide for himself! This seat will not decide and act alone."

     Seeing the god of the heavens without the slightest hesitation put away the sacred liquid of Nirvana, Shengzi of the Big Dipper couldn't help gawked in the sky.

     This script It's not right!

     Ben Shengzi has shown off so frankly, even arrogantly belittle Fang Chang.

     As the holy lord of the Holy Land of Gods, you should not angrily express your freedom from humiliation.

     Then he threw the sacred liquid of Nirvana back angrily, and let the son take it away?

      Thus, the son can bring back the sacred liquid of Nirvana.

     And what kind of person is Brother Shaoxuan? How can I get back what I gave out?

     Since the Shenxiao Holy Land does not accept it, there is a high probability that Senior Brother will directly give it to this Saint Child.

     With this wishful thinking, the Big Dipper Sage was so loud that he never expected the script to be tampered with.

     For a while, the Beidou Saint stood in place dumbly, not knowing what to say, and the whole person was dumbfounded.

     For a long time, he swallowed: "Holy Lord, this nirvana liquid is given to junior sister Yunxi."The Lord Shenxiao nodded: "This seat knows that this seat is just put away for Xi'er first."

     "Why, the Purple Mansion Saint Child gave Xi'er a meeting gift, are there any conditions?"

     The Beidou Saint Child blushed: "This...this is not."

     The Holy Master Shenxiao said: "Since there is no such thing, then the Big Dipper Saint Child still has questions?"

     Beidou Shengzi takes a deep breath: "Brother Shaoxuan and junior sister Yunxi talented man and beautiful woman."

     "Holy Lord Shenxiao, don't you really think about it? Senior Brother Shaoxuan said, as long as..."

     The god of the heavens interrupted the words of the Big Dipper: "frankly, the little girl already has a sweetheart."

     After that, the Holy Master of Shenxiao slowly looked at Shen Tian on the side: "Tian'er, come here."

     At this moment, everyone's eyes gathered on Shen Tian, and everyone was watching.

     Shen Tian reluctantly sighed saying, frankly he is really upset now.

     Why would he meet this vulgar plot of contending for women?

     Can't the method of pulling hatred be a little novel?

     Obviously you can accept things and blast them out of the Holy Land directly.

     But I have to let Ben Shengzi show up, and then oppose each other with equal harshness with this guy.

     Shen Tian thought about the next plot, or he was humiliated by the Big Dipper.

     But in that case, the Holy Lord is definitely upset, the Saintess is not upset, and everyone is upset!

     At that time, will he still be a man in the Holy Land of Gods? What a shame!

     Or, Shen Tian finds a way to fight the face of the Big Dipper Saint Son to raise the might of the Holy Land of Shenxiao.

     But if Thus, he will surely provoke the Son of Zifu.When the time comes, the small ones will come to the big ones, and the big ones will come to the old ones.

     With helplessness in his heart, Shen Tian came to the Lord of Shenxiao: "Well, see the master."

     The Lord Shenxiao nodded with satisfaction: "Beidou Saint Son, this is the new Saint Son of this Sect, Shen Tian."

     "The new saint son canonization ceremony of this door is already in preparation, and invitations will be sent to major holy sites soon."

     "And he is also the sweetheart of the little girl."

     Chen Zhongtian stared at Shen Tian, frankly he hadn't noticed before.

     But standing in front of Shen Tian at this time, the Big Dipper Shengzi suddenly sensed the immense pressure.

     This... There is such a handsome and extraordinary person in this world, his appearance is too shocking!

     Especially the temperament that he exudes, standing above the common crowd is elegant and refined.

     Chen Zhongtian even felt that this person was simply better than Senior Brother Qi Shaoxuan.

     More like the reincarnation of immortals, with the temperament of banal immortals.

     Zhang Yunxi would like him, nothing wrong!


     Damn it, how could God's Heaven Holy Land find such an extraordinary descendant?

     What exactly do the disciples of the Information Section do?

     Beidou Shengzi felt that the situation had become passive.

     His aura was suppressed.

     He is feel ashamed of one's inferiority!

     His momentum.

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