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173 Look, Is This The Holy Liquid Of Nirvana?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Facing Saint Child of the Big Dipper, Shen Tian was very tangled in his heart!

     Slap? No face? Slap? No face? Slap? No face?

     And this was manifested in front of the Beidou Saint Child, with an indifferent and detached expression.

     What a holy son of God, not only has a dignified appearance, but also is not arrogant or rash, receptive as an echoing canyon.

     Chen Zhongtian admired secretly in his heart, although the Beidou Holy Land and Shenxiao Holy Land were not very harmonious.

     However, the evaluations of the great sons of each other are roughly the same, and they will not deviate too much because of their positions.

     The views of the Beidou Saints on the True Disciples of the Holy Land of Gods are basically unbearable.

     Just like today, he came with Qi Shaoxuan's vitality and luck, and he used Yang Mou to suppress Shenxiao.

     Those True Disciples all show a look of anger and will not hide them at all.

     Their aspirations are far from that of the old fox, the Holy Lord of God!

     On the contrary, this new saint son did not have the slightest anger on his face.

     He just looked at the Big Dipper faintly, with an unemotional expression.

     Rao is the son of the Big Dipper who thinks deeply about people's hearts and doesn't know what he is thinking.

      What is more important, the Beidou Shengzi has taken the lead in breaking through to the Nascent Soul Stage.

     But even so, when facing Shen Tian, he still felt completely unable to figure out the depth of his cultivation.

     Shen Tian stood in front of him, like an ocean, like a black hole, mystical, and unable to snoop.

     This is simply a formidable existence comparable to Senior Brother Shaoxuan!


     Do not!

     Chen Zhongtian forcibly shook the head.This is an illusion, the illusion that this fellow casts on this son!

     How could this saint son question the authority of Brother Shaoxuan because this guy has a dignified appearance?

     Brother Shaoxuan is unique and unmatched. Even if this guy is not weak in cultivation, what can he do if he has a temperament?

     In the world of cultivating immortals in the end still, those who look at immortal destiny, immortal destiny has deep luck and long fortune, and only then can there be the heavenly way to protect and protect.

     It's like Senior Brother Shaoxuan can get hundreds of catties of Nirvana holy liquid by going out and practicing at will, is this kid good?

      Thought until here, Chen Zhongtian finally calmed down the depression in his heart: "Senior Brother Shen, long and long Yang?"

     At this time, Shen Tian still pondering can't slap his face, and Conditioned Reflex said: "Where did you look up?"

     Chen Zhongtian:...

     Ben Shengzi tells you a long admiration, it is purely polite.

     Where does God worship? You take advantage of this son?

     Chen Zhongtian takes a deep breath: "Brother Shen, Chen means it’s nice to meet you."

     Looking at Chen Zhongtian with a bright and hypocritical smile, Shen Tian muttered helplessly: "You are too happy too soon.

     Frankly speaking, if Chen Zhongtian was just diss Shen Tian himself, Shen Tian would probably have a smile and not pursue it.

     After all, this cargo is also wearing Golden Halo on its head, so there is no need to fight him for a temporary anger.

     The problem is that now the Son of the Big Dipper is in the Diss Shenxiao Holy Land, which is difficult to do!

     The Lord Shenxiao called, and asked Shen Tian to come forward to solo with the son of Beidou.

     If this wave of operations is not good enough, what to do if you are to make sb wear tight shoes?

     In the end, Shen Tian secretly adjusted his mentality.

     This wave must be innovative and crit!But frankly speaking, it is not easy to do this.

     Just when Shen Tian was considering from all angles in his heart, the Bailian Peak was reborn.

     A female disciple in white ran out of the treatment room, her face was full of panic and loss.

     "It's not good, it's not good, Holy Master, Uncle, Master, Big Apprentice Brother's Golden Core is beginning to crack again!"


     The words of this female disciple seem to be falling on the surface of the lake, creating a Stormy Sea (dangerous situation).

     The main body of Shenxiao Saint's immortal light and thunder waved slowly and walked towards the secret room.

     The old Taoist priest and Bailian Tianzun follow closely behind sb or sth, dare not neglect.

     Other True Disciples were followed closely when no one was blocking them.

     Seeing this, Chen Zhongtian relaxed and frankly said that he faced Shen Tian's tremendous stress.

     "Brother Fang Chang is in danger? Brother Shen, we will get acquainted later, let's see Brother Fang Chang first!"

     Shen Tian nodded and walked straight to the recuperation room where Fang Chang was, very nervous.

     I will see Fang Chang soon, and frankly Shen Tian doesn't want him to have an accident.

     I don’t want Fang Chang’s cultivation deviation to be related to himself.

     After all, although Shen Tian often deceives people and cheers, he is a good person.

     Everyone walked in in a line and soon came to the core treatment site of Bailian Peak.

     At this time, Shenxiao Shengzhu and others had already entered in a special array space, isolated from everyone.

     However, the formation space is transparent, and Shen Tian and others can see the scene inside.

     However, Fang Chang was lying on a bed at this time, his body was much thinner.

     His face was also very pale, and he looked badly injured.Of course this is not the point, the point is that the halo on his head has changed.

     When Shen Tian met Fang Chang for the first time before, the halo on Fang Chang's head was pure gold.

     But at this time Shen Tian suddenly saw that the halo on the top of Fang Chang's head had become a mixture of gold and red.

     Obviously, Fang Chang's air luck is declining, and the reason for the decrease in air luck it goes without saying.

     Shen Tian secretly guessed in his heart that it really seemed to be his cause.

     Those who were robbed of luck by him not only greatly reduced their luck.

     Even, it may even encounter catastrophe!


     At this time, in the formation space, the divine master took out the fist size Nirvana holy liquid.

     After a drop of Nirvana Holy Liquid was refined by the Holy Master of Shenxiao, it quickly melted into Fang Chang's body to repair the cracks.

     You can see that on the golden core in Fang Chang's body, that one after another hideous crack is healing.

     Facts have proved that the sacred liquid of Nirvana is indeed useful to the other side.

     This is good news, but there is also cruel bad news.

     That is, the injury worsened, and a pound of Nirvana Holy Liquid was not enough to consume.

     When the sacred liquid of Nirvana was completely absorbed, the golden core cracks only healed a few times.

     Calculated based on the number of Fang Chang’s golden core cracks, this Nirvana sacred liquid is difficult to even save Fang Chang’s life.


     The door of the formation space was opened, and Bai Lian Tianzun hurried out.

     She looked directly at Chen Zhongtian: "Nirvana Holy Liquid, is there any more?"

     "This seat can be purchased at double the price and owes you alone."

     Bai Lian Tianzun is a well-known medical master in Donghuang, and her favor is quite valuable.It's a pity that Chen Zhongtian does not have the sacred liquid of Nirvana left on his body, it is a priceless treasure.

     He said with a sigh: "Tianzun, forgive me, there is indeed no Nirvana sacred liquid left on the juniors, unable to help however much one would like to."

     "If it is time, juniors can rush to Purple Mansion Holy Land and try to obtain holy liquid."

     Bai Lian Tianzun shook his head: "Comes without enough time, if there is no holy liquid, Fang often can't hold it."

     Chen Zhongtian secretly said in heart: It seems that today this party is often considered dead.

     After all, judging from the current situation, Fang Chang's injury was too serious.

     There is no nirvana sacred liquid over 50 kilograms, so don't expect to be cured.

     But how precious is 50 kilograms of Nirvana holy liquid? Even Senior Brother Shaoxuan would suffer from this.

     From Chen Zhongtian's point of view, the Holy Land of Gods could prepare for Fang Chang's funeral, so there was no need to persist.


     However, at this moment, Shen Tian's voice slowly sounded nearby.

     "Uncle Bai Lian, can you help me see if the bottle contains the holy liquid of Nirvana."

     While speaking, a small jade bottle appeared in Shen Tian's hand.

     It is filled with silvery white liquid, full of vitality.

     At this moment, Chen Zhongtian was stunned.
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